Loathly Drear


Loathly Drear

Hollow the deep,
a bitter life so spun

Malice for dreams,
in heart of loathly drear

Drawn breath of life,
one's air of putrid stench

All within reach,
victims to direful touch

Conscious set side,
glowers besmirching eyes

Ominous look,
reflections of inner self

Portal to soul,
consumed by plaguing mire

Dark languid pools,
void emission of light

From grimaced smile,
lashes vile scorching tongue

The voice so stings,
spewing forth spittled fire

Thoughtless fool,
shallow ways come with due

Destined to fall,
stumbling across the heaped

Abandoned cries,
known faces turn away

Presence that's shunned,
suffers own loathly drear

© C.E.Vance

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Sour Puss

human beings

the mind gets filled with decaying debris,

months and years of empty words,

like a cluttered closet never cleaned


cobwebs begin to form and spaces fill

dying matter clog the once well lit corridors

with unresolved differences


silent inner wars, like tremors 

below the fault line rise,

passions left ignored collide


between an empty page and an empty life 

lies her heart that yearns to speak, 

but utters only anguished cries 


bitter reminders of more rotted cavities

inside the tightly packed memories

boldly labeled 'forbidden'


she lashes out,

and for another moment,

what she has resisted for years is hidden





9:08 PM 7/3/2013 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

about repression.

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