Monthly Archive for July 2013

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Sketch of mid-afternoon June 29th Poem Bleu-Beat 2 Jul 1st
Footnote: Natural Shower Poem S74rw4rd Jul 1st
Our Race of Grace Poem trumpet7 Jul 1st
Life Your Dream Poem nightlight1220 3 dream, Life, Row, your boat Jul 1st
THE TEMPLE Poem mike303 brain, God, mind Jul 1st
As Love Lies Dying On your Bedroom Floor Poem PeterChristophe... 3 Jul 1st
Words From Shaudi: The Finale Poem Envy Jul 1st
Deep in your soul Poem Heather96 #Heartbreak #BreakUp #Love #Relationships Jul 1st
Beloved Poem bishu 4 Jul 1st
CLIPPED WINGS! Poem pbenarumairaj 2 man is dependent unlike birds or animals/he cannot decide on his own/ he doesn't have the freedom Jul 1st
Rat Race Poem bishu Jul 1st
Autumn Poem NinaGrace 2 nature, POETRY Jul 1st
The Hermit Poem HuliganFish 1 Jul 1st
An Interesting Pair Poem TheShadowKnows 1 Jul 1st
Love Like Candy Poem TheShadowKnows 2 Jul 1st
A Summer Miracle Poem Moscadini Miracles, safe, Safehaven, Summer, The Lord Jul 1st
The forest Poem HuliganFish 5 Jul 1st
That's What Heart Is Poem nightlight1220 2 heart, love, oh well, spoiled, true love, unconditional Jul 1st
Fend Before You Mend Poem deadpoet986 Jul 1st
My Sunshine Poem nightlight1220 1 forever, locks, mine, Moon, sun, sunshine, twinkle Jul 1st
Deposit/Withdraw Poem ADAPT Jul 1st
Stand With Friendship Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 1st
Lady Liberty Bell Poem Anonymous Jul 1st
One Hour for a Ten Dollar Poem Miiranda31 1 Jul 1st
disappearing ink Poem 9inety 6 Jul 1st
social use to full out addict Poem readmy5tuff 11 Jul 1st
Secret sort of Feelin' Poem alyakrenil love, secrets, trucks Jul 1st
Sarah. Poem sweetwater 2 child Jul 1st
In between Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 1st
Somnolence at Witley. Poem sweetwater 2 nature. Jul 1st
Horny Poem UnfortunateFrenchie Jul 1st
A grain of time. Poem sweetwater 4 Life. Jul 1st
leaves. Poem sweetwater Jul 2nd
Emotional Destruction. Poem sweetwater Jul 2nd
Eric,the gardener. Poem sweetwater Jul 2nd
YOU ARE A TEACHER Poem chris Jul 2nd
The Last Thing I Do Poem HufflepuffNerd.22 love Jul 2nd
In The Light Poem HufflepuffNerd.22 Life, love Jul 2nd
Til There Was Nothing Left But Goodbye Poem Silver__lining Jul 2nd
Meant It Then & Mean It Now Poem Silver__lining Jul 2nd
Hit By Cupid's Arrow Poem HufflepuffNerd.22 love Jul 2nd
Returned Back To Nothing Poem Silver__lining Jul 2nd
Footnote: Gettysburg, July, 2013 Poem S74rw4rd Jul 2nd
I am your angel Poem Heather96 #death #gone #angel Jul 2nd
Footnote: At The Beach, Summer Break Poem S74rw4rd Jul 2nd
She's a Frequency Poem deepblue 9 Jul 2nd
The Gods look upon their creation. Poem AngryGods Jul 2nd
The Ballad of Lonliness Poem FlakyPorcupine 1 Jul 2nd
Butcher Poem bishu 2 Jul 2nd
Cobbler Poem bishu 2 Jul 2nd
House of Dreams Poem timbiondollo Jul 2nd
Swallow Poem bishu 8 Jul 2nd
Babies Poem HuliganFish 4 Jul 2nd
Let's Hear it For Those.. Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 2nd
R.I.P Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 2nd
Reach For The Stars Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 2nd
Stop Offending Me Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 2nd
Metaphoric Animation Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 2nd
Fly Home Butterfly Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 2nd
PAGED ANIMATION Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 2nd
On my merry way to find nowhere Poem SSmoothie 16 Jul 2nd
CONSTRUCTED ANIMATION Poem Anonymous 4 Jul 2nd
Et cetera Poem joseangel99 Jul 2nd
I'm Rosco P. Coltrane Poem randyjohnson comedy, fiction, funny, Humor, television Jul 2nd
Uttarakhand Natural Disaster Poem Jyoti 2 disaster, kedarnath, uttarakhand, uttarakhand aapada Jul 2nd
Two Perfect Boxes Poem NightPollen Jul 2nd
MY DADDY Poem juju1011 8 Jul 2nd
becoming me Poem nightlight1220 1 Becoming, daddy's girl, finding serenity, growing up, Teenage, the dance, the dancer, Years Jul 2nd
Woman, Trust Thyself Poem nightlight1220 6 cherish, honor, love, tough love, true love, Values, woman, women, young girl Jul 2nd
Synchronicity Prose nightlight1220 4 apology, Appreciation, court, dignity, example, gratitude, Human, Pride, RESPECT, species, Synchronicity, ticket, wrongdoing Jul 2nd
I Want You to Trust Me Poem RoC 1 Jul 3rd
Forgiveness Poem rblack952 2 Jul 3rd
Kenangan Poem md_zulhilmi89 Jul 3rd
I'm not to young Poem HoneyBear 3 love, Old, youth Jul 3rd
The other side of the fence Poem dcox622 2 the other side of the fence grass is greener Jul 3rd
Holier Than Thou Poem nightlight1220 2 animal people, animals, godliness, Gods, Human, human beings, ignorance, maggots, religiousness Jul 3rd
Aggressive Warhead Poem missnecrosica Other, personal, terror, War, Warhead Jul 3rd
The Shades of Love Poem SoulKritiC 2 #love #color #personalities #shades Jul 3rd
Now that I Know Poem HoneyBear 1 Jul 3rd
the Unknown Poem Livirennie1 4 Jul 3rd
That Memory Will Diminish With Age Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
To Love Or Con Me Poem Silver__lining 3 Jul 3rd
"I'm Sorry But" Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
Last Time I'm Asking You This Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
I Wonder Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
Promise, Every Two Days Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
Can You Tell? Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
Girls Don't Kiss When They Kiss Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
Is It The Calm Before? Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
Somewhere Down The Road You'll Be Lonely Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
THOUSAND AND ONE REASONS! Poem pbenarumairaj People take genuine love for granted and assassinate other's character Jul 3rd
With An Eye Patch Over My Heart Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
Who in the world Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 3rd
Sign Language Poem OliveTheOlive Jul 3rd
The things I've learned in life Poem BMWJ 3 Inspirational Jul 3rd
Empty chairs and empty tables Poem juliothegreat Jul 3rd
just stuff Poem readmy5tuff 1 Jul 3rd
Parasite Bites Poem ADAPT Jul 3rd
Rome of Old Poem millyardo love Jul 3rd
The Tomb. Poem sweetwater 4 Jul 3rd
Autumn Mist. Poem sweetwater 2 Jul 3rd
Where are you? Poem HuliganFish Jul 3rd
Blossom Tree Poem sweetwater Jul 3rd
This is their home,not an empty field. Poem sweetwater Environment. Jul 3rd
Wishfull Thinking. Poem sweetwater Jul 3rd
Loss, human and animal. Poem sweetwater 2 Jul 3rd
from the furtive Poem 9inety 5 Jul 3rd
RACE Poem alkaharuno 2 Culture, religion and many more, tradition Jul 3rd
A fight Poem HoneyBear 1 A fight Bully You're perfect emotion insults Jul 3rd
F13 Poem Sofia_Zea Jul 3rd
A letter to myself Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 3rd
LADY IN BLACK #2 Poem heatherburns35 Jul 3rd
Ladies in color GRAY Poem heatherburns35 Jul 3rd
LOST PETALS Poem heatherburns35 Jul 3rd
IN THE MORNING #2 Poem heatherburns35 Jul 3rd
The mystery of the summer cabin Poem MarthaGzz Jul 4th
Between Silences Poem b.n.souza arguments, Bittersweet, complications, Forgiveness, love, relationships Jul 4th
the failure Poem sayrys2731 Jul 4th
Aiwass Poem missnecrosica 666, Aiwass, Aleister Crowley, Dark, Darkness, love, Pagan, prince, the Beast Jul 4th
Sour Puss Poem nightlight1220 anguish, bitter, Lament, repress, rude, sad, scorned, sour, spiteful, Ugly Jul 4th
Away from the hill Poem Fernandacb #flashstory #fiction #ants #path #throughappiness Jul 4th
Pandora's Box Poem nightlight1220 2 Alive, asleep, awake, black out, Bottle, box, chasten, check, cold war, collect, compose, control, cool*, cork, crush, curb, dreams, gridlock, hinder, hold back, inhibit, jam up, keep in, keep in check, keep under wraps, kill*, lock, master, muffle, overcome, overpower, Pandora, quash, quelch, quell, rein, repression, restrain, shush, silence, simmer down, smother, squelch, stifle, subdue, subjugate, suppress, swallow, throw cold water on, tie up, War Jul 4th
This Is Wrong Poem Ribbin desire, intelligence, intimacy, Lust, relationships Jul 4th
Love Note Poem nightlight1220 2 friend, Fun, happy, love, night, note, party Jul 4th
My Man Poem b.n.souza 2 in love, meant to be, my husband Jul 4th
Two Souls, One Heart Poem b.n.souza forever, old age, one heart, two souls Jul 4th
About Hands Poem allets 2 Jul 4th
Council-Tucky Romance Poem b.n.souza #love #relationships #marriage #complete #true love #romantic #romance Jul 4th
Our Love Is Awesome Poem b.n.souza awesome love Jul 4th
You Are My Everything Poem b.n.souza 2 true love Jul 4th
No Te Jugar Con Mi Corazon/Don't Play With My Heart Poem b.n.souza love games Jul 4th
Be My Valentine? Poem b.n.souza Relationships; Valentine's Day Jul 4th
Ode To The Good Times Poem b.n.souza good times, love, romance Jul 4th
Cerulean And The Mountain Meadow Poem b.n.souza 2 colors and romance Jul 4th
F.F. Poem Saldina Flash Fiction Cavemen War Hope Year Future World Planet Jul 4th
Carpe Diem, Seize The Day Poem b.n.souza carpe diem, seize the day Jul 4th
How Siblings Fight Poem b.n.souza childhood memories Jul 4th
Psalms For The Soul: A Psalm Of Brandy Poem b.n.souza psalms Jul 4th
My Apologies Poem b.n.souza 1 apologies Jul 4th
Confessions Of An Insomniac Poem b.n.souza 4 clowns, death, insomnia, obsessions, worries Jul 4th
Abaddon Poem missnecrosica Abaddon, Appolyon, Darkness, Demons, destruction, end, Greek, Other, Satan, spells Jul 4th
Dud Firecracker Poem nightlight1220 2 dreams turned to dust, firecracker, fizzled dreams, fourth of july, rejuvenated style, sad story Jul 4th
Now That You're Gone Poem b.n.souza 8 grief, mourning, Past love moving on Jul 4th
Humility Poem BMWJ Jul 4th
Self Sabotage Poem b.n.souza 1 sabotage, self harm Jul 4th
fiend Poem pldappls 1 Jul 4th
Be The Change Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 4th
TO MY FRIEND BISHU Poem Izu bishu, bombs, God, Guns, izu, nnaji Jul 4th
A Rought Day at Work Poem JorgeDomene Jul 4th
Q T Pie Poem allets 6 Jul 4th
Will I win? Poem hellcat Jul 4th
LATE OR LATE Poem Layem new Jul 4th
I cant even hate you Poem ADAPT Jul 4th
"Post Poem City" Poem Muin 4 Jul 4th
IMPERTINENT OLORI Poem Layem new Jul 4th
Flash Fiction: A Day At The Zoo Poem ValeriaP Jul 4th
A tragic day Poem lucia.degante.1... Jul 4th
Eagle Animation Poem Anonymous Jul 4th
The jewel of the woods Poem SeleneHdz bear, Chameleon, jewel Jul 4th
Dark Pink Poem Anonymous Jul 4th
Corded Animation Poem Anonymous Jul 4th
Sparkled Freedom Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 4th
On leaving my home in the village. Poem sweetwater Jul 4th
My father's house Poem lucia.degante.1... Jul 4th
The grass wasn't greener. And I. Poem sweetwater Jul 4th
Absolute Regret. Poem sweetwater 6 Jul 4th
A darkened World. Poem sweetwater 2 Jul 4th
The hitchhiker Poem namnieigna Jul 4th
The Feast of Autumn. Poem sweetwater Jul 4th
Ghosts. Poem sweetwater 2 Jul 4th
Every Little Thing Poem yellowcabs Lost Confused Alone Hopeful Love bittersweet Jul 4th
My Wedding Vow Poem yellowcabs beautiful life love eternity forever and always Jul 4th
ONCE UPON A TIME (Him Version) Poem yellowcabs happy ever after happy ending fairytale Jul 4th
MY BEST DREAM Poem emmenay 1 Love poem with an esoteric touch. Jul 4th
Wishes Poem gabbstopper 2 Jul 4th
MY DAPHNE Poem emmenay A love poem with a visionary and philosophical touch on the truth of undying love. Jul 4th
I've hated you for quite some time Poem NightPollen Jul 4th
I need You Poem DarkLight 1 Jul 4th
Then is When We... Poem takamos Jul 4th
Hypnotized Poem nightlight1220 balance, chi, cho, chow, Faith, future, Guidance, healing, past, present, time, unity Jul 4th
Rotten to the Core Poem metaphorist Jul 4th
My grandfather´s Watches Poem victorrdz Jul 4th
Forget it! Poem victorrdz 2 Jul 4th
The hill house Poem StevenDaza 1 Jul 4th
Much more than just amend the mistakes Poem Marcegza Jul 4th
The Lucky Day Poem Marcegza Jul 4th
I want..... Poem NightPollen 1 Jul 4th
Realist Poem millyardo World Jul 4th
Summer Finally Got Here Prose allets 2 Jul 4th
TOO LATE TO RECONCILE! Prose pbenarumairaj long time and hence it is too late to reconcile., Some times, we realize our mistakes after a long Jul 4th
The Nine Sages Prose YolandaChapa93 #ninne sages #sages #romance Jul 4th
Bears & Bees Prose xavierm Jul 4th
"The end is near" Prose xavierm Jul 4th
Growth Abundant Poem b.n.souza 2 growth, magic, native american, regret, storms, tribal Jul 5th
Never Should've Poem Silver__lining Jul 5th
Wise To A Girls Disguise Poem Silver__lining 2 Jul 5th
Time Will Fly Later, Not Now Poem Silver__lining 2 Jul 5th
the happy girl Poem Nadine_18magdy Jul 5th
goodbye my friend goodbye Poem Nadine_18magdy Jul 5th
The bird that created our world. Fable Poem victorrdz Jul 5th
LOST IN THE MOMENT Poem heatherburns35 Jul 5th
WHISPERS OF YOU Poem heatherburns35 Jul 5th
A SEASON Poem heatherburns35 Jul 5th
QUOTE Poem heatherburns35 Jul 5th
FALLING Poem heatherburns35 Jul 5th
The deception Poem bethzabe Jul 5th
A Trip To Earth Poem archba Jul 5th
True Friendship Poem archba Jul 5th
Of the wasted variety. Poem SSmoothie 18 Jul 5th
Your mind Poem Heather96 Jul 5th
Say Hello To You Poem nightlight1220 2 attachments, dead, dreams, free, freedom, Humans, letting go, lifting veils, possessions, reflections, seeing through Jul 5th
The stage ( work in progress) Poem Anonymous 1 Jul 5th
A Lover's Pain Poem takamos Jul 5th
Never Poem HuliganFish Jul 5th
Friends to Lovers to Strangers Poem yellowcabs 4 friends love estrange sad lost tragic brokenhearted gone bitter ending Jul 5th
Dishonest Man Poem Ribbin Changes, love, Lust, relationships, truth Jul 5th
Thank You for the Unforgettable Journey Poem KingofWords 4 a journey in love Jul 5th
call from afar Poem kweku Life Jul 5th
Her Room Behind My Eyelids Poem TheShadowKnows 2 Jul 5th
A Little Knowledge Poem TheShadowKnows 2 Jul 5th
Evening, A Dark Hour For Henry Tudor, Styled Henry VII Poem S74rw4rd Jul 5th
love from a summer moon Poem sheridan_grilli 2 holding you Jul 5th
What Mom told me Poem Layem (C) Akinbola Kehinde Jul 5th
Highly Sensitive People Poem nightlight1220 2 God, human beings, Human Nature, Life, People, prisons, Sensitivity Jul 5th
WITH MY CREATOR (QUATRAIN) Poem emmenay A spiritual poem Jul 5th
Quilt My Animation Poem Anonymous Jul 5th
Chaptered Animation Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 5th
Crafted Writer Poem Anonymous Jul 5th
Animated Eyes Poem Anonymous Jul 5th
Converted Poem Anonymous Jul 5th
Fly Across Poetry Poem Anonymous Jul 5th
Forever In Time Poem sweetkisses91 love life hurt empty Jul 5th
Loss Poem nightlight1220 denial, grief, guilt, healing, is-ness, loss, love, maturity, no blame, projected grief, renewal Jul 5th
the one commonly referred to as 'god' Poem nightlight1220 6 'god', death, Hope, human beings, love, loving, Rape, religion, universe Jul 5th
love is love, lust is lust Poem 9inety 14 Jul 5th
Familiar Poem TheShadowKnows 1 Jul 5th
The First and True Love Prose ces38 #love #story #romantic #friendship Jul 5th
A slow dance within the stars... Poem Morningglory Jul 6th
Jenna Rose Poem Ribbin 1 Life, love, Music, Passion, relationships Jul 6th
apprehensive Poem nightlight1220 alarm, apprehensive, apprehensiveness, concern, disquiet, Doubt, dread, foreboding, memory, misgiving, Mistrust, premonition, presage, presentiment, remembrance, suspicion, trepidation, uneasiness, worry Jul 6th
My Pencil is my Friend Poem tragiti Jul 6th
No Shooting Star Needed Poem tragiti 1 Jul 6th
pitiful Poem nightlight1220 abject, affecting, afflicted, arousing, base, beggarly, cheap, cheerless, comfortless, commiserative, compassionate, contemptible, deplorable, despicable, dismal, distressed, distressing, grievous, heartbreaking, heartrending, inadequate, insignificant, joyless, lamentable, low, mean, miserable, mournful, moving, paltry, pathetic, piteous, pitiable, sad, scurvy, shabby, sorrowful, sorry, stirring, Suffering, tearful, touching, vile, woeful, worthless, wretched Jul 6th
hopeless Poem nightlight1220 bad, beyond recall, Cynical, Dejected, demoralized, Despairing, Desperate, despondent, disconsolate, discouraging, downhearted, fatal, forlorn, gone*, goner, helpless, Hopeless, ill-fated, impossible, impracticable, in despair, incurable, irredeemable, irreparable, irreversible, irrevocable, lost, menacing, no-win, past hope, pointless, sad, shot down, sinister, sunk, threatening, tragic, unachievable, unavailing, unfortunate, unmitigable, up the creek, useless, vain Jul 6th
the men i love Poem nightlight1220 9 Beau, boyfriend, Brother, father, fellow, gentleman, grandfather, guy, he, husband, Men, Mr., nephew, papa, sir, son, spouse, swain, uncle Jul 6th
DEPRESSION Poem pbenarumairaj 6 Damage that mental depression can do to family Jul 6th
haiku 1 Poem nightlight1220 Haiku Jul 6th
Raven Poem HuliganFish Jul 6th
karma Poem nightlight1220 karma Jul 6th
murder 1 Poem nightlight1220 karma Jul 6th