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allets posted a new Poem titled Why Not 1 hour ago
. Do not want to pay $15.00 per hour. Okay. How about cutting prices in half then. . allets .  
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georgeschaefer posted a new Poem titled POESIES FALSIFIED 1 hour ago
  poesies falsified by academics; the professors proclaim manifestoes of education; the words are declared by the dean thoughts have be...
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lyrycsyntyme posted a new Poem titled Living on in the Village of Collateral Damage 3 hours ago
Well, if you've never seen humanWrest from selfWholly shredded By beast, beforeBe grateful   'Kiss all your kids' kind of thankful...
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Stephen posted a new Poem titled THOUGH THEY WILL PERENNIALLY ENDEAVOR 3 hours ago
Though they will perennially endeavor . . . .    Fruitless the thought that mind human Could fathom the depths of a deity, Pr...
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ChryWizard posted a new Poem titled A NATION MOURNED 4 hours ago
A Nation Mourned The sound was as thunder At exactly 9:02, Many lives changed The day ...
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Starward posted a new Poem titled + [*/+/^] 144: 1 Corinthians 13 [Repost] 5 hours ago
Love does not cause the flesh an injury. Love does not seek the loved one's slavery, nor deem a person as contracted chattel; nor sear a bra...
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allenoneil posted a new Prose titled Canada Day; How Canadians honour it 9 hours ago
In all countries, there is always a special day that has been set aside in the calendar. This day for each country differs from one another....
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