Between Silences

Between Silences


Last night you said you couldn't

Take it anymore.

Last night you said that

You wanted to die.

Last night I held you

In my arms.

Last night I watched

While you cried.

I went to sleep with you

On my mind.

I went to sleep with worries

Not far behind.

I went to sleep and dreampt

About us.

I went to sleep in hopes

You'd be fine.

Today I looked into your eyes

And felt relieved.

Today I hope it all goes better

Inside your head.

Today I want so badly

To hear you laugh.

Today I know exactly

The reason we are wed.

God made you for me

And I for you.

God had a plan figured out

The day we met.

God is always watching out

For you and I.

God wants us to be happy

Don't ever forget.


Brandy Noelle Souza

July 3rd, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my husband

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