War Photographer, Shantiswaruplaara


At a distance the photograph of the bombing

of Gaza portrays only streaks of light.

It is those who are bombed who smell the blood,

hear the screams, and see the panic as dead

children are pulled from the rubble. The victors have bulldozers, tanks, drones, the homes of those they've evicted. The poor have slingshots, but like ancient David they will prevail against this modern

Goliath. It is time for the UN to mediate and enforce a peace treaty.


Sanskrit for a human being fashioned of peace

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Blowing up women and children

Blowing up women and children

By jfarrell


If you wanna blow up women and children -

   - in fact, hurt children in any way -

If you wanna drive a car into a crowd of pedestrians;

You would be kept alive and awake with drugs

As we cut the skin from your screaming body;

Alas, no pain relief

You would be kept alive,

Screaming, dripping

Literally a bloody sight

I don’t know if it’s possible for skin to grow back,

After being so completely removed,

But, if it does, great

We get to skin you again and again and again

And stream it on live tv;

Terrorists? You with the bomb

You’re no different than my dad,

He could only hit the wife and kids, such a big man;

I should fear you?

Come, sit with me, talk,

See the visions my god shows me

Then you will know terror


Author's Notes/Comments: 

hurt kids, you answer to me

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Poem Strings

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Because you are a

cocreator with God,

what you desire

will come true...

The only uncertainty

is the exact time

it will happen.

Immature desires

fall away as the soul grows,

If one dies with unrealized

desires, they magnetize

him through gravity

back into a new body.



Sathya Sai Baba: (desires are chains) Gold chains bind

as surely as iron ones.



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Obama has bombed 1900 places since he began

attacking ISIS sites without congressional authorization

and more importantly without the

consent of the American people.

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Most fishes

think suffocation vicious.

Should they act

against humans avaricious?

Many more think

fish not delicious

not nutritious

.. why include mercury,

liver flukes and radiation

in family dishes?


Fish Can't Scream: Their Flesh Contains Radiation, Neurotoxins, Worms Etc.

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When 3 planets

did align

into a perfect trine

then the following

came true:

My beloved Valentine

You are mine. I am thine.

Forever my soul and heart

my mate entwine'



Footnote: we have an infinite love relationship forever with all beings



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He did not like to

wear commercial scents.

Instead above his closet clothes

he burned ashram incense.



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Four days after Lazarus

beloved of Jesus died

Jesus came to see him

and then Jesus cried.


Without further grieving,

Jesus raised

Lazarus from death...

for in the Son of God

all power abides.



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Every Juan, Natasha,

Abisa and Art

How great thou art!

How great thou art!


No matter how thick the cloud

how dark its sunblocking shroud

We are all forever one with God

We are all forever one with God.



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The snakecharmer

commands the

cobra to rise

but Potiphar's wife

could not create

Joseph's desire



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Those who release the past

with forgiveness sublime

are no longer frozen

in bygone time

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People Elsewhere Being Murdered By Our Tax Dollars



People Elsewhere Being Murdered By Our Tax Dollars 


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People around the world

are being murdered

by our tax dollars

not as thrown stones


turned into guns

and bombs and drones.

-saiom shriver-

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Ho Chi Minh And The War In Vietnam

Political Action


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The vast majority oppose current illegal wars, while remembering to respect all
warriors. . Ho Chi Minh had lived in the US from 1911 to 1919, working as a line manager at General Motors and other jobs. He also lived later in the UK and France and traveled to Russia and China, in each place learning the language.  Few have been told that Ho Chi Minh first petitioned President Woodrow Wilson after World War I for help in freeing Vietnam from the colonizing French invaders
He had mistakenly thought that America would help other countries trying to free themselves
from white European colonizers. Next Ho was promised in World War II by President Roosevelt that if the Vietnamese helped fight the Japanese, the US would help free Vietnam after the war from French oppression.


Roosevelt died and Truman broke the promise. Dulles in the Eisenhower administration
even offered nuclear weapons to the French. John F Kennedy was murdered for wanting to withdraw from Vietnam (as well as wanting to abolish the CIA, the Federal Reserve, and to remove nuclear weapons from Israel).  Lyndon Johnson resigned because of popular opposition to the war he expanded as General William Westmoreland hid Americnn casualties while multiplying the 'kill' numbers of the Viet Cong. Nixon and Kissinger further expanded the genocide, bombing Cambodia. 


Millions of Vietnamese died along with 58,000 Americans who
died, many drafted into fighting a war they opposed.  The jungles were burned with napalm.

Countless animals, birds, reptiles were bombed or burned.

Herbicides such as agent orange (a toxic defoliant) poisoned plants and trees while even today Vietnam vets and Vietnamese are dying from the carcinogens which drenched Vietnam.


Soldiers were programmed to sacrifice themselves for their country, but that was not
the case. They were dying for the greed of the rich who wanted to expand capital markets.

Even today, the Military Channel, History Channel, Fox News, and countless other media
contrast communism with democracy, a falsehood since communism, socialism and capitalism
are economic systems, while monarchy, oligarchy, democracy are political systems.


Picture is of Ho Chi Minh at the age of 31.

  -s shriver-


Some of the most famous Vietnam war pictures include Kim Phuc and other children running from bomb fires, My Lai casualties lying in a ditch, and a Viet Cong soldier summarily executed in the streets of Saigon.

(May the Spirit of Mahatma Gandhi attract all beings to nonviolence)

Agent Orange, bombs, defoliants, Franklin Roosevelt, herbicide, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Phuc, My Lai, napalm, Viet Cong, Woodrow Wilson

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“Always happy, happy and happy”




Received with gratitude


The warmth your welcome bears.


May be not as much as I’d wish


When you say “always happy”,


And a little booze here or there


At times may not be a bad idea.


But the ability to cherish and to love,


To bear one-another and forgive;


I think, must be the ultimate pill.


So I’m always high on curiosity:


Why this evades humanity?


How do we make this discovery?


That love and forgiveness


Hold our universe in place


And steady the aged fingers of God.


Why do we pick guns instead of roses?


Why do we create bombs instead of bonds?


Why do we say stupid instead of sorry?


Why do we fight for “God”


When we scarcely know Him?


All the same, thanks, my good friend, Bishu.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Written 14:00 hrs on 29th June 2013 in response to a comment on my poem “LITTLE-MINDED FOLKS”.


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