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These were recovered from the WayBack Machine as they existed before the site was upgraded.


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Jeph Johnson

I really want to thank you for this wondereful opportunity to share my work with and read the work of other poets across the world. This site is incredable! I do have one concern, however. I would like to know if you plan on setting a limit on the number of poems any individual poet can post. I was a member of a similarly-styled poetry community that became so popular that they had to cut the more prolific poets off after awhile. I ended up leaving since I was unable to post any more of my work. I'd like to know what you have planned to do when we get bigger and you start encountering space problems? Charge us? Limit our poems? Advertising? Just wondering...



I just wanted to say it's the best web site for posting poems. other sites i've tried (i won't name any names)don't compete. I like the fact people can comment on your poems and tell you what you think. I've been on postpoems for about 3 weeks now. And i'm very pleased. keep up the good work.

thank you.


Jillian Ketterer

First of all: Dead Poet...great prose. Thanks for rendering your moments so fully so that we can all be there with you.

Second of all (these are in no particular order): Jason and the Post Poems gang...great site. This place is definitely a great showcase for different walks of talent. I can honestly say that this has got to be one of THE only sites that I've published poetry on that has actually given a damn about the work and not about publishing it in an over-priced book and making money from it. Great job, again.

And last (but not least) to all the poets/poetesses: Keep making this place better and better. I appreciate being able to read the works of art each of you produces. Thanks again!!



Hello everyone.... I have to say... I have been trying my hand at writting most of my life... I usually do it just to entertain my family and friends... then my life partner said one day that I should post some of my work on the internet and see what others thought... well that was a mistake... I don't mind if you have a negative comment... but some of the people out there are "know it all's".... they don't want to help you write good poetry they just want to tell you to stop writting.... and to me that just did not work.... then I found this site on a poetry newsgroup.... and so I posted my frist poem ..."OWEN" .... it was treated kindly... then I added another one... and on and on and on.... I have met some really great friends here.... Voila, Amy, Roz, Saxon, William, "JASON THE MAN" that made all this possible.... Doreen, Michelle, Bern, Bob, Stephen, The Dead Poet... Aaron, Billy,Jeannie,Krista,Leeny,Melaine,Sasha to all of you I just want to thank you for your time and your inspiration.... I have had

many wonderful suggestions from many of you.... I was told to try my hand at something with humor... then came A Day In The Life... and Little Dust Bunnies... I tend to write more serious things... I get thoughts in my head and the only way to get rid of them is to put them on paper... and when something really makes me angry I use poetry as a way to fight back... I have really enjoyed being a part of such a wonderfully run site... Jason has really put his heart and soul into this ... and with all the things that he has going it is amazing to me.... Thank you Jason... you are the bomb... I use to be afraid to let others read anything that I wrote... but now I look forward to what you have to say... good or bad.... I was told the weekend of 4th of July that poetry is no place for a persons thoughts or emotions... well to that critic all I have to say ... is that I sure hate it for ya.... you must be really lonely and dead on the inside.... you should get out more... and live some... then come back and see what you think of what you read here.... I know Jason I should let it drop....LOL... and I will now...LOL... to everyone here.... thank you for letting me read what you have to say... and for emailing me when you post new ones.... I love to read new things and it blows me away that some of you ask me to read your work and then you ask me to let you know what I think.... I am not an expert of what poetry should or should not be... but I do know what I like... and what I don't like.... I hope that this site contiunes to grow...there are so many talented people here... when I read the work of others it helps me with my own writting.... thank you so much for your time and thoughts.... take care and have a great day.... Renee' :O)



The Soul Keepers Palace - where i store my emetion in the form of poems.


a place were I can find insight into others.


Thanks Jason

Love Misty :-)



i just want to say something I should have said right from the very beginning; THANK YOU, JASON, WHOEVER OR WHEREVER YOU ARE!!!!

I, too have net some really wonderful & talented people that I have spoken to on this site - Roz, Renee, Bernard & Mel & some others that I know only through their works.

Mr. Dead Poet, I have not had the pleasure of meeting you as yet, but...hello!

This site has not only providided me with the courage to publish, but, I have learned new styles & many, many new ideas & opinions. My eyes are wide open, thanks to you, Jason & your great site. I also, am curious, as to how far this will go. I don't ever want to see anyone get lost in the shuffle.

As for difficult critics, it is okay to disagree & not like a poem. Just be kind when you write. We need to believe & to improve, not stop because we are afraid to write. there are no bad poets, only differences of opinions. This, I learned as a former dance artist & choreographer. All poems, all performances, all pieces of art cannot be loved by everyone, but, remember, it is art & if you add 3 more letters to art, you get "heart." Don't ever break the heart of a poet or an artist. They hurt very, very deeply.


Again, Jason, my thanks, you are one awesome dude!




Great site for poetry beginners and the old sweats.Poetry should be propagated to the whole of the human race. It is inspiring and relaxing.Great stuff for the brain. bern



Well....all I can say about PostPoems is that it has been economical for let me explain.....I can save $150.00 a week by writing and posting, rather than seein the Doc hehehehe plus It has helped more than the Man has in a year....seems to me....that's economical!

Thanks for this place....




I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this site. It has been a wonderful time for me to read and gain inspiration and realise that I am not the only one in the world who has had problems.

This is an excellent site where people who have something to say, can share every emotion without being afraid. I would like also to thank all the members for their kind words for my poems.


Rachelle Wiegand

I wanted to tell you how much excitement your site has created for me and my work. It is the site I think of first when wanting to post.I can't wait to see the feature poetry,critiques,new work posted by my favorites, work posted by new comers. It is a great, user-friendly site that is the perfect environment to reach out and share our ideas. Thank you! It is touching to see art and poetry bring so many great people together! Thank you, Postpoems for the wonderful forum!


Deborah Russell

I think this is the place to be at this time. Lots of positive energy on this site. The spirtituality and diversity melding into a genuine and beautiful work of art.What an opportunity for poets to gather.


Ann Amerman

Jason, I wanted to say thank you for this site. I doubt that I will ever

actually sell a poem and I like to think that now and then that some one

browses through them and maybe makes a connection. What I think Post Poems

does for most people is give them a way to reach out and open a little or a

lot of themselves in a very positive way. To a lot of people we who post

here may not be the best, but raw effort needs and should account for

something. We are all poets, it is the test of time as to who will be

considered great later on. Dragongreeneyes


Bob Fiddaman

I have been writing for some time now and really was frustrated at the rejection slips. The members of this group are generous with their comments and there really is some terrific stuff in here. Thanks to Jason we can all share our great passion of writing.


Deborah Russell

Jason...I invited a few poets to join this celebrative cerebral gathering...and hope the poetic expertise will lend greater diversity and provide much inspiration. Welcome to our new poets and poetess.


Bob Fiddaman

I would sincerely like to thank Jason for forwarding my winning cheque of

$50 on to a friend of mine in the States.


As you all know I am a huge fan of rock band AC/DC and when I was announced

as the winner as the PostPoems competition winner It put me in a position

where I could send away some money to recieve a very special, limited

edition AC/DC T-Shirt.


Thanks once again to Jason, not only for keeping his word, but for such an

awesome site that allows us all to post our 'ditto's'.


Arise Sir Jason of Poetshire - We Salute You.



Hi Jason,


I just wanted, NEEDED, to say thanks for this wonderful site. I have met some great people here. This is the first place I log onto in the morning! I have always written, have notebooks put away, but had no outlet! My creative juices have been flowing since I found you! Thanks!





It is my great honor and my deep pleasure to have my some poetry hosted here. Keep creating more and more pages of light.. to brighten our worldwide long dark night.





I think it's a great way to express our feelings and get them posted


Jim Valero

Thank you very much for providing would-be poets with such a great portal to post our work and give and get feedback from other writers and people interested in poetry. This is certainly an excellent example of what the new means of cyber communication can do for people who are interested in creating and sharing with others to create a better world. Thank you for encouraging us to do something creative and constructive.


The artwork on all of your pages is great and the general design is attractive and very functional. I have a comment on the printing of poems, though. I have tried to post a poem which contains a line in which the characters are not aligned on a single line, but jump up and down over several lines, simulating a "flock of birds" in flight. When the poem is posted on the page, though, all the characters align to the left, resulting in a rather messy conglomeration of characters, very far away from the intended effect! Is there anything we can do about this? I wish poems could be posted as we post them in the space provided.


Regardless of this, please receive my sincerest congratulations and appreciation for your work.


Edwin Robinette

Just a note to say that I love this site! It's great to be able to post poetry like this and to be able to read so many different styles online from so many wonderful writers! Thanks much!


Rachelle Wiegand

I cannot say enough about how

lovely this place is!!

Only to tell you that I posted new poems tonight here before it even occured to me to post at my own website!! :)

Jason, if you get a chance, check it out at www.poets2000/rwpoet

Thank you again for this beautiful poetry place!


Meena Chopra

One of the best sites I have come across



A.I. (Tony)

Luv this site. It's like a second home.


Kudos to everyone involved in administrating this place. You guys do a great job. And kudos of course to all the poets who make this online community what it is.


Also, I'd like to personally thank the people who've critiqued my poems. I'm surprised anyone read them and even more surprised that anyone liked them. :)


I rarely write poetry (it's not really my thing) but the kind words I've received here encourage me to try writing more. So, thank you.



Hello...well i can not say enough about this is one of the best poetry sites i have seen, and the best that i have participated in...a real nice place for poets to gather...and you have the cream of the crop represented! Thanks for providing such a wonderful site!


Jon Pitt

I think is a brilliant site for any poetry fan!


Melvin Lee

HOOOoooray for POstpoems....especially after that Amplifier mag article, i feel we have reached into the big league , beyond this Net...beyond our worlds....and beyond our imagination.


Jason...guess u never did realise this 'project' of yours will blossom into such a celebrated place in our hearts eh?~....a HEARTY toast to u....and ALL the friends i made here....U know who u are...Smilesz..


and yah,...hope u have been, and will always, like my poems and my 'smilesz'.




Megan Cox

This is a great site. At first I was afraid to post my poetry. But after getting fantastic feedback, I was no longer afraid. This site is great. I thank you for giving me a spot on the web to post my poems :) Thank you! *smiles stupidley*


Mike Subritzky

"Kia Ora" from New Zealand. This whole website is absolutely brilliant! Thank you. It is the most simple and easiest poetry website that I have ever visited to set-up, post and view poetry. It also has the facility for you (ham-fisted Gunners like myself), to go back in and make corrections to your work:-)

I also like the fact that there is wide variation of styles and forms of expression which is interesting in itself. I read all forms of poetry and personally prefer the more tradition style of verse, so there is 'something for everyone'. My compliments to Rachelle, Jason and the Postpoems team.


Jim Valero

Dear Jason,


I'd just like to say that I'm humongously glad you and your awesome been featured in The Amplifier Magazine. is certainly the greatest, coolest poets' place in cyberspace, and we are all very grateful to you for providing us writers with a place to get to know one another and share our work, our dreams, our visions, and, yes, our silliness and craziness too sometimes. Your site is one example of what someone with great technical know-how, imagination, and selfless desire to share can do in this technological age, and how technology can be used to bring people together, encourage creativity and understanding among people from all nationalities, backgrounds, and walks of life.


This is just the beginning. I'´m sure you and your collaborators will achieve many other great things in life. I congratulate you not only on your hard work, creativity and imagination, but also on your selfless dedication and enthusiasm, qualities both which have resulted in this "community of friends," this "strange mix that seems to work."


I would also like to express my congratulations and gratefulness to all your other friends and collaborators. Beautiful people like Rachelle Wiegand, and Jenny Tran (Dead Poet), who have contributed with lots of hard-working hours and creativity to make the greatest poesy site on the Internet.


To all of you thank you very much for this magic site named




Jim Valero


Galen Smith

Dear Jason,

Congratulations on the really nice write up in "The Amplifier!" I

think you had a great idea and you created a wonderful web-site from your

idea. I've signed up on your site but I haven't posted any poems yet. But

I plan to post a few here shortly. Keep up the excellent work! Who knows

where this site will lead you in life....hopefully to great heights! I wish

you all the best.


Sincerely, Galen A. Smith, Editor and



P.S. Thanks too for signing our guest book on our web-site. We appreciate



Please check out our web-page, Thanks for your



Richard Elliott

Dear Jason Megabytes,


This has had to be one of my most uplifting experiences on the "web" I have experienced. And with a great Postpoems crew of yourself(Jason), Rachelle, the Dead Poet and the others who work away in the background. As well as a fine selection of poets such as Amy, Jenny, Rachelle, Bern, Roz, Deborah and the scores of others I can't recall at this time due to the fact that there be a vast array of good and budding muses/writers that help inspire others to put pen to paper and post on the postpoems site and elsewhere.


My hearty congratulations to all for producing such a beautiful, well presented and user friendly example of netspace that puts a form of higher energy into the world.


You Beaut'! ->->--.


Eric True

This is a wonderful site! I can't even remember how I stumbled on it but I'm certainly glad I did. I have belonged to some of the other poetry forums that run your work down a board and it disappears into the archives. Post Poems is so much better, I can leisurely wander through all the poets web pages and enjoy their work as I have time. It's truly a wonderful spot to share ones poetic ideas and all responsible.....thank you very much...Eric


Jim Valero

Like Jason and the Argonauts of old, our Jason's surely got the Golden Fleece in his possession--his humongous creativity and know-how! Now he's given us an extra MESSAGEBOARD to rave and rant and share. The page design is very attractive and functional. Congrat on the layout, the art work, and--of course--the added functions. keeps on truckin'! Long live and its creator Jason Minton!


Kristen C

I think this website si the best! I can't say that I've tried others, And I don't think I will for a long time! Theres just this one problem/question, Do you have a limit to how many poems you post? 'cause If I'm gonna be here for a while I'll end up writting alot of poems!



Tommy Curtis

This is the best (Get yourself known to the public) website. Not only that, it is the best poetry website period. I appreciate all the ttime and effort there has been put into the making of what has come to be. I think everybody that has a least one poem on here should get credit for at least persuaying of their imagination. Poetry is beautiful artwork and God bless all those who use it wisely. I love all off you and keep the pens and fingers taping.


Tommy Curtis


Michael Gainer

When I had first heard of this site, I had to check it out. I have been writing poetry since 1995, and I'm published in a great deal of anthologys. However, this site here "takes the cake" to elaberate, You can submit as much work as you want, while your peers can observe your work, and offer encouragement and support. In addition, you come to meet a great deal of new friends, as well as discover new talent. This was a great idea, I think that it compares to splitting the atom, or discovering matter! This was a great discovery. Right on, Jason!



First and foremost I want to thank the creator of this site. I love it! Then I would like to just say that it is great that all of us can share what we have in common. The love of poetry and writing. It feels like a little family that we have here. Also I love meeting new people. Thanks EVERYONE for taking the time to read my work. Being able to share a part of my life and my passion makes life much more happier for me. Also thankyou all for letting me be able to share in your lives and poetry too. Sincerly,




Jason, i want to thank yoou for giving me a chance to broaden my horizen and to share my feelings with others and that they can share with me. Also for the promptness of tech support when a challenge confronts me. Thank you for all the new friends that I hope can be maintained. Linda



You guys are so wonderful for giving us this place to find ourselves and to vent.Yet it seems that we share more than most people i guess it is the sensentive side in all of us. we love you for giving of this place .. god bless you


Jeff Kane

I've been putting stuff on this site since there was only a few poems on it and all the feedback i've received has been helpful and encouraging. Even the negative feedback from some of the more bitter people on this site has been a great help. I hope that this site will continue to grow as fast as it has been so far. Thanks for giving people this oppurtunity.


Bob stephens

Jason,T know that this is easily the

best and most entertaining site on the web

It is well presented,efficiently managed,friendly, easy to use,and above all the amateur poets dream come true.

I hope you go on for ever.

Congrats.on your efforts.

Sincerely yours ~~Bob



Wow, I feel like such a late comer. Everyone else has been here for so much longer than me. I just signed on on Jan.26'01. I have already fallen in love with this site. I am so psyched about getting to show my deepest feelings to the world. Keep up the fantastic work. I hope that this site lives on forever.



Postpoems is an excellent way for people to put there poems online without the added problem of making their own website. I have passed this site onto a lot of friends whose reaction to the setup as "kewl" ... I feel that the critiques is very good, it enables people to view or select the piece they favour without commenting on some they may not like. I do wish they had categories of Angels

amongst their poetry list as

I love reading Angel poetry lol...... keep up the good work



Words can not describe this place... In the time i've been here i have kept hidden in the shadows but my words are still read and commented upon... I think without this site i wouldn't have been presented the opportunities i have been...

This site should be commended for it support to all poets the young and the old... Also the comments supporting the poet, encouraging them, and how the poem can be improved... Each and every single one of those comments inspires and helps our mind grow this may not be true for everyone but it has been evident with me...

I wouldn't be here today without the support of the people at post poems who keep me writing...

I would like to really give Jason a really big thankyou for supporting me and for giving me the encouragement to carry on with my dreams...

I think i have rambled on enough so i shall take my leave but before i go i'll leave you with one of my quotes....

"Poetry is an art one does not merely write down words, one writes their heart and soul"


Till next time fare thee well...

~Eternally Vampyress~




Judith Flynn

I am delighted that Deborah sent me here. What a great source of inspirtion your writers are. Thank you for orgaizing your site for ease of wandering. I will be back :-)


Jaysin Boyle

Yo sun this is a type poem site the best one i have been involved with so well i ant ganna write much but thanx for your time to keep this runnin,


Thanx Jason



I thinkk that this is a great site where a person can get access to lots of poetry on many different subjects. However, if a person is trying to get discovered here, or if a person just wants people to read his or her poetry so that people will know their story, this site is not the best, because many poems can be overlooked in the sheer amount of great works that are here.



This is a wonderful site! Especially because it's so interactive. Other poets can see your work and let you know what they think.


Linda Moyer

WOW!! This is about all I can think of when I look at all the wonderful poetry on this site. I just started writing some poetry in Nov. 2000, and I am having a poem published, but I came to this site to have my poetry seen and critiqued and what a wonderful response I have had.I only have one problem. There are TOO MANY great poems out there for me to read. I love reading them all.Rachelle, I have to thank you for giving me the courage to post more poems, after I gingerly asked you for my first critique. Thank you all for your kind words on my poetry. I just wish I could get to every poem and let EVERYONE know how well I love this site and their poetry. Thank you. I have not met too many of the staff, but as I say, Thanks, Rachelle. You are an angel in disguise. Linda



I love this page so much! My writing is my way out from all the problems in my life! I love just getting it out on paper! It is like so great I found a sight that takes poems longer than 21 lines!


Iris Negrete

I have only been here one day so far....VOOM! blew me away, Jason...I just want to say that this is the first site that actually takes care poets. BRAVISIMO!:)




Iris Negrete

oops :) i forgot the "of" in between care and poets. hehehe...have a good day everyone!


Bob stephens

what a stroke of genius it was to install chat.

a fantastically fabulous,wonderful gift to all our members.

I take my hat off to you Jason, you are a marvellous asset to the post poems show.

thanx a million

Bob Stephens



I love this site because it gives me a way to share my poems, which is also sharing my feelings. And with so many poets on this site, I've gotten so much inspiration, and I have so many new ideas in my head, I can't get them all down on paper. Anywaze, whose ever idea it was to make this site, YOU ARE THE COOLEST! This is a great way for fantastic poets to make their poems known.



Hey Jason, this is the best poetry site I have ever been to. I love this place so much. It gives all poets from amateur to pro the opportunity to showcase their junk. This is the only place I have been able to say whatever I want to without getting e-mails to tone it down and what not. So thank you very much man. You friggin' rock. Thank you so much for this site.


Sincerely A parapalegic one-legged penguin...ummm I mean Monk13


Susanne Lux

Hi Everyone!

I am new to this site - still finding my way around - but so far like everything I see and love everything I'm reading. Mucho talent here! Some of which I discovered through Rachel's Top Ten - Thank you for that!




I don't know what I was expecting to really put all in here, but I just need to thank everyone who is apart of Postpoems. All the poets, and espically everyone that makes it possible for all of us to share apart of ourselfs with the world, or even just themselves. I can't tell you how many times I've come to Postpoems just realive stress or anything. So thank you very much. Keep it up!

Love, Katherine Worden


Stephanie cox

dear postpoems,

I love the website, it is brilliant and helpful. it gives you chance to look at other people's work and improve. For a site barely a year old i think it has done terrificly well. I have already emailed the manager, jason (i think he is the manager) about my idea. My suggestionis maybe that this site could do some competitions and contests. i could maybe enter a under 12's competition. it would be good for the ages idea to be in too. It's because im quite a beginner and i have only 6 poems posted but looking at other people's poems itwill sure BOOST up my talent quite a bit. thankyou for pospoems, keep up the good work!






I love this place...and it keeps getting better, thanks for all of the work that you have done to make this a wonderful poetry site. (There's a whopper on the sideboard.)






Peggy Meeks-King

hi everyone, and hello Jason

you doll,

guess i have to come here to

say hi to ya now hehehe

this is a great site and iam

very happy to be a small part of it both at this site and the message board where i mod and admin.

thanks Jason for this wonderful place of poetry

and thanks for keeping the

postpoems message board alive

you and chris and mel thanks.







i think this is jason, well even if it is, i just want to say my opinoin.

i think this is a great site, it lets you see the work and wonders of others. talents asswel. also, it lets you get ideas from others. and instead of having to tell someone face to face if you want to share one of your favorite poems, u can share it with people from all around the world, people you dont know, people you do know, any one. and i think that is fanstastic. i have 58 poems and more to post. i will have lots more by the time some people read this including jason. i come onto this site evrytime i come online and most the time add a new poem.tis i my favourite site. i love writin poems, because somtimes people find i embarresing to tell people their feeligs about somthing and writingit down gets it off your chest and also,if you get mixed up with what your saying you can go bac and erase it and make changes so it doesnt sound stupid, which you cannt do face to face. thankyou for creating this. also, i think you could give this site a competition now and again. and the winner and runners up could get their poems shown or emailed to every user or anyone who took part. the competition cold be different each time, giving a topic to write your poem about. please keep this in mind jason, and also if steph and terri are watching or reading this, ( they'll know who they are. my sisters ) i want to say hello. good luck

take care






when i said cold, i meant could sorry


Stephanie cox

hi again. i came up with an idea. maybe jason you could (if you have got any space) do a link to like a dictionary full of poetic words and their meanings....after all, i am younger than some of the poets on postpoems, i sometimes really can't think of some good discriptive and emotional and different types of words to help us. if you get the time and space please could you grant my wish. thankyou,

stephanie xx


James Haggerty


I don't know where you came up with the ideas and format and everything for postpoems but it is brilliant. I hope it makes a mint for you because it is with out a doubt, the best poet's site on the web. Keep it up! James


Jim love

I've conversed with some like minded people, and read some wonderous things.Had a lot of admiration for the writings of others,but you stuck me for words tonite.

I logged in to find my head on the board. scarey.



hi just wanted to say hi to jason and i love the site.

and also i know this isnt my job but i just want to say, thankyou. thankyou to all who have take part, bothered to take a look at others writing, write their own work,send in pictures ad especialy commenting. itsa great pleasure to jason and i know hes proud and he makes you proud but notonly that, he is proud of you. of us. so thankyou. xxxxx



Thanks to all of you great people who have created and continue to administer PostPoems!!! It is a wonderful place for people like me to post poems and get some feedback from others. The site is so easy to navigate and is the best forum for poetry that I have encountered. Thanks so much for enriching my poetic life!!!



It is the place where I will pour all the sentiments and feelings and thoughts.... that are struggling within me.... it is the real temple for all the idolisers.. Thank you



I think this is a really kool site. My friend sent me her adrress and from there I looked and now I am on here writing my brains out! Thanx Jason!


Robin Schmidt

I'd just like to say thank you sooooo much post poems!I'm happy that I got the oppertunity to share my poems with all of the people who would like to read them and tell me what they think , like them or not. There are so many talented people using post poems and I'm glad that I got the chance to see their work, and their work to come! Thanks again. Much Love. Keep it up Guys. ~Starlite_Angel~


Suzy Sunshine

i just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to post my work on your site..i have always wanted people to read my poetry and tell me what the thought about it..and you have made that possible..thank you so much for creating a place where i can be myself and let my emotions be known...









Sherley moore

wat a great way to display your work.i have enjoyed all i have read so far ..i have posted at another site and had them deleted i had to re post ..this site is so well done i enjoy comeing here to hang out ..thank you for a site that i enjoy



i just fell upon this site and cannot get enough of it. i enjoy and appreciate this forum for its thoroughness and professionalism.

wonderful creation, jason!


Robert Forese

an truely innovative site with an excellent gathering of quality poets...


Saghi Tootoonchinia

wow. I gotta say that is a real great thing to use. Cause its not only a place to post up ur poetry but also to see what others go through and others talents. Well i also gotta say there are a lot of great poets on this site. Just keep up the great work!!





I have been on another poetry site since January, and I wil more than likely do all my business here from now on. I found my way here through a friend who found her way here throuugh a friend, looks good so far:)



This is undoubtedly one of the most incredible poetry sites on the web. The instantaneous posting, review, ability to read and write critiques and to simply enjoy the freedom of expression afforded to poets of all genres lends a complimentary tribute to the creators and managers of this site. I commend them for their many qualities of creativity and big, open hearts. I sincerely hope they are duly appreciated for the many hours of effort and expense they provide in managing this site.



I would just like to say to whoever the person is to make up this site, thank you. You allowed me to show a side of myself i never knew i had and allowed me to let my emotions hang out in the world without anyone knowing who i am. This is the best thing to happen to me in years. Thank you for letting a shy person like me, more open with their feelings and thoughts.



Reading other peoples poetry and posting up mine has been a great experience. I never thought other poets would think my work any good. Thanks jason for giving me somewhere I can be who I really am.


Eunmice Perkins

I have only been with this site for a week or so and am already a dedicated fan.It is so wonderful to have an outlet for my poems.I have been writing them for longer than I care to remember.It is a joy,too,to be able to read so many other poets lovely work.Thankyou,Jason and team for creating this opportunity for so many.


Jessica Edwards

I just want to thank you for turning a school project into something that has truly brightened and expanded my life. I love PostPoems! I love posting, reading, browsing and meeting other poets. You will never know how much I enjoy this wonderful site. Never a day goes by that I don't visit 3, 4, or 5 other poets and spend quality time reading. Everyone from teenagers to the ancient get to express their own feelings without judgmental critics tearing them down. Jason, I think one of my sons is your age, so would it be OK to send you a maternal hug? LOL God bless you, son. (southern drawl) You have certainly given me a new passtime. Thanks, Jessica


Turki Amer

More than 3 years ago I started to publish some of my poems online. I had tried Fortunecity, then Netscape, then Geocities. But when I explored PostPoems, I fell in love with the so easy way to upload things. Keep PostPoems alive and lively and lovely and lovable. Thanks and salam..



This site is wonderful! It's a good way to make poeple

think, when they are readding your poetry.

You can inspire alot of other poet's and even normal

poeple that wanna read good poetry. Everybody has their

own kind of writting, so it's sharp that poeple can give

you their comments on what you write.


Ciya, Meli



i just wanted to thank you so much for this site!!its wonderful.i can see other people like me's poetry and words of wisdom.its nice to know im not alone in what i think and feel.and check out my also like to say to everyone that from what ive read so far,you can be great writers.your words are not just poetry but art in words.thanx again!bye


Candace Desrosiers

This site is wonderful! I have finally found a forum for my thoughts and feelings that actually gives me the opportunity to immediately get feedback from others who also write. Feedback from one's peers is a priceless commodity.



first of all i would like to say thank you for accepting me here as a feature poet. i really haven't been summitting my work in may sites although one of the sites name on scams i did summit a few poems, as a matter of fact i received a email saying one of my poems was choosen for review for a hardbound anthology. after reading the scam section this concerns me. i know my talent is good, God given of course.

my goal is to be known for my words might sound like wisdom could lead to harm. i'm reaching for the stars i know there will be battles and if this is true about the competitors poetic wars upon us, the beginning of fame or no shame.



This is my very first day on Post Poems and as far as I can see it looks pretty good. I am, however, still exploring and find it a bit annoying that I cannot tell if I am logged in or not when I goto the main area. That might be a nice upgrade, that is unless I am missing something! heh The functions seem splendid and, so far, there seems to be an openness that is undefined. Tis quite a positive experience thus far! Oh! The windows popping up automatically when you want to submit a poem or update the bio...although I am being picky here, I would prefer a more stable base to insert information. I have had windows that pop up so much that it crashes the browser...I've yet to have this problem with Post Poems, sooo, it seems rather safe. All in all, as I have said, it has been a positive experience and I hope to develop further along with all that are vets or newbies!


Ludolf Dauphin

I think the post is great,

having the opportunity to have other people read your works. But I don't know if my works are being read, cause I never had anybody critic my works before. It makes me wonder if I am truly a part of the post.


Kelvin patterson

You guys have saved me! So pleased to be a part of this incredible venture!!!!


Stay golden. Watch the moon. Make love to your wife or life partner only.




Ugonna Wachuku

Dear Jason!


I am so grateful. Your

commitment and creation

of Postpoems is specially

cherished. God bless you

abundantly with wisdom

and that peace which passses

all understanding in your

caring service to humanity

through distinguished



With love and every good wish:





Thanks a lot to the person that invented this site cause i'm proud of my poetry and it's a great oppurtunity.

Poetry is a good way to express yourself! You can be inspired with other one's poetry and on this site, everyone that want to share their poetry are welcome it's to sharp to be true.

Thank you a lot.




I have been posting to PostPoems for about three months. The site has become one of the highpoints of my day. I had tried various other sites but this is beyond compare! It is like Christmas to open my E-mail and see a notification that someone has read my work. I have met some wonderful people here. Such a variety of styles and degrees of talent. This is a wonderful place to share your heart without being too fearful of it being stepped on! I also love the fact that we are not limited to the size of our post.


Great work and I am sure I will be a part of PostPoems for a very long time! ~Lesa~


TIM MARSHALL (manatee)

JASON,thank you very much not only for the SPIRITUAL

visit,but what you did with your ideas,and a special thanks for making my web tv to be able to hang with the click/double click mouse pad computer guys and ladies.

Along with you i've been so blessed with meeting some of the people here at postpems and the lst keeps improving,A lot of parents are saving big bucks because you DR.JASON allow us to vent,release dreams,fantasys

and a whole lot of abuse,thank GOD which ever one that post poets feel the warmth to let it out,out always helps,relating critiques help the hurting hearts and souls,ITS a real turn on to get critiqued,good is great we learn from the others !

I have been taking notice that theres a new generation

with very sharp minds bloomin everyday,thanks for keeping the garden watered

FATE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE HUNTER ! IDEAS ? A good title challenge is fun and educational Again thanks to JIM BECKER for turing me to the post


A special meorie for the late (LADYTKATE ) 27 a wonderful woman L&PEACE TO ALL TIM MARSHALL




I think this site is great!

I think it makes alot of people want to learn about poetry! It made me I hope it makes you!



Trixie Love

Hi Everyone,

I'm Trixie Love...

I recently began writing

on this site...

There are many great authors here...

I am truly impressed...

I look forward to reading

more of the poetry here...

Please feel free to stop

at my site...

Hope you will enjoy...


Thank You...

Trixie Love






Hey JAson, I thought this was the best site ever. I love poetry and I love to read other peoples poetry. Thank you so much.






One single word to describe this site: AMAZINGLY TERRIFIC!

(well..make that TWO words! :)


Gayle (qipath)

i love it! love it! love it! bless you jason.



Jason..what should anyone say to someone who has brought such joy to sooo many people..simply put Jason you rock...the message board has also been a wonderful thing for me..THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK YOU HAVE AND CONTINUE TO DO!! You are the best, and I am lucky to have met you.


Nicole O.

Hey, Id just like to say thank you to whoever created this website, one of my friends whose almost a sister, showed me this website and I loved it and I started my own page of my poems and its working really well and I just want to say thank you again... if you have any questions please e-mail me.

thank you again.


Lena none

i think this is a rockin website ive posted 2 poems an have ony 1 person read it but thats cool ...this is free an people can share there thoughts with thousends or even millions of other ppl u guys rock......if any of ya get time come read my poems an leave a comment of how i can better myself in writin.....thanx guys an u really rock :D


Randy allmon

i love being abale to express my feeling,and i hate it though because i cant spell!!!!!!! well thank you all for reading my input,read my work please.but not if your fant of heart or have a heart,you might be better off missing my works. bye


Lisa wilhoite

well what can i say i enjoy on a sunday afternoon going to post poems and reading others work i think everyone do a great job i only have 8 online here i have plenty of more i just dont think i as good as others or put my words in oplace but i do write what i feel and i see thur others eyes sadness love beauty whatever .. but i am glad for post poems for giving us little ppl a place to express are feeling and emotions feel free to email me i alway have a ear to listen thanks



I think being able to post our poems and share our thoughts with others is a wonderful thing....



wuss up ya'll, I just want to say that this is really cool place. I live in Uzbekistan I don't think that most of u even heard bout this country, so this site gives me a chance to share my poetry with others from I think all over the world. So thanx...

and visit my profile if u have free time.





I started on this site a long time ago and have quite a few works on my page. I like the opportunity given to us writers, giving us a place for our words.


i haven't been here in a while and when i came back about a week ago, it wasn't pleasant (some of you know what i mean).


I was checking out some of the new writers and realized there are a lot of young writers around. I feel old compared to some of the new young blood on the site.


talent striking the young...

keep it up...


Thamica McCook

I love postpoems!!! It is so cool to get recognized for your work and even if it's just "good poem"It was read,liked and complimented.I love reading other woroks and just sitting there in awe,I'm fan till death.-Mica


Stuart Staub

This is by far the best site out there for poetry in my opinion. The ease with which to post up your work, edit it, and comment on others is peerless, and the community is one of honest, well-meaning writers. The best you could ever do to find its replacement, would be to find one AS good. Better sites simply do not exist. Thank you so much for all your work and effort Jason.


Patrick Hopkins

I've been posting intermittently on for some time now, and first of all, it's absolutely fantastic that we poets the world over have a site like this to post our works on. I have my originals as well as backups, but this site serves a two-fold purpose for me. One is as a platform to speak my mind (and heart) freely and join thousands of others who are doing the same thing, and the other is an online database for certain poems of mine. I attend poetry readings in my area, and if I need or want a certain poem to read, there it is, on the Internet, at this site, accessible 24 hours a day by millions of people. This is a great site, and a boon to us fellow poets out there. PLEASE do what you can do to maintain support and keep it up and running. Please support the poets as well by taking the time to read some of their works. It's well worth it. Keep up the good work!!!



Lisa wilhoite

well im back again with another comment im at 30 poems now whooooooopie :) i just got to say without postpoems and all the people i be lost i just want to say thankyou for giving me and others a place to come and express our feelings .. my family said i live here lately .. if i do how much do i owe :) lol anyway could someone tell me how does poems get picked at random .. well im off to write i hope you all have a blessed day where ever you are



I LOVE this site, it is the only thing that has kept me sane from all this nonsense on the web. I'm from close to bowling green, Ky . I'm so glad some kentuckians have came up with a good idea to show we are smart!!!


Ana Luisa Santo

This is an amazing site...words are not enough, as all you poets out there know...words are never enough...a poem, a whole entire poem is just one word...thank you to all the members of this site for having the courage to put your work out there! Seeing so many people with that strength gave me the strength to do the same...thank you to whomever created this site..., for giving us all the oppourtunity to share our few "words" with the world...


Leigh Stenhouse

I love this site so much. Thanks for giving all of us such a great outlet for our writing.






A really good friend of mine told me about PostPoems, and I'm grateful! The poems that I've read at this site are extraordinary, I sometimes feel bad for putting my "less than perfect" poetry here. I've developed many new friendships here, everyone I've met is wonderful! Thank you so much!



This is a great site. I am so very thankful I found it. I will never leave. I wish I could do more to advertise for PostPoems, but I am but one person. Kudos to who ever thought this up. I am sure there a special place for people like you. (Jason??)


Shirley Roberts

I love Post Poems and the fact you can edit, delete or whatever needs to be done with a poem.Thanks for allowing me to post my work here.


Sun Shine

Well, i dunno I really enjoy postpoems cause its a place where i can just go and write what im feeling and have other ppl all over the place tell me what they think about my work... and to me thats a great way of lettin things out and being able to know you're not alone with how ya feel or whatever... happy or sadd but even still this is one of my favorite places to go and just write! hehe ~toodles~



When my friend first told me about this site i was interested,but I put visiting it for lack of better reason of I just forgot or got to busy chatting with friends,but sence I visited the site I love it ! It so great that writers young and old can come together and share our work and have others give us comments to help us inprove our work,and myself being a young write and still learning I really enjoy comments other have left me. Thankyou Post Poems for what you have done for the writers of america and the world.

Thanks again,





Ashley[nicki] Curran

Hey. i'd like to thank you guys for post poems and the poets and artists for making it what it is. im a 15 year old girl and cuz some of my poems are a bit weird and most of the time sad or angry i dont feel i can show anyone else except you guys. thanks alot his site has really helped with alot of problems in my life. thanks again guys


Richard (Jonah) Weller

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Jason! Awesome, powerful, great; "you name it!" Most of my poetry has been in the closet for many years, now I found a way to share it, and I am so pleased..! It's just great the way it works - I can comment on someone elses work, and get them to look at mine, Now I am spending way too much time at PostPoems -and loving it! I hope people will make the effort to contribute financially through donations for you to continue this. I know what it is like to do something like this; you put a lot of work into it I'm sure! (and your own money) God bless you!


Lindsey S.

i would like to say thank you to everyone on this site. im a 14 year old girl, and i love to write. but i never had anywhere to put them. i would lose them or just forget them. now that i have this site i can write, and remember where they are. haha... well everyone check out my poems . thanks again!Lindsey.



hey there Jayson (or whoever it is that's handling this site).

I'd like to commend the great work you've done here at Post Poems. I've been looking for a site like this for a long time, and this is the best one I've found. Not only does it allow us to post our poems, it also allows us to view the comments that others post on our works.

Please view my works at


I'm an amateur writer and I'd really like to know what others think of my work.

Again, many thanks...




Tamara Heflin

I just recently found Post Poems & I Love this site. It has so many good topics to read poems in. I am trying to find one pitcular poem though I have read it in other area's but have forgotten the sights. Maybe someone here can help me with finding this poem. It is called "An Officer's Prayer". I would be so greatful if someone could let me know where I could find a copy.


Thanks Tamara


Marcia Chaffin

Well I just absolutley love this site. It has provided me with a forum to showcase my works as well as read the works of other great poets. It helps me to learn, and expand my knowledge of the art of the spoken word and befriend others that love poetry as much as I do.

thanks Netta for the heads up..

Much Love




This si such a great site to have to use as such a tool for such a time as this to write, read, just have fun.


Cam McElwee

I really love this site. it is one of the first sites that i can express my fealings, thoughts and emotions without any restrictions. It made my poems more powerful. thanx raychul



I love this site, so far I've been able to publish almost 200 orignial works so that all my friends and family can access it whenever they want. I love this. I'm curious though. Who are the top 20 poets that have written the most poetry? What about the longest poem, and how will you select the poems that go into the "best of" book?


Del Senkbeil

This is a GREAT site. Fast moving, no long long waits.. I did have a problem activating an account, but got lotsa help when I wrote an e/m to them. Luv, Del




Thank you for giving my daughter and i a place to come to where we can trust the site and owners. we have been with other poem sites and have been so disappointed even lied too. this is a wonderful place. i have been telling others about it. Thank you so much for all you've done to make this a wonderful place to belong to.


Nicholas Erdos-Thayer (poetic_slym)

This has been a great site since I started using it. I like the feedback you get from all these other poets out in this word. I also like readin the talent that some of these people have. Great idea to the person that started it all. much props.



Wonderful site! I love being able to share my poems with people across the world and get input on them. I love the site. There is one thing however that I find confusing: When you post a poem you can put them into categories. I think there should be a table on the front page of PostPoems with all the categories listed so someone can look for poems of a certain topic while they are browsing the site.


Abbey Reeder

I am really glad that I am a part of postpoems because it lets me get my poems out there and lets me know what other people think of my work. I am so glad that I have found this place and able to get my work out there. This is such a great place and I'm glad that I found it. I have 191 poems on here of my own plus a folder with 110 poems written by Emily Dickinson and 26 songs, the lyrics, of my favorite Enya songs. Thank you for making this site so the poets in the world can share their works.



this a nice place to meet many different poets.

poetry should bring people together,draw them nearer.I believe you have done well at this aim!

thanks for your labour and contribution.


a chinese poet


Gene conner

i think is great. I show the world my poetry and what i write about. thanks!



This is a great site! It's so great how you can show other poeple your work and it's even better to get critiques for what you've done and see that there's someone who likes what you have written. I'm so glad that I heard about this!


Felicita Felix

I love post poems. I think it's a great way to show people everywhere your poetry. It's great.



i dont know who made this site but it rox!! its the only place i can go where there are other people that think like me! sometimes we're happy sometimes we're serverly depresed and we can express that through our poetry! thanx!!!!



Dont you think its weird that one single poem can bring tears memorys hapiness sadness regret. One single poem or even just a single word can bring all these feelings? while readying a poem your emotions just react to the words writin down. So it may be happy but you still have this lonley tear fall from your eyes. Or it could be the most hapiest poem but yet your crying. why does that hapen? and the reason for the poem. why did that person write it like that? maybe that person is like me. just sad and have lots of feelings in her head. and just wants to cry and cant. so that person writes it down. letting her poetry take souls away. giving them all the feelings. i dont mean to sound so in love with my self but aint it true? have you ever got that feeling? just sit there and want to cry you try but you cant. so you write what your thinking. and somehow it turns to poetry. or have you been so happy that you just write your happy feelings. post poems is like a diary. but this diary everyone sees. maybe its a good thing. but i have got lots of greif cause of my poetry. in chat rooms and stuff. i give it to peopl so they could read my poetry. i do it so they no what i think. one poem can show all my emotions most of the time. and i want the world to know that.



Hey i just wanted to say that i never thought that anyone would want to sit down and read my deep feelings and to think that so many have visit my site...and then when i look at others i just am blown away.....this cite is so great to be able to express yourself and have people you dont know agree with you on what you feel. ! real sweet!



Heyy I love yo site its hott

fa*real cos I love readin poems

Poems iz lyk ma lyfe yo cos I have

no otha way 2 express ma feelingz no whea else

And all yall are rele rele

great poem writaz who wrote thoez shyts!

Im out tho cos i g2g peace


Holla J clyde nigga


holla @tcha gurl

Dawn Slater

Hi everyone,

My best friend Rachel DiLonardo tol me about post poems. I didnt know that I was good at writing till I tried at this. Poems help me express what I feel or what I'm thinking about. Shout out to my friends Rachel and Aric!


Rudy R.


no email

I thank this site form bring hope to my heart. I was in a dark place, but came back thanks to the great poems writen here. I wish for anyone who is suffuring to see this poems, and to see that there is always a light leading out of teh tunnel of darkness.




no email

Wonderful place. A nice community for all sorts of poets, new and experienced! :) Lovely!!



Thank you.


Katie Markstein

I LOVE THIS SITE *kisses the screen* it's better than the other poetry site i was on, and the people here are so nice, i havn't read one unkind thing in critiques or guestbooks :)


katie (


Jacqueline Conaway

I love this site! I have put some of my thoughts on here for others to see and I have had many people say that they've had the same problems.

I like to be open minded because you can be open minded and share your feelings with complete strangers. But I do have a question, will you end up putting a limit on the poems we can put onto our part of postpoems? Oh, and will you start charging us money if that happens or even make certain people leave? Thanks for having this site because

I like giving advice to people who contact me becuase they sometimes come to me for help since i'm a very good helpter with that kind of stuff.



T Ault

I LOVE THIS SITE! It's a great way to share my poems with people on this site and others off the site. and I like getting feedback.. I was recommended by someone and I'm so glad! Ya'll are doing such a GREAT JOB! keep it going Postpoems!



I think that these poems r the best! i have many of my own but id rather tell them to u personally ..i love the poems by Bryant Harland! hes great! well just wanted to thank u for introducing this to me! bye!


Rachel DiLonardo

i love this site! its great! i wanna thatnk u guys for giving me the chance to let out my feelings and emotions. i always wanted to be an author...maybe this will help somewhat...thanx again!






is this site free to join? And does it cost any money at all? I was on a site before but it went to hell and so I stoped posting and withdrew from it. And does our poems have to be a certian way or can they just be about anything we want? A few of mine are really graific thats why i want to know! Thanks!



i think postpoems is a really good site for people who love to read or write poetry!!i love to write it and read it is pretty awesome!!especially when you first get in to it!!


Michelle Bevan

I think it's good to be able to express yourself in poetry and share with others in theirs...i believe in freely speaking and even speaking your hurts feelings, loves whatever!



Great! Is this the guest book? Love, barb



I would just like to thank you for a good site,well presented and easy on the eye,

well done!





no email



Ike CJ Blues is the greatest thing to happen to poets of african descent like me...who do nat have opportunities to get out there in the 'world'.

We are so encouraged by Jason.

My special greetings to Rachelle W., Ugonna and all the members of this site...

Thank you so much.



i havent been here for that long but i already think this is a great site.

Yes...i dont know that many people here and i hope that's gonna change soon.





Great site/Buddylist/AWesome


Maysoun Saadi

It's a blessing to the internet world that such a website and its likes exist. A gathering space for feelings, poets, beauty, serenity and sincerity, Post Poems has become one important corner in cyberspace for me. Thank You...


~ Marinate ~


no email

I can't even remember how I stummbled across this site. I know it was a blessing in disguise. This site is so unique because it uses the "Worldwide Web" as a channel to reach e/one who wants to read poetry. It is for the everyday people who welcome life and all that it presents us with. And how we all just try and make our own dent in time while we can.



Terri Cox

Thanks for this great and enjoyable site, it helps when some people can meet some people with the same interests ( reading, writing and poetry ) when it's hard to. For people like my sisters Stephanie and Toni and myself, finding people with same interests of our age ( thirteen ) is hard because the teenagers of today are very advanced and are more interested in popularity and make-up. Thanks again, Terri Cox


Jenny root

i just want to thank you for this site because it gives me a place where i can have people read my poems and tell me what they think about them.

It also gives me a chance to be able to read other peoples poeams and lets me tell them what i think about them. I love this site and i hope that anyone else who visits it will like it.


So thanks again,





This is an awsome website!!I have written poems for a while now,and i ask my friends what they think of them,but i kno even if they hate them,they wont admit it to me,eher poeple arent mean about it,they inform you what your doing good on,and maybe some things you should fix!Its awsome!!thx 4 makin it ;-)




Dear friends! hearty greetings

I am happy that I have become a member of postpoems poets' community. It lovely and interesting.

I have posted my bio details twice and it was not visible on the site. I would like to add my bio and photo .

please hep me.

wil you please reply?



I started writing less then a year ago, and I think I've gotten better since then. Thanks to this side I can find out for sure and I'm grateful for it. You see I didn't start writing because I want to, I started writing because it was the one thing that no one could tell me to stop doing or would criticize. Thanks to I’ve been writing a lot more and more; and people here are great. So, to everyone who supports this side, “THANKS”.




PS. Every little or big poet out there, remember KEEP ON WRITING.




I think post poems is a wonderful thing for young poets all over the world to try an to express themselves. I have always wanted to try and express myself and I have finally found a way how to through poetry. I hope all of you keep at this beacuse its a wonderful talent to have.



I love this site! Thanx for giving me and everyone else here the opportunity to share their poems with the world. is great and it gives young and older writers a fab chance to show what they're made of.

Keep on posting guys, there are so many talented people out there!

Ruthie :D



A great home that converges expression and diverges creative writing. A great home indeed.




no email

Great! A great way for poets to vent, share their Art. This site was needed to be discovered! Thanks you's thank you's thank you's, three thumbs up!



i think post pomes are so cool!!!




ÇáÝ ÔßÑ áß æÇáì ÇáÇãÇã æÈÇááå ÇáÊæÝíÞ




This is the best poetry site you'll ever find


DeStInY pRiNtZ


no email

This site give people the freedom to express themselves without having to worry about who reads it. Poetry is such a strong this and places like this bring it in a better light for others. Great idea!



1.I like this site.Why?

It gives an opportunity for everyone who can write

even free verse.

2.I like the way in which it is planned.HOw?

You can view your poems,

visit the critiques and

You Can EVEN email your poems

to your friends.

3.Easy to type,post your poems and edit.

4.I wish everyone takes time to read

atleast 5 poems a day and send in their

opinions for the benefit of

themselves and others.

5.I wish all those who have

created this site for the

benefit of poets of the world.

6.My special thanks to all those who have commented and

given their valuable opinions

about this site.,and read my poems.thanks once again.

7.God bless all members of

Postpoems. and wish all of them GOOD LUCK AND GOOD HEALTH.



It is nice to have an outlet for my poetry, whether it be before the publishing of a book or just a moment to let go of what's inside. Thank you very much for this site. It's saved me lots of time and money for therapy when i can just let go and kick it into gear here.



I so appreciate this site, I have practically become a PR for the site, I so love the work of strawberrylagoon, she brings t life things we feel think, just wanted to say thank you so much for the great site.



I think this is really great website i love to get the email when it says someone has told a friend about your poem. it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. thanks to all those who read and to the wonderful person who thought of creating this website.





I love it. Writing and sharing my poetry is fun:)

Thanx a bunch!



i love post poems. i love actually typing my poems on the computer so incase i lose them on paper, i can always have it saved here. its mostly all the poems that make this website. i mean.. so many people on this site is EXTREMELY talented. i write poems, but not as good as the older people. im only 14, so i guess i need "more time" but yeah, postpoems is a really good way of saving your poems.. And having people tell you what they think!


Becca K.

For everone that started postpoems, everyone that runs it, and everyone that posts- this is a GREAT site. I love posting my poems here and having them available to be critiqued. It's nice to be able to write what you feel, have it read and critiqued and yet not judged. There are some amazing works here, and I enjoy reading them. Poetry is the way I express my inner self, and I appreciate very much the chance to do so.

Thank you,

Becca K.


Karole Johnson

i think that this website is the best way for a person to express there feelings and emotions through poetry and its also a great place for people to read poetry and then write what they think about a certain poem and the poet can get new ideas and new thoughts on writing



This is truely a wounderful site its like an addiction to writing. I'm only onto my second day and find myself back at the computer, saying things to complete strangers.


I think this is a brilliant idea and commend you for a job well done.


This sight is inspirational




This site really kicks ass! It's a great way to see other poets' writing, and put my own out. Now that I can share my poetry on Post Poems I've been writing more and more. Thanks Much!


Blessed Be,





This is like the coolest site I have ever seen and i am not amused easily but its bad ass


Madame Amanda

i love this place guys..i mean really...the greatest thing is that its free, you can have as many words as the poem is, and you don't do the big publish in overpriced book crap...and lastly people actually care about what i write and can comment on thanks for this site..its great...until later bye-bye.


Jessie G.

I like this site. it lets me cry to it with out pity...

it lets me tell my soul with out any one over hearing...





postpoems is a unique forum for expressive writers..thank you for the opportunity to know myself.Writing here has opened some doors in my mind and given me the gift of realizing some of my feelings.I get satisfaction from the completion of each work, and I almost don't care if my words are read. There is something special about the process of publicly venting....once again thank you.



I juust want to thank PostPoems because I never thought I could write poetry until I came here and read random poems I had found. There are some rally awesome writers out there and I just wanted to say now I can write poems and I'm very proud of my work. Go check them out, my user ID is Judith_Susan. Thanks again PostPoems!!



hiiiiiiii wassssssssssssssssssssssup me nothing much well i think this site SUCKS jk.. this site it TIGHT I GUESS if ur bored out of ur mind ok peace doggg


Emma Gardiner

This is a very good place for poets to gather, I like the way that we can criticise others work to help them with particlar aspects of poetry they have trouble on. lthough I have only just joined I think this is a wonderful site and I will be recommending it



Post poems is a great place for people to see how talented you are in your writing.So everyone can see your point of view on everything.Thanx post poems!


Vaneeka White

Jason and others

You have helped me and I don't even know who you are. you have allowed me to express myself freely to the world who feel what I feel and share with me the passion for writing. I have posted a little over sixty poems not a lot but I write more almost everyday. So I will soon have my goal met.So thank you to you and to every one who has read and appreciated my work I thank you all for the compliments I got most of the critiques when I had given up on a lot and I just thought my writing had just went down hill you all gave me the strength to go on and keep writing. So once again thankx for this oppurtunity and I have enjoyed all of the poetry I have read and if anyone wants help e-mail me.


All for Christ,


Dum spiro, omnio



I just wanted to say that this site is fantastic in all ways. I dont know if i am the only member from the UK but I certainly love it. I only wish there was enough time to read all the poems available. I would like to appologise if I hav'nt got round to any ones yet but eventually i will try. Well done on the site.


Dark angel

I think that this is a great place to do your poems and to get some of your feelings out

by writing poems.



this is really a nice site which is providing a good quality poems



I come to this site for a good laugh every now and again. Whoever came up with the idea that poetry is about self expression needs to be shot. Seriously. Poetry is an serious art form that requires immense practice and study. How many of you have actually read an ounce of modern poetry? If you have, then you are very likely to have noticed that the vast majority of "poetry" on this site does not closely resemble it. If learning to right poetry is really your goal then you should begin by learning what a cliche and an abstraction is. After that, buy a book of poetry written within the last 100 years. Just because you call yourself a poet and put line breaks in abstract sentences does not actually make you a poet. If you need to vent for the sake of self expression then buy a journal. But please, PLEASE stop beating the life out of this misunderstood art form.



Well.. I think post poems is awesome, but, its like you all write about the same things, suicide/death/love/brokenheart...which is alright I guess..because thats the type of stuff ppl like to read, but why dont u ppl write down happy stuff, instead off all this sad stuff,this is just my opion..This is what i think if suicde, its dumb, i dont know why ppl do it, yah we've all had those thoughts but dont do it! im tierd of hearing about it, get over it, and deal with this so called problem ur having,its life,learn to deal with it, instead of writing down ur thoughts of deah/suicde...well im outty


*BabY Gal*

15/f/ North Bay


Cheryl Barnes

I think this site is great. Alot of people say that when you write about your feelings and stuff its not poetry or its bad poetry. I disagree. Just because its a different form of poetry doesnt make it bad. And this site lets your write in what ever form or about what ever you want with out telling you its bad or wrong.


Everyone - keep writing and be happy.

Cheryl x



I think that Nic Grainger has the greatest ideas ever!i haven't read anyone elses yet! but will have to try. I love this website. love ya all loads xx



i think that everyone's poems are unique and i like the way they express themselves. i hope that they keep up the good job, because they are very talented.


Suzanne Atkins

I think post poems is a fantastic site for people who just want to express their opinions, thoughts and feelings. The feedback is great for correcting mistakes and also for self esteem for those who are doubtful about their poetry. I love the site and although I don't post as much as I used to I often come here to browse other peoples. Many thanks for making it all possible =)



This is a good place(site) to read and write poems. To receive and view comments from others.Enojy your time here like I do.Take care.Best wishes for a nice Holiday season and a good New Year 2004.


Amy Rowell

I just wanted to say that being able to post my work for anybody to view free of charge has made a dramatic difference in my life. Being able to read other people's work has helped me to get through some VERY difficult times. Whenever I'm feeling blue i come on to Post Poems and read some of my favorite poems. I love this site. THAN YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


Claire Ferguson

This site helps me portray my poems visible to my peers and other people who may read them.


It feels nice getting some recognition for my thoughts.



Here's one for the whole dumb illegal thing from a minor's point a view. First on all, on AOL you have to have your parent's permission to be on this site. Second of all this website is one of the only things that has kept me going this last year. I'm a lot healthier mentally due to Plus it even saved somene's life! A few days ago a suicidal minor went on my portfolio & decided against killing herself. She e-mailed me to thank me. How would she have read my poetry if I wasn't able to post my poems? She would be dead. Think about that.


Karla dorman

On September 11, 2001, my life was saved. How? you ask. Before that day, I kept everything inside; I rarely let anyone know how I was truly feeling. In turn, this made me a bitter, angry person. Well, the terrorist attacks unleashed a Gift I never knew I possessed...a Gift for writing poetry. As of today, the 30th of December, I have written over 650 poems. My life was saved. :) I am no longer that bitter, angry person *though I still have my moments :)*. I have enjoyed my time at Post Poems, and look forward to years of reading my fellow author's works and developing friendships. :)


Dineke Briggs

This is the best place for poets and their poetry.Thank you for creating this site.I come here all the time just to read or write poetry, especially when I am upset or angry, this site takes it all away. It's like a new world or something. You get drawn in by people's words and thoughts. It's great. Keep it going. One Love...



such skill's with words worked clever through beauty and short breaths taken for life shivers to be held in mind, always a word to behold...


Laverne Biograth

I think your site rocks- especially the poetry section.


Katie Markstein

I Love the fact i can share my poetry with the world, and never have to look a damn one of them in the face, lol.


Dan Petrescu

Hello there readers and fellow writers! I would like to congratulate everyone for putting so much effort into creating and developing this website. I think it was an awesome idea to start it.

Check out my poems at (please comment on them :)) (Even if my user/real name isn't English, all my poems are. Keep up the great work!

P.S. I don't know how to use the chat room.


Winnie Parrish

I think that postpoems is a wonderful place to meet people who are just like me here in my glad i finally got the chance to post my poems and i hope many more people learn about our site and enjoy it just us...


Macarious Abadeer

I spent long time seeking for a place that gathers all people with my same interest: Poetry & Literature.


At last, I found the perfect place where I post my poems and read other's works, criticise, and even learn from them.


God bless your website. It's really a great place for all poets.


Megan Ellyson



I love post poems. I have been here since 2001 and I adore this place. NO where else could I find wonderful comments and feedbacks on my poetry. I love the idea of having a personal website here. Thanks you Postpoems for making such an awesoem site!!!!


Joe Logsdon

I love postpoems. It's really a great site. Anyone can enjoy this site, I'm telling you! If you do not have a poems site, this is the site for you. Definately! I love it, all my friends have postpoems sites, we love 'em. we will be here for life!





I really love pospoems!! It's a great way to tell people my poems (Though most of them I make up onthe spur of the moment) Nobody's really critiqued my poems, so visit me and critique!!!


Christine Pappalardo

This site is wonderful, because now i can get different peoples' oppinions without having to ask them, i just post, and someone responds, it's great. Thank You, whoever came up with this site, you are the greatest, truely.


Becky gibson

well this website is da bomb

i mean now im only 13 years old and i am actually enjoying my english lessons

and now i have been writing poems which i am proud of

i have also thought of what i want to be when im older

a poet

or a writer

and i never even think about my future

because of my behaviour at school and how naughty i was

im actually changing

im concentrating more

which feels better because now i am gonna be succesful

lol but thanks for making this website cause i love poetry :)



Postpoems is an awesome site, you can write whatever you feel like and get info on what people think about what you write, I love this site, the great thing about it too, is that you can acess it from school. ~SARAH~



I'm so glad I joined Postpoems! It gives me a chance to share my poetry, and read the other outstanding poetry from around the world.


Leah I thank you for an experience to adventure into. And I thank you, my special one that sent me to it.. If it wasn't for you, I would not of done it. My poems are true and deep within the heart. Words only from the heart within. How special. What a feeling to express such words that can actually touch ones heart. Paint a picture to be seen is the best. My words will guide you thru. How awesome to express such words that are so true and so real. Be it, the life you live. Dreams you dreamed. Passion you so desire. My family being the main thing of life. I lost a treasure and gain a treasure back. How awesome can something be. A different picture to see and wake to everyday. A blessing for me to share with all. My words I speak from deep within my heart. And this is a awesome place to display my treasured words from The Sensuous Poetress--Leah



Only true to the heart, can speak words that paint a vivid picture so detailed. Walk you thru the pain, laughter, adventures thru life, and such passion that is beyond your imagine. Thank you for the awesome chance I took. And now being published. How awesome can one feel? Beyond words......



Hi Im only 11 and i love writing and reading these poems. I am touched. The only funny thing is that i dont know how to post a poem even though ive writen tons. Ive entered tons of poem contests and i got in all in 3rd place or higher. I hope one day i could post one of my poems in the news paper or become a poest.


Terri C

I'm desperate for PostPoems to start a PostNovels site for young writers like me. If it worked anything like this site does, it'd beat FanFiction any day.


Sarah Somebody

I just wanted to thank for giving us a website where we can express ourselves, without being ashamed and we can feel the right to joint down our every pain or happyiness at this site. Also thank you for letting us commicate with other people, who have the same love as we do, writing poetry


Jenna Kandyce Linch

I love!! It is such an awesome sight. There is so much inspiration here. It's so neat to read what other people write and how they feel. There are so many talented writers on this site. Keep up the good work, all you poets out there!! And thanks for setting up this website, Jason. It rocks!!



I just have to say THANK YOU!For allowing me to post my work on this web site. As I sit down at the computer I write a few poems a week and have found it to be a great inspiration and a great stress reliever it's very comforting to know there is a website that cares about the work and not how much they will make from selling Items with the words printed on it or in a book. I enjoy post poems and it is just awesome. Don't ever change because this inspires many people to be creative. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share my work with others.


Heather Campbell

This is the only site I've found (really the only I've tryed..) :) that lets you comment on other peoples poems even if no one reads what I write it still feels like someone is listning thank you.



i think that this site show what realy is being ourselves and others poems i think dat.


Karli sen

25.April 2004

Hurra, jetzt weiß ich wenigstens wie ich in PostPoems kommentieren kann.

Von nun an geht es weiter


Karli sen

25.April 2004

Hurra, jetzt weiß ich wenigstens wie ich in PostPoems kommentieren kann.

Von nun an geht es weiter



25.April 2004

Dieses war der zweite Streich, doch der dritte folgt sogleich.


Bruder Karl


wie immer

Da wohnt einer den er kannte, der sich Rektor Debisch nannte.


Romola Bernadotte

thanks, thanks, thanks so much for postpoems. i´ve always dreamed of sharing my poetry with others, but i never really had the opportunity to. now i have and i´m SO glad about it. plus, i can read lots and lots of poems of many other extremely talented people. i think poems should get much more public attention than they get now. and this is the place for.




no email

I love PostPoems. I never have shared my poems with anyone before but have always wanted a place to keep them if people deisred to read them. Thanks to all the people who made this site possibly. It's wonderful.


Jessica Wehby

I want to thank you for making this site because I love reading a nd sharing my work with others.I have tried other sites but thay just don't add up to I think it is great that you are encoraging young writers to share their poems and works of art.



I just want to thank this site and all it is worth, I have NEVEr shown my writing to the public, and I'm glad that I have, I have gotten to spread my wings and open my heart on this site. I gotten a lot of my chest and people like what i write it actually makes me forget about the shit in my life, I write , then read others, and comment and read their comments on mine, it makes life for me so much easier!--Thank you Jason for this very chance for me to open up to tohers, make new friends and express myself..Thank you again Post Poems.---Jennifer



this is a great site and every1 who writes is a really awesome writer and all the poems have helped me with my life and what goes on


Jayati Gupta



Young Jason, a reincarnation?

Who ever you are!

However, of one fact we are sure;

Though your name with Dr. Watson;

The partner of Mr Sherlock Holmes rhyme;

Doctor Jason Minton truly outshines.

Dynamism, globally driven

We sail across the cyber ribbon.

It’s magic of your humble grace


Young, old, men, women

With ease, embrace.

Your powerful stride, live and let live

Did you know how much you give?

Solace! Worth!

A feeling, so good to be on earth.

Thank you Dr. Jason for you have begun

Natural cure, a wonderful mission.

Without any artificial medicine;

Clinical therapy, well done.

Thereby winning over heart, providing

Motor device to the minds of some millions!

Heal; restore engineering mechanism, Jason, Jason.

It is no exaggeration!


PostPoem has created History. Thank you so much for being an anchor to the sailors of imaginations.


Sarah P.

Thanks for creating this site!!!! I can share all of my poems. It's awesome!!!! Thanks,



Gene Conner(geneconner2004)

Hey everyone read my poetry i got some good poems, i am sitting on top of 71 of them right. Hey Jason what this about contest u can win. i have enter them before but i never get anything of them. i have contact about a chance to one fo my works pulbished i hope i do u know. thanks and EVERYONE READ MY POETRY!


Eric Erwin

This a great opportunity for everyone to express themselves and be able to connect with people through their writing.


I think my poems suck, but you people find them interesting I guess. This is a truely great site.


Ruth Lovejoy

I've just started posting here after a long time and I'm glad to say I'm back. What I like is the fact there is no cut off to a length of a piece and there are many categories to put your piece in. I also like the fact that people can comment because it can lift a spirit or make you think by someone else opion an can be insightful to your next piece



I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to share my work and read that of others. I love the sight. It inspires me.



Like what other people think, I really love this site. Its great how people are able to express their creativity for all to see! I hope this site continues the way it is right now.




the best!!!!! i have given the chance to post the poems i wrote...Thanks!!! to the one who made this website... you are really marvelous!!!! Keep up the good work...


i hope to find friends here at postpoems....


GOD Bless to all!!!




R. Todd Pack

Well, I've been posting on here for quite some time, and I really enjoy the opportunity to broadcast to a larger audience, so to speak. I've also networked with some brilliant minds from the PostPoems list . . . what can I say? This website's gotta be one of my all-time favorites. Keep up the good work!


R. A.

Thanks for all what i have read. it fab.



Gail Thompson

i love this poem site

because alot of my good

freinds are on this poetry

site and i treasure their


has changed my life into

a very good way . thanks :*)


Ruth Lovejoy

I posted for over 5yrs at another site only to find out they were frauds.This was heartbreaking to say least and I had a lot of my work lost there.My poetry is very personal and important to me. Since posting at PP I've met many great people and I like the fact you are not limited to 5 stanzas,set topics,censured in word useage and the idea of critiqueing is wonderful!


Paul Fyre

I think this site is the best poem site I've been to yet. I didn't know that I myself could copyright my own poems, until I learned from my friend Holly that this site existed. PostPoems rocks, keep it up!!!!


Helen lien

i think postpoems is great it lets gives me a chance to express my feelings n emotions of how things are going in my life n it brings a lot a excitement just by reading works of other poets out there



A awsome site for anyone to express what they feeling, into words i think this is the perfect site on the net jason. Thanx for givin all us writer's a place to express our true self, and not be judge for who we are.


Heather F.



I Like all the poems and i think all of them can go far so keep trying!!!!


Bai Kairui

Thank you, Jason, for creating such a wonderful website. It allows all of us to express ourselves in any way, to express our strong feelings against certain issues, and to improve upon our own poetry by reading that of others. It's a really great and positive way for everyone to read each other's poems, to be inspired, and to inspire others. Thank you so much!


Bai Kairui



I am begining to write poems and i wanted a place for people to be able to read them, and to read other peoples. This is the only sight i found that would let me do that easily. Thank you so much!


Sue Dwinchick

I'm really glad I came across to this wonderful site to share poems with ohters who loves to share their poems as well. I enjoy showing all of my poems here and how my poems relate how writers feel inside. I love reading poems which I can relate to. This is THE BEST site to publish poems here! Thanks for having this site up and running! This is the ONLY SITE I PUBLISH MY POEMS! Thank you Jason!



i think its hot


Clayton D.

i like this website.

You can find a lot of poems.

I also have posted a couple.



i think this site is really nice



I love this site, it is a wonderful place to share and read poems with so many talented people, a great community spirit.



I really want to thank you for the being able to post my poems here...i feel more better able to have people look at them and say things about them rather than them staying in my notebook. So thank you very much and please continue this site!!!!!!

Love Always




Dear Jason,


I'd like to say thank you and

thank you again. You have

given this world an open door

to happiness, love, kindness,

new friendships, respect and

most of all a place where all

those who dare to put their

pen to the test can come to a

wonderful place we can and do

call home! I've been on other

sites but what you have shown,

the kindness and grace to

give to the writers of the world the greatest landing

POST anyone could ever wish

for.You're really cool man,

yes you are "THE MAIN MAN"!




i love this site i can put my poetry out into the world this way and i get comments back on it so i know what to improve upon. i love it and i think if you are thinking of signing up to it you should deffinatly do it cause it a good place to start out even if you are a new poet


Constance Coats

Yes, I really like this site.

I want to thank Jason for allowing me to post my poetry on this site. I also want to thank my friend London for coming to this site.

However,I feel desolate from the other members. I wonder exactly how do they notice your poetry (in general).

I want recognization but I only get that from my friend London. I am not greedy but I want to know how is my poetry getting across to others if they don't critique it. Where's the unity?




not specified

I love Post Poems. Other websites my parents didn't like them and they finally agreed to this site and it rocks!! Thank you so much Post Poets!





i love poems till i think that i love it


A poet


no email

this site is great i can post mi poems n not worry bout wat mi poems talk about thanx jason! ur so coo


Lisa Chase

This website for posting poems is extraordinary. Once I was introduced to this site, I was hooked. It's such a wonderful place for me to keep track of my newest poetry, and share my talent as an amateur poet with others. I love this website!!!!


Tyler Kuhk

This site has really motivated me to write. I love the idea of having my own online portfolio to share with the world. I have recommended PostPoems to numerous people who have signed up for the service. We all love it.


Thanks PostPoems =)





i think that my baby justin....has very very good poems and i hope he writes more i really really like them



postpoems had help me get through stuff because i take out my pain by writtuing a poem.



I would like to meet this jason fella



I love postpoems i can write whatever i'm feeling and its so liberating. i love to write with my friends and have people tell what they think of my poems. i'm just curious about how you become the feature writer because i'd like to be it once.


Dayna Stroumtsos

I would like to say that i learned about this sight

from a school friend. This is the best sight that I

have been to in my entire cincere thanks to

whomever created this sight. It ROCKS!!!!!! I would

also like to thank my friend for telling me about this

sight. If you never told me, then where would I post all

of my poems (considering the fact that I only wrote three

so far)?????? Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for creating

this site and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for telling me

about this site. Where would I be without you, all of you...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You a million times.

Dayna NC Stroumtsos:-)(-:


Christina jennings

cant believe this site is still here!!! i posted poems on here a REALLY long time ago and they are STILL HERe!!!!!!!!!!!! i was wondering if someone could email me and let me know how i could get back into my



wow..what can i say.. this is a great opportunity to express ourselves without hurting anyone..lols.. have only jus started posting.. but have more id like to



i use postpomes quite off it's a plase where you can add your pomes of your thoughts of what you write i write my pomes of god inspriation an spritual guidence to any one who loves poetry


Rachel G

I think Post Poems is a great web site. It has opened my mind to any ideas from reading other people's poems. There is so much talent in the world. And I know I'm not alone wih the problems I have.


Nicole blalock

im really glad that post poems alloes us to post are poems on the net to let other poeple know what we are coming form so they can maybe relate.



22.Oktober 2004

Habe ich erst heute entdeckt. Man lernt am Computer nie aus.

DerText gefällt mir sehr gut.

Gratuliere herzlichst


Aisha Meloncoly

I love that postpoems exists. It's very inspiring to read other peoples work while knowing nothing else about them but their writing.





i thing post poems is a cool wedsite and i think everyone would like it laters



this site is marvellous and i would like to thank all the poets who wrote the postpoems and wish them a goodluck in future



hope this site is around for a long time as its easy to use and the people ive met threw here are awesome


Stephanie Tagle

I love that you are not limited to writing a number of lines. You express yourself freely... And the number of people that post poems up every single day is outstanding. I just love this website. I'm always jotting down my thoughts and this is the website I love coming to. It's amazing!


Lisa Chase

This website is sweet. I love being able to post all my poems so other people can see how good they are. And I like seeing other peoples' poems aswell. This site rocks. Thanx!


DJ Wood

There are not many websites that will allow for this much artistic talent.



I really like this site. I've only been working on this site for about 4 days, but I've written alot on it, and I really like the fact that you can comment on different poems. Other sites just don't make the cut. Most of them make you pay, and I like that this one is free. Thanks for this site!


LaRae Lohstroh

Jason and Callie,

I just wanted to sincerely thank you guys for thinking of such a wonderful idea(Jason), and for nuturing it so fully, to the extent that you do. I love this place, it truly is like a second home to me, and I feel like I have found a whole new family and life on the message boards that I have been lacking.Having the resources to get feedback about your poetry from people who know what they are talking about, or have been there, is something really special. This place means everything to me, and if I had money to support it, I would. Unfortunately, I don't. But good luck with it you guys, and I hope that this is a site that continues on forever.


You rock, and I respect what you guys are doing for all the fucked up(and not so fucked up) poets of the whole.






I love this site.



Ruth Lovejoy

I've been here almost a year now,have over 700pcs posted and have met and made a lot of friends. Critiques sometimes are very profoundly emotional touching my heart deeply and others times hysterically funny. I see wonderful writers and youg upcoming writers that have so much potential. Your site gives them the opportunity to pen from the heart as well as the intellect and imagination.It in the idea of authors comment allows them to explain or say a personal comment on their piece that others reading may understand it.This is a wonderful idea because some when reading don't always understand what we ment by what we write ,even though we know ourselves.I think the site show so much beautiful art in the written word and so much love between all the writers. It is a wonderful place to be, PP the poets home-thanks Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!



this is a good site.



Katie Chen

Hello Post poems site people. Haha. How are you all doing? Anyways, let me start out with you guys really did a great job on making this site. i joined a while back and its stil ben amazing. This is the 2nd site I go on each day. ( first in email) lol. There is one question I like to ask. Is there a way to block people from commenting on your poetry? I mean * not gonna say name* ben posting stuff on my poems and I had to delete them myself, Is there anyways, u can make a block button? Well thank u and have a happy holiday!!






Justin terrian

love the site hate the new font . realllllyyyyy hate the new font.



Jessica Murat

Peace, Luv, Respect And Jah Bless









I think its awesome.. but the thing i dont like about it is that no one will tell me if my poems are good or bad.. and i would really really really like to know :)

-much love-


Dont ask


cant tell u that

i love this site it is so cool i love it and anyone that said diffent is will is dudm so it is my favorit site. and josh your poems are grate.!!!




I love this first I didn't really want anyone to see my poems..I wondered what they'd think...but after all the nice comments it doesn't bother me anymore..wonderful site filled with amazingly kind people.


Nohma Kaaki

I would heartily like to thank you Jason, for the creativity you put in this wonderful - It stands unique in its idea and form, presenting a wholesome diversity of many poets who wouldn't have had the chance to share their thoughts without this awesome poesy site on the net-space. I simply describe it as: "A - Peace- On Site"…. Again, thanks to you, and to all those who made come true.


Sincerely yours,





The best site i have come across-To post POST POEMS.

Its really a wonder-ful thought to make this place happen


Thank u so much Jason.


Erin Needstobreathe

i really enjoy poeting my poems on this site. the effects are easy to use, and you keep the fonts and colors down to where its all just a simple site. i want to thank you but ask for a more colorful site. and maybe have holiday competitions where you send something in and get everyones feed back. i really wish more people would critique my poems...




no email

I just wanted to say how wonderful post poems really is. I can finally express my emotions through my poetry and I don't have to worry about lossing the papers that I write it on. Thanks so much for the greatest site I have ever been on.





well hi evrybody out there well what I gotta say is that poems is something beutiful because it's a way of demostrating our fellings 2 sobody else and also 2 show someone else abaout how we fell.


The right person


no email

well hey evrybody out there well all i gotta say is that postpoems is the best because poems is something beutiful that could exist because it is a great way of expressing 2 somebody else about how u fell and how u fell about them like me i express poems 2 tha guy that i love alot and he dosen't really pay that muck attention 2 me he just se;s me like his very best friend but i don't se him as that way but n.e ways post poems is the best site ever and that could ever exist because it has great poems



Alwayz urz,




I think postpoems allows people to reveal their talent to other people in the world. It is a good place to let your feelings out.




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hi i really like you poems


Amanda K

Post Poems is awesome. It is such a great idea to let people from all over share their work and feelings with others, and not to mention getting to hear what others think about your poems. Jason, you the man!!





Rei searfoss

I really like the site and I want y'all to tell me. Write to me with your E-mails what you think about my very 1st poem that I ever did in my life. -Recarnated-


When I die to the one they call god


I want to go and be recarnated into a dog


Big and loyal like the faince that I am


and when I bark that will mean I love you Ma Dam'


I will help make food and clean


don't worrie I will never be mean


But until now I won't die to the one they call god


but I will always be your puppy dog.



Shouldn't we all love one another. Shouldn't we all give money to the poor? I mean doesn't giving make you feel good? Why does it make you feel good? It is probably our purpose. Shouldn't we do what Martin Luther King Jr. said in his Speech "I Have A Dream...?" Well love is the greatest of all and we are all one through the spirit and heart, and mind through God the father. God has made us worthy! to enter heaven. There are still kids today that choose the popular and fame over righteouseness. We must teach our children to always try to forgive one another, to try to love one another, because in turn you will receive many things that are more important thatn possesions like money. Please end the racism and hate and begin the love and forgiveness for one another.



it is very goooooood! i love it



I LOVE POSTPOEMS!!i didnt even write poems, till my friend showed me how easy it was, then she showed me postpoems, and i just started writing!i have been with postpoems for about 4-5 months, and i can't think of any reason why i would leave! SO, thanx, postpoems...u started my poem writing!


Staycee brandenburg

I love this site it is awesome and I have only been using it for 3 days but it is really cool


Aisha Mya

Thankyou for existing, I like having aplace where I can organise and store my work. This site is very inspirational for bleading poets.



it is a very cool website. all the others i have tried wont post my poems. there are some reel cool talented writers out there and i think that post poems helps people actually show people how good they are.



i think postpoems is the greatest site out there. you can write your feelings down and express yourself and so many other poeple support you and you can read so many different types of poetry. it's awesome!


Victoria vital

this is what i think about love


love is ture

are you ture

can you think

of what is

going on

you hurt me

i will hurt you

if you think

i will love

until death

this is ture please if you need to tell me something write to me




I love I think it is the most amazing site. I never thought I could share my poetry, and now I share it with everyone. Thanks to everyone for commenting on my poetry. I now know I CAN write. Thank You so much PostPoems!


Aalan Hart

I love this site so much.. it lets you post whatever you want to within reason and i love the fact that i can read others people poems and relate to them or help them out. I just love it



thank you guys so much for letting me type and share my poems with every one and you do such a fine job of it



I really love this sight one of my best friends told me about this sight a good while back maybe almost a year ago or more and i just simplie cant get enough of this wonderfull place... thank you to all you pep's who have taken time to go on a jurny with me through my life of poetry it means the world to me.and to all you other poets out there you are awsome too. keep doing what you do best.

"poetry man sweet poetry" ,my boss says that. hes a poet to. We do events and promot other events for people so we can perform here in san jose cali. we will be at the club zoe's on may 7th and may 31st at the club deep if any of you are interested in real poetry and want to mingle and associate with a group of real poets... please bring your talents with you you guys are all awsome... If you werent i wouldnt share this info with you!...

J/k J/k (that was a joke..)

thank you all much love to you all.... sarah AKA








Terri T

Postpoems really does make it so EASY, you have no idea how many other poetry sites that I have checked out make the posting and reading process so complicated, or have so little variety and so few members. Your member count says it all - you're very popular and for good reason. I have become very passionate about Postpoems and I only wish there was a way for poets who don't have the internet to enjoy it as much as I have. Maybe books...?


Jessica Murat


Thank u for the your idea on this website! Peace, Love, Respect & Blessings!


Coming Through


Be glad all that you have.

Never fear, when things are not clear.


There will be plenty of disputes.

Only they break away from what is true.


Their clueless morals have there lives

full of sorrow.

As they try to keep us tamed.


Brave heart tactics we must maintain.

Drill and instill statements and quotes.

Then actually go out and vote; not provoke.


Make your own opportunities in this land.

You must stand, take nothing from no man.


Stop chasing style it's not your personal


Forget about the deception they infuse;

as they keep us tamed and abused.


We gotta make them are muse; so we

can be amused.


Our Take Over Is Coming Through!




© Jessica Murat



Dedicated to the movement of wise, strong, blessed and beautiful people who humble themselves in this world of chaos!



Kitty Laveau

I think is a brillant idea. I'm glad to have come across this site. Not only can I post my work, I can also read the work of other poets, recieve and give out feedback. It's great. Thanks!


Nicole brant

I LOVE POSTPOEMS!!! IT ROX MY SOX!!! ITS SOOOO HOT! without postpoems i would have nowhere to put my poems and not much to do...



i think this website is awsomei am able to express myself in my writings on the nternet and get feed back so i think this site should stay online!!!!!


Kk ryder

By KK Ryder © 1998--Inspired by Pamela Phillips Oland - Author of "The Art Of Writing Great Lyrics" and "The Art OF Writing Love Songs" (Allworth Press)


The Great Ah Ha !


I keep having these great ah ha’s

but no songs seem to appear

I’m writing fast like I know I should

but then it disappears


I’m tryin all the tricks of the trade

like skippin vowels

I’ve written so many words

I’m even out of paper towels


I’ve written on pt, tp, matchbooks and bar coasters too

excuse me what was that you said

I wasn’t trying to ignore you

I have all these words and rhyming lines

the great ah ha is what it’s called

sometimes they clutter my mind

and don’t let me think at all


I reject lyric after lyric

I scribble it out and throw it away

but then the next line seems to catch

I scribble it down and make my say


I’ll sit here in the tub with my glass of wine

if the great ah ha trys to strike

then I’ll catch that line


I just turned on the radio

can you imagine that

someone’s rakin in the dough

on my ah ha, oh that dirty rat


Well that just goes to show

anyone can catch a line

but the one that runs and gets it done

is the winner every time


You know what I’m talking about

you poets and song writers out there

the ideas are floating all around

just play catch me if you dare


If your writing from your heart

and there are tears streaming down your face

be bold, let a piece of your soul

become part of the human race


Don’t be so critical, not every line is right

stick it away for another day

or in the middle of the night


If you feel like hanging it up

you will never ever know

how good it feels to be rewarded

for letting your great ah ha show !



I think PostPoems is a fabulous website! I'm honored to be able to share my poems with others, as well as being able to read some brilliant work.



I think post poems is great, its helped me get alot of my feelings out, and ive started even writing more, thanks to whom ever started this.



Hats off to the brilliant people who came up with this wonderful site!!I have been a writer most of my life but have nevr had the opportunity to share my work in such a positve environment.To be able to share ones most inner feelings and emotions with other writers is truely a gift!!Thanx to all for taking the time to add your comments and for sharing your own true talents as poets.



Wow i love this site so much. I love how i can post my work and read other people's work and get inspiration. I love knowing what people think of my poetry. You guys do SUCh a great job with this site. I really like it. This is the best poetry posting site ive found.


Elton Da Silva


my name is elton, 21 years old.... depressed, desmotivated, lonely, tired of life, thinking that life is not worth to live.

Now that i've introduced myself...i have a quastion...

it goes to everyone...

Does every poem writer is depressed???? from my point of view...yes! but i want to hear some opnions... you can send me an e-mail, then i'll answer you back...

tks ppl.

enjoy you life....(if you can)




Robert M




This site is still the best for poetry and stories. I write nearly every day and would like to say thanks for being so patient with what I write. all the best for the future from bernard.



I'd love to join and post and read and comment....I've been looking everywhere for a decent poetry site to post and get feedback and be able to read and comment on others do I join?


Abdennour driss do I join?

I write arabis poetry

you site web still the best..



if you now my eyeball


send me your expulsion's love

to be blue...

to one's brains


for the yellow..

by: abdennour driss

meknes -maroc



This is a great way for me to post my poems that I wrote. This site helped me alot because people can comment on my work and tell me what they like and disslike about my poems to help make me a better writter. If anyone wants to read my peoms please go to Don't be afraid to comment on my work. Thank you for letting me express myself on your website.




I love this site :)


Andy dixon

excellent site, just one point to make; why are some items edited? it kind of throws the point of free writing out of the window if we are censored. i understand that some material could be construed to be inflammatory, but then again if the work of poets is censored, then the salient points of such work could be lost. as long as we keep within moral and ethical limits, why the censorship?


answer: there is absolutely no censorship on PostPoems



i love this site but i do have a question how do i get my poems on the home page where all the other poems are at in the middle how do i get on there ?


much love people



answer: It is 100% random. If you have poems posted they are in the mix to be displayed by the server.



this site is interesting...



i like it.i feel like it helps me open up.g2g



Ruth Lovejoy

This is a most wondrous place to be. A true community,home to all poets of all ages. Now February 2006 I've been here quite a while have over 2,000 pieces posted and I like the fact there is no limit to length,style,or amount a poems you may enter in a given day. I've met so many wonderful people and Jason you are an ace. What few times I've had to contact you I've gotten immediate response which I truly appreciate. Welcome all new who are joining and hi to all who have been here quite a while!!!!!!!Lots of smiles,lots of hugs and most of to everyone lots of love!!


Daryl mcgee


no email

i think that every one did a beautiful job on writting and there are more people out there like me who need to get started and become one of you congratulations every one



I don't use paper i just sit at my computer & type ..Its always nice to be able to share my thoughts on this site..Thank you for allowing me that..


Saiom Shriver

Your tolerance, your fidelity and absolute

respect of your patrons

.. as well as your not limiting

individual posts..

are some of the many attributes

of your unequaled board


Lorraine voros



i love peoms we are the world we are the children


Jenny cabra


Terri T

Very good, I really like the idea of the page where you can view authors by photo?...don't know what that's called, but it shows the actual character in the person as well as the words that they post...excellent. Maybe somewhere to comment (polite comments) on photographs, postpoems? Just a suggestion. Cya!

Terri, a.k.a /members/poeterri


Abdullah alhemaidy

Dear owner and all people on this wonderful site, Postpoems,


I just would like to add my comment here. I read and scan others' comment. What should I add here? I do not like to make long comment. Katherine Worden wrote "I don't know what I was expecting to really put all in here, but I just need to thank everyone who is apart of Postpoems" Stephanie Cox explained that she loves the website, it is brilliant and helpful. it gives you chance to look at other people's work and improve. Richard made clear the site is undoubtedly one of the most incredible poetry sites on the web. The instantaneous posting, review, ability to read and write critiques and to simply enjoy the freedom of expression afforded to poets of all genres lends a complimentary tribute to the creators and managers of this site. Richard (Jonah) Weller wrote " Most of my poetry has been in the closet for many years, now I found a way to share it, and I am so pleased..! It's just great the way it works - I can comment on someone else's work, and get them to look at mine, Now I am spending way too much time at PostPoems -and loving it! I hope people will make the effort to contribute financially through donations for you to continue this" Finally N. London added "You have given this world an open door to happiness, love, kindness, new friendships, respect and most of all a place where all those who dare to put their pen to the test can come to a wonderful place we can and do call home! I've been on other sites but what you have shown, the kindness and grace to give to the writers of the world the greatest landing POST anyone could ever wish for.


Thanks a lot for the owner, manager, and you. This site has a great thing also that it supports several languages, so people can post their prose, poems and work by their native languages. We should share the cost by freely donation. So, we can read the prose and poetry were found some where in the closet :)



Abdullah alhemaidy

I want to write the following comment in Arabic language:


åÐÇ ÇáãæÞÚ ãä ÃÌãá æ ÃÝÖá ÇáãæÇÞÚ ÇáÊì ÊäÔÑ ÇáäÊÇÌ ÇáÃÏÈí ÈáÛÇÊ ãÊÚÏÏÉ æ åæ ãÌÇäí íÞæã Úáì ÊÈÑÚÇÊ ÇáÃÚÖÇÁ Ýíå¡ æ Ýíå äÊÇÌ ÃÏÈí ÑÇÞì ßãÇ ÞÑÃÊ ÃÔßÑ ÇáÞÇÆãíä Úáíå æ ÃÊãäì áåã ÇáÊæÝíÞ æ ÇáäÌÇÍ

. ÚÈÏ Çááå ãÍãÏ ÇáÍãíÏí¡ÇáØÇÆÝ¡ÇáÓÚæÏíÉ.




Jason Minton
PostPoems Admin

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my testimonial.

thank you postpoems for accepting me here at this website i love to write poetry, and have a place to post it to get other poets opinions and read there poetry as well i enjoy reading poetry as much as writing it, this is a great site and I would recomend it to anyone looking for a place to post there poems thanks again for all you do!!!!!!

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Humility Lessons

I have learned humility and succinctness here at PostPoems Dot Org. The poets are awesomeness personified with stars in their minds and the liquid of poetics running substitution in veins and arteries - we rock, Jason rocks, and if that is his pix, the pix rocks, and if that is his boo in arms, the boo rocks like ACDC on tour! - see...humility (smile). ~Allets~



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That is awesome! and always a

That is awesome! and always a wonderful way to lift up low spirits :)

"I am my own sort of strange, a supernova of madness and brillance. Forced to share the same space and time. Sane enough to not be seen, yet not crazy enough to be heard." -- Matthew Wayne