For a Moment, Remember Me Again


I wish I knew what I want to say 

I wish I knew what to do

The truth is I've been at a loss

Since I lost you 


It's the gap, the absence, the lack 

The introspectively shaped hole 

On the right side of the bed 

That I realize tonight 


The truth is

I can't move on 

I don't even want to 

Each moment that goes by 

I'm starting to miss the days of my life

That I thought I was sad 


I don't just love you, I need you 

And I hate the fact that I want you 

When you've moved on

I don't want to haunt you 

But I miss your smile and your laugh


So for a moment

Please remember me again



Before it happens again

 This shit hurts 

I can’t do it again 

On paper you look perfect 

So I thought we could be friends

The kind that never lie 

And reveal our darkest fears 

Who have each other’s back

And wipe away the tears 

The kind that builds and grows 

Until it turns to love 

Then we sit back and know 

It was sent from up above 

But instead I sit and wait 

Because you’ve gone away 

I never know the fate 

Of every passing day 

It drives me fucking crazy 

How am I not on your mind!? 

I think about you daily 

& and not just because you’re fine

It’s because of how you smile

And how Jesus is your world 

It’s Because of how you talk 

about your beautiful little girl 

I know these things take time, 

And id like space to explore 

Whatever’s on your mind 

To understand you more 

I know this is crazy

Because we’ve barely just said hi

But before I fall too deep alone

I’d rather just say goodby 


-Zomi July 2019 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ode to John

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Qui de la belle fleur ou de la rustre graine ?

Eclaira l'esprit d'un certain Darwin

Et comme un puissant coup que l'on assène 

Fit sortir le raisin de la vigne ?


Qui, de la méduse ou de l'hermine

Posséda en premier l'opsine

Découvrit les couleurs de l'arc en ciel

Et donna à la Terre son étincelle ?


Qui, de l'amibe ou des derniers hommes

Brûle la forêt, massacre l'oeuf encore chaud

Chasse l'hermine et inventa Dachau


Consume la planète, leur mère

Celle qui les a vu naître tendre

Et les verra disparaitre dans la cendre.

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Isn't it funny?


I am in the winter sun by this window.

Mom walks in, wrapped in layers.

I’m going to go take down the Christmas lights.


Not surprising.

It’s January, after all.

But something in me still sinks.

Another ending.


The front door opens.



I breathe. One, two.



She’s back in before I can blink my eyes.


Or maybe that’s just how the time seems to fall

in this corner of the house, light

scattering along the floor, my skin.

Reading for hours on winter afternoons does that to the clock somehow.


I thought you were taking the lights down?


She turns. Tilts her head.

I’m done.


Isn’t it funny

how endings are so much faster than beginnings?


Like taking a hook off the roof is so much easier than putting one up.


Like somehow

I lose people faster than I meet them.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/8/19

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*Untitled 9*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Where to begin where to end 

When to say when how to win

My love is all I want to send

To be with you 

To hold your hand 

To really know you is to know

To take a stand

To be a friend 

To say hello good-bye good day goodnight 

To tell the one you love 

What a sight 

To forgive after a fight 

Finding bad news 

Holding eachother while taking a snooze

Taking care of each others heart 

Saying you love 

Trying not to fall apart

Promising people won't shove

A perfect fit as tight as a glove

Missing each other 

Kissing one another 

Always tell the truth

No matter how scared you may be

If your love is true

You'll understand you'll see

I can't wait till that day you look up at me 

While your on one knee

When I met you 

My skies they turned blue

Baby you're the one for me 

Don't ask how I just know

So please don't set me free




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may change it a little. I don't know yet. What do you think?

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*When Love Becomes A Lie*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


In the begining was great

But towards a month passing

I started to get a feeling of hate

And wondering if we would be lasting


You tell me you didn't do a thing

My gut tells me a different feeling

To my heart forgiveness I try to bring

But no matter how hard it tries

My heart is having a hard time healing 

At night....Every night it cries

I know of the hints they are revealing

I pray none of them are true lies


I promise you from the start

That I'd stick by you no matter what

But you also promised you wouldn't break my heart

And now it's going back to being half shut

It's beaking apart


I will keep to my promise we won't ever part

I hold on to what you have told me 

But if when our love becomes a lie 

I will have no choice but to set you free

I don't want to really though

Because my heart will then fully die 

And I will be left with pain

With nights of tears to show

And I'll be alone....all alone

I'll be left to cry

My heart then turns to stone 


All because love became a lie 

The promise you made to me 

You never were ever going to keep

The love you said you gave

You promised you would never leave

My heart got broken my chest caved


Your words you lead me to believe

All that came out of your mouth was true

But now my heart bleeds

Of pain and agony

And I'm crying on my knees

How much I'm broken apart

Don't tell me you didn't know

I promised you I wouldn't leave

But your love you no longer show

Maybe it's time you give me back my heart


You said you would stick by my side 

For me you'd always care 

But I see now that was a lie all along

You lead me on and that's not fair

Maybe we don't belong


You told me your love would never end

You said you'd always be faithful

And always your love you'd send

But you no longer call me beautiful

Now we just feel like friends

My love I don't think with you I can share

I believe now you were pretend



*End Of Time*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


It's almost here

End of time

A drop of a tear

A drop of a dime 

The sudden fear

Of losing your mind

Knowing the light is near

It's nothing from man kind


All you know

That's the direction you stear

The pain you have you try to show

But no one is taking notice

Not even trying to care

They would be happy to see you go

It's not really fair


The hate from people you know

Yep it's almost the end of the line

We're either God or the devil

Who takes your soul

And people always thought you were fine 

They didn't look deep enough

But yet it is your most challening goal

You even thought you were tough

You haven't figured out yet

But it all changed when you two met


For God to take away

From his horrible sight

You don't want to take another day

You don't want to take on your tears

You don't want to fight 

Or face your fears

But in all of this 

When someone asks what's wrong

The answers are at miss

And you have nothing to say

You have no reason to live 

You realize you're not strong


You don't want any more tasks

To try to take on all by yourself

You need someone to help you

The end of time is near

Someone you need

One that will stick by your side

A love to feed

Someone that's true

Someone who won't hide 


Their feelings

Their happiness

Their meaning of life

Their heart

Their love

You need it all

To pick you up when you fall apart

To tell you you're elegant

And beautiful as before 

As pure as a dove 


Please wipe the sadness

That lurks in your eyes

You don't want that anymore

The madness

That stops you from having blue skies

You try your hardest to ignore

But that in a million years

Will never happen your soul begins to die 

By the end of time 


I will be weak

To have any love to send

Or any power to seek

The power to mend

That special love

That special friend

My luck has run out 

Because I never had none

I feel so trapped 

To scream too much it hurts like a ton

IT's so disturbing I can't even dream

I've tried so hard but they have won


I've given up and tried to stick with it 

But only for awhile

That never lasts

It goes out of style

And once again

I relive my past

When will it all end


My heartaches

Tears that run like a river 

This pain never gives me a break

How do I survive

I then get sick and start to shiver

And this depression is so thick

I no longer feel alive


The end of time is so close to me 

I'm dying inside

I just want to be free

I no longer want to hide



*Nothing Lasts Forever*


Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Nothing last forever 
Sooner or later it must break down and die 
Nothing stays together 
You'll realize it when things start to pass you by 
And you no longer see each other 

Nothing lasts forever 
The tears from your eye 
They will disappear 
You will no longer be able to cry 
You wont even be able to hear 
The words from your loved one 
Because you'll be consider air 

Everything will come to an end 
Soon it'll be just space 
You will no longer have a friend 
You will be all left alone 
You wont have any love left to send 
Your heart will turn to stone 


Nothing lasts anymore 
It goes on to another life 
There is nothing left to adore 
What would be funny is if you were human 
And you ended up a knife 


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Fable "The End", by Sergio Nocedal and Luis Prieto

The End

It had to happen. Not a prayer in the world could stop it, no man or machine could flick a switch and start over. Everything was falling and burning, huge thuds like thunder from buildings half in ruins. Chills traveled through spines and eyes traced the path of destruction that laid ahead, leading to paralysis and then helpless death. This did not last, however, it took only a few moments to end the world, with only a handful of survivors. Maybe they were lucky, maybe they were chosen, by the gods, by destiny or maybe the world itself, it didn’t matter, though, not to them at least. And so, when everything died down, and there was almost no one left, a few stones moved and fell. Out from a fallen structure came a dog, walking with caution, scared but unscathed.


This dog looked around, the end had brought such peace and quiet to the earth, all that was left was the crackling of fires and the dirt moving beneath his feet. Gaining a little more confidence, the dog started walking a little faster, less fearful, looking for survivors. He had no luck for the first hours, then, light footsteps from behind him graced his ears. A cat, white as snow, approached him.




“Have you seen anyone else?”

“Alive? No, I’ve had no luck”

“Shame” The cat sighed.

“You can join me if you’d like. There doesn’t seem to be another living creature anyway”

“Yes, I guess I could. Suppose we could help each other.”


And so it began a time of mutual support that none of the animals were able to measure. Whereas the dog gracefully walked with innate strength, the white cat seemed to balance itself among trash and debris with instinctive ease. More than once did they survive those warm but icing hours, seconds that were not day or night but timeless reminders of chaos and destruction. It was that same bond that kept them alive, a union that could fight adversity through cooperation, each with their natural strengths, complementing their every weakness.


The dog advanced nervously as his ears were pounded by the sound of nearby thunders. Its tongue, dried as hell, hanged freely towards its filthy paws. Never had he been hungrier, never had a living organism been as starved as he was. Its stomach desperately craved food. The white cat was no different.


"There's no food left, its over"

“No, there has to be something left”


And it had to happen, it just happened. It's not a matter of evil, it's just reality at its perfect form. Someone had to take that anguish, someone had to take in that eternal guilt. Suddenly, the cat was no longer a cat. It wasn't a friend anymore, nor an animal, nor a survivor. It was, indeed, the only different thing up there in between the dirt, the burned ruins and the lawless sky. The dog felt its pupils change in size, its paws sinking into the mud and the air getting heavier for no reason. Blood squeezed through its veins as it felt its own inside the cat’s luring entrails.


“Now there’s no one left”


The dog wept, finding himself alone, he lay on the floor, next to the cat’s remains, once white now tinged with red. A world that could’ve been, a world that would’ve been was now lost between tempted fangs. And it was bound to happen.

WRITTEN BY Luis Prieto AND Sergio Nocedal

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