Tribute to Dad

Tribute to Dad

You took the voyage of life,
however cursed by fate.
None to help you,
none to shoulder your pain.
You had strengthened
the family as fist.

Your adversities tested you
 throughout our budding years.
The word rest didn’t show off
till heavenly gates flung open.

At our hard times,
your aroma of strength,
At our joy,
your aroma of cheers,
lingered all around.

A better tomorrow
was always been your choice,
By and large sun shines
as your footprints.

None can keep us stand apart
when nightmares and thunders
make an evil eye.
Your beloved family
needs the warmth,
bygone days you showered on us.

It is been paradox we miss you,
our own prejudice mounts us to believe
still five fingers makes a strong fist.

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never been good in crowds

never been good in crowds
didn't  have the feel for that 
collective rush
felt more like...
to tell the
I recall once
an icy cold 
winters day
the kids huddled
round the
schools front door
trying to
get out of 
the bitter winds
the door is locked I
have no idea what the
adults were thinking 
maybe they 
we're in their
own crowd
it was the coldest day
of the year
what I remember was
the kids knocking
pounding kicking
at the door
straining in
as one
let us in
someone said
others joined the
chorus yeah 
let us 
then someone shouted
we don't need no
and unorchestrated the
took up the re-frain 
that was it the
spark that started the
me I 
didn't know the 
song not
back then 
anyway but my body
has never forgotten 
hey there teacher's leave 
those kids
never been the same since
feeling the press the
weight of the masses of
parka'd bodies
synchronizing according to
some unknown 
a terrifying unity of
and here at the
top of the
world you
tell me you want
t(w)o feel
needed and I feel
it again that old
tightening of the
I love you I
want you but
there ain't no
way I'm 
ever gonna let
myself need
you I('ve)
been working 
all my life to
not lose my-
self again
so here we
are at this
stand-off both 
with our uncompromable
backs up
against the wall 
of our
necessity as 
it were 
a candle 
between us a
in the hearth against
the winters
wrath the
human con-
dition I 
I lift my
glass t(w)o the
too of us
on this the
coldest night
of the
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Unfinished Masterpiece


I was asked if I believe in true love, 

I was asked, how do I know it's real? 

My answer is yes, 

I truly believe it can be real,

But I really don't know. 

It's something I've never got to feel. 

I've had sweet lies, 

And stories told about happy endings that never happen. 

But me? 

I'm just out here with my easel and paints, 

Setting up camp with broken souls, 

The ones I think will look beautiful,

Painted next to my own bruised and damaged soul, 

And painting blindly, 

Hoping to create a masterpiece. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not sure if this is done yet ...... 

Wish for My Tots

Wish for My Tots

Budding years grow with no indifference.
If, stretch your arms giving all room,
stay content for everything you win and own

Every sphere of life holds something new,
awaiting to unfold till you blow.
Your every milestone is a riddle
 that you ply, in the kindergarten now.

Look out for a pleasure that make you smile,
your innocence for color, repulsive for bias,
might win few fellows for future endeavor.

Your head and nerve need its own harmony,  
to catch up the flow of life, with little efforts of cordial spin.
Your life cycle may rhyme as “Wheels of bus go round and round”.

Budding years wait for your own canvas,
to make no indifference in life.
Arise and awake to make your own choice of destiny
Oh! my little tots.

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New Lyrics

Laying next to you

I just want to stare into you

Into your beautiful soul



Staying close to you

I just want to stay inside you

Yeah, until we become one



-I know what you want

You're all that I want

I've got all I want in you

You know what I want

I'm all that you want

You've got all you want, it's true-(chorus)


Coming up for air

I just want to breathe into you

And then I'll go back for more



Reaching out for you

I just want to grab onto you

And I'm never letting go

So tender


I know what you want

You're all that I want

I've got all I want in you

You know what I want

I'm all that you want

You've got all you want, it's true


Rolling in the sheets, I'm lost inside of you

When I start to dream, I just envision you


I know what you want

You know what I want...

I know what you want

You're all that I want

I've got all I want in you

You know what I want

I'm all that you want 

You've got all you want, it's true





Author's Notes/Comments: 

A newer one. This one is for my wife.  Finished 1-6-23. 

Comments welcome.

A hand full of air

Something stirring 

A cautious hover 

Over a breaking smile 

gratitude spills 

tumbling over the reverently held ether 

life lives here, moistened with 

Blood, sweat, Tears and rain 

Every fall a rise 

Like the breath of providence 

A dip left 

A twist right 

the rhythm of life inspires dance,

Poetry, art, music and song  

Like air slipping over chords

Sacred Verbage 


Your hands are never empty 

There is no void, 

There is only the appearance of nothing 

Which by the mere thought is even something 

So grab on tight!

Even when it seems there is no thing

it really is something, isn't it? 

Oh what we see, be and do when nothing is impossible! 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, yes you can! 

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we all have fallen (in the Midnight Sky)

Body of Water Across Bridge during Nighttime

Fallen In (Into, etc.):

English language definition(s):

we all have fallen—

(in the Midnight Sky)





we all have fallen
(midnight sky)

the beauty
of roses & orchids
without butterfly

dainty backdrops
confirming variety

eggshells and seashells
broken, sand's grainy

we all have come
together for it, rational beings

we rightfully fit,
perpetually belonging in

knowing the beach trees
this much,

we know how
hardy we can get
without mulch





as the great wonders
of the sea,









we never really have










Photo of Sky During Sunset

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 4.)  01.07.2023 [03:02-03:16] (Reedited my grammar for this Notes/Comments Box/Section for clarification.)  3.)  01.02.2023 [21:32];  2.)  01.02.2023 [09:54];  1.)  01.02.2023 [00:58]



1.)  This time's reedition consists of one misworded adjective from the first line in the following verse:


"dainty backdrops
confirming variety"

(I previously supposed that I had used the correct word form for my concept that I hoped that could fit the right mental abstract while in that spur of the moment or in the middle of composing each lines.  But, I think, I got distracted or, for another reason, got plainly misused a proper word for what I was meaning to imply, which must be something else other than "dainty"..  Later, that was changed to the adjective "zany"...but I forgot the exact word in English really..and have muddled through. Upon that realization, at the time of keying this in 01/02/2023, I reverted to its original wording.)  


2.)  Momentarily, the poem's spacing (& other visual elements) were decidedly reedited (thinking how those, i.e. "visual", elements can cross artistic boundaries and or how its intersubjective features or how it relates to other multiperspective notions in meaning-making & sense-making..(such as in the case of concrete poetry vs. visual poetry) and as also pertaining to intertextuality—most of all, impact its totality (quality, et al).  Thank you for reading on.


3.)  Third reedition consisted some spacing readjustments (of the verses).. and, earlier or in the prior change, the addition of pictures derived from the public domain.


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the songbird in its realm

the songbird in its








is she the golden
foliage of tree delight—
shining sun—rays
bravura so right—



to this agonizing world
the only heroine



huddled together,
on a heap

hoping that she
never leaves

(someone to keep)

especially that time when
their true hearts..{meet}
evoking winter



these fleeting moments
signify the
warm weather



crashing blue waves
here—to ponder
the beach is soggy—
English channel, there



although we are small
like speckled ornaments
we must not surrender



we often view clouds
like song meanings—
hardly we could ever remember








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited, 2.)  01.02.2023 [10:02]; 1. ) 01.02.2023:




I reedited the following verses. From this:


"huddled together
on a heap"


"huddled together,
on a heap"

from this:

"Is she the golden
foliage of.." (forgotten original



"is she the golden
foliage of tree delight—
shining sun—rays
bravura so right—"

from this:

"crashing blue waves
here to ponder
the beach is soggy
English channel there"


"crashing blue waves
here—to ponder
the beach is soggy—
English channel, there"

from this:

"hoping that she
never leaves

someone to keep"


"hoping that she
never leaves

(someone to keep)"


from this:

"especially that time when
their true hearts
evoking winter"




"especially that time when
their true hearts..{meet}
evoking winter"

from this:

"we often view clouds
like song meanings
hardly we could ever remember"




"we often view clouds
like song meanings—
hardly we could ever remember"








I added the following hashtags to the already entered ones:

bird song, birdsong, bird vocalization, bird songs, bird calls, birding, oscen, Oscines, Passeri, Passeriformes, song-sharing hypothesis, thing theory, Ecology, stratagem, strategy, strategic,


to my dear friend, Idy

i know, i know

you’ll see me soon

and you’d better greet me with a lovely tune

for your absence has left quite the hole

so it’s only fair that you pay us back in full

i want a joke for every tear i shed,

a brilliant smile as solace for words unsaid

or even one last look at you could suffice instead

i may be asking a lot but it’s only because

you’ve officially become my friend who once was


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