I'll Die Free


The little powers that THINK that they be...

Will in fact, NEVER CONTROL ME!

Only to God, will I ever bow down!

I refuse to be, another sheeple clown!


Lie and try, as they always might,


I won't ever take their evil mark, 

For I'd much rather, FREELY DIE!

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I Manipulate By jfarrell

I Manipulate

By jfarrell


(“From the cover of Heaven’s gate, I manipulate” great lyrics from steve taylor)


Rasputin is me, I am Rasputin;

I tell you my story, show you my scars

I share my pain with you

And you will jump to my defence

Jump between me and the bullet

Take the sword thrust,

In my stead.


I frown and lower my gaze

I show you the pieces of my sundered heart

Let you hold and feel this dead thing that is my soul

Let you dance in the dust that was my dreams

And you give your heart to me

In tender whispers you pledge your undying love

To me.


Amongst tears, with nastiness running from my nose

I tell you of the wrongs done to me

I tell you of those that hurt and ridiculed me

To show the truth, the strength, of my pain

I take the knife and slash my arm, over and over

My pain angers you to kill,

For me.


Rasputin is me, I am Rasputin

A manipulative, conniving…. monk

Dead many years (executed, I think);

I want you to like me

I’ll say anything you wanna hear.

To keep you here

I manipulate

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about me, not christians.... just loved steve taylor's song "I Manipuate", great song, great title

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I didn’t mean to control you,

Physically or mentally,

As it happens to a convict sometimes,

Yet I found myself controlled finally!


Yes it was you and your evil plans,

That entwined me as the spider’s net!

The more I strived to escape as the mosquito,

The more and more I was in threat!


At long last I could read reality,


Finding a way out of your cruelty!

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Black Leeches - OBEY



Friday, December 19, 2014

Black Leeches - OBEY

December 19 2014

Escondido California

Black leeches
Leave blood stains
They negotiate
Your compliance
With violence
Live your life in silence
They will negotiate your future
Viral strand infection
No question
401 intact
Black suit
Black rope
Red throat
Automated machine
Leaves blood
Draws pain
They will intimidate
For you to cooperate
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Fear Of Sex

Mate Love

Sex And Fear

user img


 There is a matrix of fears associated with sexual activity.

1  Fear of STD's (sexually transmitted diseases), some lethal
2. Fear of violence (repe, death, kidnapping, pain)
3. Fear of pregnancy
4. Fear of loss of reputation or love
5. Fear of loss of freedom, control, power
6. Fear of financial loss in general, theft in particular
7. Fear of rejection by family or church group
8. Fear of rejection or cruelty by a sex partner
9. Fear of embarrassment re bodily defects
10. Fear of loss of energy (chi)
11. Fear of hurting ones own or another's partner
or children
12. Fear from belief in fundamentalist spiritual systems
     re the concept of sin and hell   
13. Fear of lapse from celibacy
14. Fear of being overpowered
15. Fear of arrest for violating laws

16. Fear of losing a better partner because one didn't wait
17. Fear of partner jealousy and possessiveness or of ones own
18. Fear of violating ones own spiritual beliefs


Humans are not kangaroos with pouches for keys, money
and credit cards.
When one who is not focused on security but on passion
chooses to be vulnerably naked with a stranger who
is often stronger, who does not practice safe sex
and can transmit STD's with pregnancy-generating
semen,  he or she is practicing Russian roulette.

There are hazards too in virginity.. In fear of offending elders
and others, the young are often funneled into marriages they would
not choose otherwise.  They are programmed to feel that one must marry someone with whom one has had sex.
Women propagandized into virginity are also responsible for teasing a partner and themselves. Without an outlet, some partners seek prostitutes or other companions for release.


-saiom shriver-

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My ode entiled the bible is bent


Yes but the bibles’ as bent
As a 12 bob note;
perverted By king james himself
I want to research the Scriptures,
but every website On google,

stinks to high Heaven,

been trying to find David Wiley,

but 404 not Found,

abound, that stinks too

Because of maybe the truth


Then I get another wan ker
From a religious foundation
I read one sentence of
Who are we? Division analysis
Don’t need a magnifier
Divide and conquer everywhere
And they are in the armpit
Of the devil himself; can feel it
Wrote him a big long poem
If anybody’s interested;

don’t Like foundations;

hair stand on end more like.


Gave him a challenge

to step Into the light,

though raining today Sadly,

how much longer will it be
Before replaced by fireballs?
Is it any wonder the states have
700 underground bases,

rains One day in three;

manchester’s Toast,

unless our creator accepts
That gauntlet; I propose
And if you live on the florida coast
Good luck, and the florida keys
Fried in a week, it rains every day


But if it’s the only way to
Userp the evil that permeates
High society, so be it, though
It is so sad, our mother earth
Under attack, who thinks this shit up?
And do they have a conscience?
Doubt it sadly, they have been
Blagged too, as most in this forum
Too pre-concerned about false flag
Hell, when heaven not even a step away

But they have a pair of blinkers
Like red rum around Aintree
They really cannot see the key



Cos their heads in a box, walls abound
What happens to a ball, when you throw
It against a wall; bounces right back
Take the wall away; what happens?
Goes on and on like an Ariston

And was fed up with rebounding
So chose to go straight on instead
So much more fun; lots of freedom
And you create your own future
Because you are a god too,

king James knew the scriptures reflected
This amazing information,

so paid An army of writers,

to re-write in His own image,

which doesn’t fit With anybody,

Comments please

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A Path Towards Nowhere

As I gain control of the sun,

I don't know where these feelings came from

And soon engulfed in the power, I became corrupt

My soul at stake, and my heart sewn shut


With all to have, and everything to lose

To people to expect you, but later no one to enthuse


And like anything, nothing seems to go as planned

Beauty and grace, quickly sunken in the quicksand


Will you and I become like the one everyone dreams?

Or be the source of why everyone shivers and screams?


Tell me, is everything ever so perfect?

When all we see is beauty in the defect?


The balance must be exact, they say

Else things quickly fade and thus, end night and day


Life is so very hard, don't you think?

The pure water turns to blood, quickly down your sink


But you and I have lost the mind to care

When you've gone down a path towards nowhere


As I go deeper, the world becomes dark and lonely

Life becomes artificial, greedy, and phony

Even the calmest of hearts can go dark

To the quietest rabbit, into a hungry shark

And the sky has no own to owe it to shine down to

Our hearts are now corrupt, frozen, and black and blue

And thus everything becomes pitch black

And those we love the most, die from a heart attack

All because we ignored the qualities we lack.

Everything can change by just one small decision

Little do we know it can change what we envision

What ever will you call a home now?

Everything but the past and dust upon what we call living

To what we cherished, fought, and nature that was once giving...

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Our Lives


I just met you

But I'm already falling

I don't know why

Maybe it's your personality

Your controlling personality

Without being too controlling

Mental control is how you like to do it

And I love the idea

I love the fact that you are

Into Warcraft, but you don't

live and breathe it

I am feeling like I already

Love you, Bogs or Travis

Or Meister as we both are into

The whole Dom/Sub thing

Let's go forth and start our lives

Because we are both too old

To play the high school games



Written on


February 12, 2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was the first one about Bogs. Here again, it didnt work out but good poems just the same.

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September 12, 2013




She walks a strange peculiar walk,

sunglasses mask her piercing stare,

and yet the masses stop to gawk,

and whispers fill the Autumn air.


I know not why she walks this path,

she has no story to be told,

you'll feel no hatred in her wrath,

her smile will never keep you warm.


But when the people look at her,

they'll see a goddess with no fault,

when sanity begins to blur,

they will succumb as she has planned.


And in the end I know not of,

a way to bring her from the path,

her bleak and dreary kind of love,

will satisfy them none the less.


So let her falsely resonate,

with empty shells she echoes best,

for it will take a twist of fate,

to bring her ghostly form to life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a model I happened to run into today. 

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