Shadows Deep

Love Poems

In shadows deep, where memories dwell,
I trace the echoes of a love now farewell.
Each heartbeat whispers of the pain untold,
A tale of loss, in sorrow's grip, I hold.


I've weathered storms of agony's embrace,
Endured the trials that life did trace.
A heart once shattered by a cruel attack,
Yet healing came, and I retraced my track.


When my faithful doggy breathed her last,
I mourned her absence, the void so vast.
Tears flowed freely for my mother dear,
Her absence, though heavy, I learned to bear.


But your departure, oh, it cuts so deep,
A wound unhealed, in sorrow's keep.
For in your absence, love's essence torn,
I'm left adrift, in anguish, worn.


I've faced the darkest nights, yet still, I rose,
Through trials and tribulations, my spirit knows
The resilience found in pain's cruel art,
But your absence, love, it breaks my heart.


As days slip by, the ache persists,
A testament to love's relentless twists.
For in losing you, I lost a part of me,
A pain profound, in its heart's lost key.


So here I stand, amidst the pain's cruel sting,
A soul adrift, where memories cling.
For though I've faced agony's might,
Your absence, my love, is an endless night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Many edits and revisions later and it is finished. Now if only the pain was... As for the heart attack mentioned. Yes I actually had one. March 07th , 2024. I spent a while in the hospital.



The parson sat in a pew,

surrounded by the deacons.

As the meeting drew

to and end, one of the sons

of the local merchant barged in.

“Doc, momma sent me to find you.

Jim is terribly sick, Ma's taken

him to your house, and they need you.


The doctor, who had long been a deacon

in this little church, rushed to his house.

The Parson raced after the medical man.

Hoping he could, her fears douse,

he prayed with the boys' Ma.

Her husband soon rushed in

The fear on his face was raw

as he spoke to the medical man.


There was only one medicine

that could save the boy

but Doc had none in his possession.

Hoping, a rider to deploy,

he sent telegraphs to every doctor

within a hundred miles. Only one

had any of the drug he could offer.

Time was the enemy, they needed a fast stallion.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Cowboy and The Parson is the story of two men of faith in the American Old West told in a series of poems. YOUNG JIM'S PLIGHT is Chapter 8 of this story.


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sex and french toast

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Written 2/26/24

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Beautyganda (in Filipino language with a coined word)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This expermental poem has also been partially inspired by my most recent researches on A.I. generated images which had consequently catapulted me to write/compose something relating to the ideal beauty in my own predilection that coincided or have had happened at this particular time..during my studies about aesthetics and aestheticism...and my actual notions on Love, expressed in Filipino.


The term was invented by myself [I hope I coined it first] as I cannot translate what I have in mind at this time to denote both beautiful and cute [I often refer to it as, perhaps in my own invented word, "Cutieganda"..] which was also supposed to be formerly included or have been used in this particular poem. Thanks for reading on.

Nagsasalita Rin Ba Ang Biyolin? (in Tagalog language)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to R.


Reedited: 03.13.2024 (I formatted the font size at this point, to make it more readable for commonly used gadgets, as the original font in the default seemed quite very small —for me, at least.)



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Reedited:  03.06.2024 [23:22] Naway = Nawa'y, the verses, when transfered, were not divided during cutting & pasting the whole poem from another the resulting format was retained as is (not grouped in verses, as it was originally formed).  Somehow, the format becomes part of the experimentation.