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whats a head and words if you cant provoke emotion and feel what the other person was feeling at the given time of the write. Expression and poetry is not just words that rhyme or "ones quest to find themselves" its an art of wordplay to relieve memories and dreams inside the syllables of words ones read. Its open eye conscious dreaming Us writers are all lucid dreamers. we mastered the element of emotion. We conjure it. we create it.

When things are good they are great. when Things are bad they are terrible there is no middle ground for me unfortunately. My goal in life is to find a middle ground, stability and balance between the two...

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a suicide survivor. I survived a near death experience that was followed through consciously by my own hands. I am breathing for some reason out of my control. I spend many days trying to figure out why I am still here and to what purpose my existence may hold. I have everything to prove, I have everything to offer. Not many listen to my words or what I have to say, or just simply understand what i have been through. these are my words, they will be published one day, through song, transcripts and voice. one way or another I will help others with my words. I will give hope. Maybe, just maybe i can give someone hope. When they believe all is lost. I have seen and witnessed it all. This is my story. read it piece by piece, page by page, chapter by chapter. But my words are my life. And they show all I have to offer. Take it or leave it. I am Joey Drake And this is only the introductory to my story.

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People ask me why I am so confident in myself. I tell them I may not have the most flashy car or the highest paying job. But I have a few things many of you people lack. Spirit and originality. Witch will get me further than driving around the biggest truck that a parent purchased. The things I own may not be the greatest. But I myself bought them. If you are so quick to judge someone on their abilities to afford material things. You will be quickly discarded out of my life. Materials are meaningless objects. Its all about the meaning and the essence of life. Not the ever growing net worth that a person gradually obtains in a life time. I can careless. My life is a stage and revolves around music. People are different. Your campaign to change my opinion is failing and your facts stated have faults. Its time for you to resign and move on. I won't change for you. You keep hating while I keep writing. Its that simple.

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guitar. socializing. people. places. things.


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