Love, Love, Love [Haqueian Verse]

Haqueian Verse


You madly,

Deeply, really,

Love you like none,


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Never Thought There'd be You

I got to the point in my life from waiting for you...

To thinking there'd never be a you...

Not long after what had felt like my world began to crumble...

A new home that actually feels like a home came and begin to build into my life.

Loss occured along the way but not because of us.

A stroke who took my grandmother from us, heart failure that took my grandfather from us, and covid-19 who took away my adoptive Father...

Inside I'm still screaming...

I miss my kids too I grieve too for what isn't gone...

My heart understood yours...

You stood by me through it all when everyone else left for less.

I adore that you find me worth it, when I don't.

I love you so much! Xoxo! 

Life without you wasn't really living I kept waiting to die.

Disappointed every time I'd open my eyes...

Until the day the I saw you...

Then they had a reason to want to open every day. 

You're perfect just as you are.

I adore you...

My perfect 10.

My everything...

I was dead until you...

Sometimes I wish I'd met you sooner but I remember who I was too...

I think I needed to be this version of myself first to be perfect for you and that's why it took this long...

I have never love anyone or anything more.

I don't know how I lived without you but I never want to again.

You are more then the light in my life, you're my reason why...

Why I get up again, and again, and again.

Never Thought There'd be a You...

You're the whole a was looking for...

No, never thought there'd be a you...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about my spouse as of own perfect 10 I never thought I'd meet who truly seems to love me as I do them...I've never felt precious until them...I never thought I'd wake determined to be someone else's perfect as much as I do with them in my life. They're my priority...I adore them...I love without them wasn't life and life without them i don't ever want to know again...xoxo I hope they stay always...

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After her mother died she watched her father begin to fade away.

He was always a quiet man, reserved, polite…soft spoken.

but now he hardly ever said a word…she could see his heart was broken.


When he did speak…it was only in whispers…he told her silence was his choice.

He did not want a sound…any sound…to muffle the memory of her voice.


When she asked him why he stopped his morning walks…he smiled,

“I am happy sitting here…thinking about her.”

“Besides,” he smiled, “my feet aren’t as trustworthy as they used to be…It seems they don’t know where to go without her.”


She stopped by every day to comfort him…the father she adored…but with each visit he seems a little sadder…a little older…he seemed to fade away a little more.


Until the day she came and found him in his favorite chair…his favorite place…he’d gone to be with her mother…and for the first time in a long time…he had a smile on his face.


“Goodbye, Daddy.” She said kissing his cheek…then laying her head inside his palm…”Have a safe trip…and when you get to Heaven…say Hi for me…to Mom.”


Then glancing down she smiled through her tears…as she whispered, “I’ll miss you Daddy…but I am happy knowing…even though it took a while…you’re feet know where they’re going.



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My Love, My Fox


Your Beauty blinds me like a bat,

Your eyes sparkle as much as the moon rising beyond the stars,

Your smile is as beautiful as a flower blooming,

Layin’ without you feels emptiness,

While chocolate brings happiness.


Letting my guard down has been hard,

Changes are difficult,

The path to the future is the biggest optimistic,

Just thinking about you makes me all warm inside,

My heart melts each time I see you.


You sparkle is in a phenomenal way that is unexplained,

I may bleed purple,

But I have been bleeding green,

Although you may be a little crazy for me,

Your heart has captured me.


Every day you smile,

You awe me in happiness.

You drive me crazy,

As I drive you bonkers.


Each day our love grows,

Each day we learn more.

Sorry for being a scripted robot,

But it is who I am.


I may drive you nuts at times,

But hope you know,

I care for you.

You may not see it,

But in my heart, I feel that you know.


I may not be perfect,

We may not have the same hobbies,

But hope you know,

We can always think of good ideas together!

We become a team each and every day!


I have taken risks,

I am slowly broking my bubble,

I am still learning,

But you are still my #1 Fan!


You are my biggest supporter,

As I am your supporter too,

Although you want me to prioritize myself more,

But at the same time in my heart,

You are still #1 to me

But most important of all,

I love you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Valentine's Day Poem for my Girlfriend! <3

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How can it be true!

How can it be true!


you say that i am forgetful and not so very sound

for if i really am then i must not have been around

to give you love no not one time to help you carry thru

or never there when you cried out oh how can it be true

you say im not responsible enough to go it on my own

if that was how it was then you'd have grown up all alone

but i was there even when the bad stuff came into view

and took it all for you my dear oh how can it be true

so when you think i cannot do all the things that i used to do

it tells me how little you think of me your faith bid you adieu

if this is how its going to be then my heart she is so blue

and the hurt i feel is very real oh how can this be true?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one because im having some personal issues i hope you like it!


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Tinfoil Heart (January day 24)

They tell me

writing is a muscle.


Can it

make me breakfast?


Can it

pull me out of a canyon?


Can it

reach out and touch you?


There are too many

words I use every day

and still can’t pronounce.


Can’t pronounce as in

I know how to say them

but I don’t know how to

tell you how to say them

in relation to me.


I will not say

I love you

I will build you

a tinfoil heart.


When the wind blows

it will spell out all our moments

it will sing for you

all my little words

it will touch you like I wish I could.


They tell me

writing is a muscle

and yet I can still hear it

spoken by my tinfoil heart,

I see it more clearly than any reality,

more living than anything alive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/24/21

Too many

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Dumb Real Love


Catch mistakes for you

almost as fast as they said I’d catch feelings

I scoff even as I’m sinking


I make up the words

that everyone has already made up before,

scratched on railroad tracks on the worst best days,

waiting for luck

waiting for her

waiting for something to change


I make up the words

and spin them into a black hole

of dumb real love


they mold me into

some kind of well-rehearsed tragedy

I unfollow your footsteps

but make up the same words again


I show them to your star

ask her

what does that make me

she whispers

dumb real love


this is how I know I have fallen

and if I can’t write a song about it

there are so many other reasons to remember

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/30/20

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Dark Love

My heart in my hands,

A previous love took it from my chest,

Shattered it with their cold cruelty,

I sit there covered in blood,

A hole in my chest,

Tears falling from my eyes,

Sparkling in the light like crystals,

I dodged a bullet,

You never loved me,

I lost my mind,

I gave you my heart,

You shattered it,

I feel a hand on my cheek,

Wiping away my tears,

You sit beside me,

Kiss the pieces of my heart,

I watch as they change colour,

Red to blue to purple,

A deep dark amethyst colour,

It fuses like a precious gem,

Each crack becomes a facet,

There is something different about it,

You take my hand in yours,

Hold it to your chest,

Your heart skips a beat,

You tell me that part of you is infused with it,

But your heart belongs to another,

I can feel it beating faintly,

My stomach knots,

Bile rising and burning,

Toxic and hot,

I felt like I was rising from the ashes,

When you came along it stopped hurting,

Until it hurt once more,

I know it is only temporary,

Chipped and broken my heart lays once again in my hands,

I want to throw it away,

I cant live without it,

I dont want to lose you,

I feel deeply attached to you,

Ash falls from the sky,

Smooth and silky to the touch,

Warm and comforting,

I need to sleep,

I need to breathe,

I need you.

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Short love quotes - what to know about them?

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Very often, people who read different sayings and quotes about love, are befuddled about a specific circumstance in their sentimental relationship, such as questioning their accomplice or being in love with the off-base individual. They are frequently desolate in their enthusiastic hurling and raving and they need to feel better by realizing that others comprehend what they are experiencing. By perusing different quotes and references on love and romance, they feel more joyful and substantially more secure in the idea that they are not the only one in their individual encounters. So, lets try to understand how short love quotes may be useful for all kinds of people in relationships.


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One can discover parcel's of fascinating and amazing platitudes about love and relationship, however I lean toward perusing the ones that were stood up of anguish or genuine delight - they convey the best worth and can acquire an incentive to the peruser most irregular ways. For instance uncovering what genuine affection resembles. You simply need to ensure that you translate the quotes in the correct manner; else, they will be pointless.




Love Quote - Just love me. Unknown Authors





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