The Ring


the things I will do for the past are telling

darker than darkness

I linger like things not said–

once I wrote that I wanted to know you

and now through knowing you

you are the only puzzle I will never solve–

finding the corners but

never all of them–

just searching for the dead ends,

what I think will close me in


the words I will use do not make a heaven of your body

they do not make me a martyr

they keep me in this empty space

they do not tell me I am as beautiful as I can be but

they have never told me you are not trying


the things I will do for the truth

are making me split like a parody

fight like inside my head

and all this character wants

is just to make her mine again


my body is another way to stretch my words until they break

it is something I don’t want to form until I speak it


you are everything I will lose

the end and the beginning and

the things I will do for love are sinful

scrabbling for grip

you are the only enemy I will never fight

just stand there in the ring

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/15/22

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Deep Dimensions

We follow uncertain concatenation
on endless encounters through
life's joyful joylessness entwined;
because we are hugely hopeful
humankind uplifted within earth's
deep dimensions darkened.  


Benumbing brilliance lights our
wasteful way through furious
fading fields on promised green
pastures and restorative roots; 
for we are on these unbound
earthly encounters through
deleterious deep dimensions.  


Through bleeding blood, we thrive
on senseless sensibilities seeking
to keep painful painlessness pure
as life's joyful joylessness jitters
us into crass circles on bloody
bloodlessness because humankind
drained us in deep dimensions. 


[c] Ugonna Wachuku: 3 April 2022: Mexico: Earth.

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Squirrels Screaming in Spring

Tales Fom The Fur

Simple afternoons with you are freeing

Softly, quietly I look up to see two 

Squirrels screaming at me

The dichotomy between the serene breeze

And the tiny furry beasts puts a smile on my face

The worries of the world fade into Nothingness

The warm caress of the dying sun

Lifts today's burdens like an old friend with his hand held out



Am I the same as you?

We exist in this moment together

But who am I and who are you?

The wall comes crumbling down

I gasp... you turn your rosy cheeks to face me

We see eye to eye but through different lenses

My green to your brown

My chaos to your calm

Two sides of the same coin

And yet when I turn to face the trees

I see through the faded leaves and the bare bones of earthen bark

I see in the extended arms of the oak what I can't always see in myself: Hope

The screaming squirrels have given up

Sometimes I feel the same

The quiet returns

The light is receding 

I turn to you once more

I return to the here

I return to us and our small Haven; 

In the garden of two now silent Squirrels

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My stepdaughter was telling me about two squirrels that were making a fuss at her one day when she and a close friend were hanging out at a park near our home. It may not be a masterpiece poem but I was so inspired I had to put the images in my head to words. 

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A Fifth Christmas


Stay young, love

as bright as we can be


You fill me up and

I keep finding treasure chests,

shaking for someone to hold on to

before you come home


come home


They said I’ll know it when I see it

well– something in our synergy

just has me seeing you

I don’t know if that means

laughter or tears but

I wish for both


a well loved couch all ours

and just not enough space to bump into each other the right amount


You fill me up and

I keep finding treasure chests,

shaking for someone to hold on to

before you come home


come home


I will love you as you are and as you want to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/16/21

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wait for every sunrise,


how has this not already been named




jump start

when your shadow flirts with my skin



spend too much time

drowning in my own head

so saltwater kisses

feel like liberation



call risks the worst option

as if I don’t take them every step anyway


and yes I am supposed to be your wings

but I have never been cleared for takeoff

and yes I am supposed to be your savior

but I can’t get off the ground



abandon ship

at a glimpse of sunset



hold your hand through

the whole world

we dance in

every biome

every skipped rock

worrying about how my skin feels

and forget to take

all the pictures



don’t want to call this

a swan song

but I keep hearing

the damn birdcalls



make a patchwork out of all the what ifs and if onlys and could have beens

and throw it over us and maybe


I bet

then we will be enough

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/30/21

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crying at commercials


if I am no one’s favorite song

how do I keep spinning

back to you

cause I’ve been dying to tell you we made it

now I’m just fighting all my sorries



please let me sit with you

while I’m crying at commercials


I want to fit to you like

the best armchair

you don’t even have to notice I’m in the room

but when I hold you again

it is the most familiar


and now even as I’m free to leave

I want to notice notice

every minute of this home

so it is something I can hold without disintegrating

spill through the walls when I am dirt

coat the holes when I am crying


I will keep holding you through the scary parts

I am no painkiller but

I will kiss you through the pain

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/8/21

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Sparkles and Glims

High and mighty I prowl.

Raining down on me is a legendary whim.

I am on to the stagnant lifestyle,

watching it like a hawk.

There is no place like enamored.

Home is where your heart is.

My pristine heart;

Sparkles and is surrounded by glims.


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Over You


Verse 1:
I carefully craft an image of you
In my mind.
But, sometimes, the reality does not match
The illusion in our dreams.
This is not how it should end
But, how it should begin.
Tell me: where do we go from here?


I am getting over you.
Though, the pace was slow.
I never needed to test my feelings for you.
But, you, you felt the need to test the waters.
Now, I’m left with nothing but our memories.
You got me in unbound memories.
You shattered my soul and spirit.

Verse 2:

Though, I don’t need to know your sins.
You will be a scarlet letter for the world to see.
Your past continues to haunt you.
Christ cannot save you from your sins.
You confessed your sins to me.
You dragged me along yet
Always looked for someone better.


If only you could see
That I know your story
Better than anyone,
We could become each other’s everything.
Though, I don’t know what lies ahead,
I’ll follow you wherever you will go.
Our lives are caged in together.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the first song in book 2 (kindle direct publishing) that I self published on amazon kdp service about finding true love in a cruel world/society that degrades relationships to just having a good time.

Never Give Up

These words I write cannot contain

The anger, the guilt, nor the pain

Of losing someone you hold most dear


You went to her house for advice

You just complained, yelled and got frustrated

But she just listened, hearing every word

And now she's gone, gone, gone


You think about her constantly

She never leaves your heart, mind, or soul

Her advice was always solid

Her words blunt and meaningful

But now you can't hear them

She is just gone, gone, gone


We move on, hoping to hear her call our name

But she can't anymore

We hope to feel her grasp

But she is out of reach


Just remember where she resides now

In the darkest part of your heart

Waiting for you to ask again

When you find the words

When you heal


She's not here

She's not there

But she is everywhere

She. Is. Home.

She. Is. Happy.

She. Is. Always. Watching.




Always loving was her speech

She told you how it was out of love

She was there when you were a baby

She was there your whole life








The death of a loved one

Is an unending sadness

But never give up

They will watch you

Help you

Save you

Never give up!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I lost my aunt in July. Sorry it took so long Tarolyn!! I love you

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