Pandora's Box



exhaustion surrounds 


permeating her auric feild


like a blanket of thick smoke


retiring into the darkness of night


it is her solace and place of quietude


undaunted by earthly storms 


the raging fires of voicy havoc


 raucous misunderstandings


petty misgivings that cloud the path to clarity


slowly and calmly anesthetized 


by the rise and fall of her chest


the inspiration of her breath


 far into the depths of unconscious planes


dreaming of spatial incongruencies


distorted views of the day's events


 slip into a place where they make more sense


awakened by a sound


 a child weeping


baby soft skin broken by the remnants 


of an ogre's  shame and anguish 


after dropping bombs on innocent women and children


abandoned by an angel of forgiveness


left in the scourge of suffering


accompanied by his own flesh and blood babies 


 one man's desperation 


the cold war has been resurrected


a house of horrors comes alive


it is up to each one to survive


 raw emotion pierces a hole


gnawing like lightning through the night


 into the core of her soul


awakening with cries


but after 35 years


she is finally alive.







10:07 PM 7/3/2013




Author's Notes/Comments: 

What war does. it lasts long after it's father beat me 2 months after my mother's sudden death, and I blocked it out for 35 years of my life.

"My Broken Box"

As she stands in front of me and holds me, as I hold her.
I crumble to thought of ever losing her.
Her eyes bring on so much pain, so much wicked.
My heart brings on so much love, so much care.
That after I stare for as long as I need to.
The pain that was once there I now bestow in my box "my broken box".
That no one can touch.
No one can break .
No one can hurt her again.
No one can cause her that pain that they made her suffer.
I will take on the pain, I will take on the suffer.
If for a mere second she looks into my eyes to see how much I hold.
To see how much I have hurt.
To see how much I've been thrown away.
Your pain is gone when your with me.
I will hold it all.
"In my broken box".

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Toy Box


Lifeless doll amoung the toy box
Face of black and white
What a pretty dress she wears
Yet no one likes the sight

A smile on her face
So sweet it seems to be
Yet no one goes to hold her
They only seem to flee

Still she keeps her smile
Face of black and white
Yet now she has some color
Red tears to stain her sight



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