Holy Engastration

I. The Demon inserts the pig-bloodied infant jesus back & forth up into Mary's womb and anal canal. She has no choice but to ejaculate.

II. All night long, Demons swarm about her, defiled in every conceivable manner, in an orgy of brutal lust! Glazing her quivering flesh in burning, oozing effluvium.

III. The torso is gutted, inserting the infant into the gaping cavity facing head up {to "god"}. The diabolically smiling Demon then sews the belly back together, both ALIVE. Both simultaneously cry up from her throat, crying, whimpering, praying and singing sickly, hauntingly eerie melodies of gospel together.

IV. No prayers answered, demons carve the pentagram upon the chest, forehead, hands, feet, and pubic mound. The inverse cross upon the abdomen.

V. Impaled & crucified, thick nails are pounded into the wrists and feet, then inversed and set aflame. Squeals and screeches emanate therefrom, as the Feast of The Beast is prepared, who shall dine on shish-kebabbed hellfired flesh. ∞

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Horror psychodrama with Messe Noir applications. 

The Globalist - Oscar AHS

In a car, rolling on a strange deserted highway, the heat absorbed by the skin of the two cousins inside. Only silence and the tires going at 100km/h could be heard, and sometimes the poor insects splashing like a paintball against the car’s front. The driver decided to put Spotify on with a random weird playlist named “I’m a cyborg but that’s ok”.


After a few random unorganized songs, The Globalist by Muse came on. “Oh! Hey, listen to this,” said the driver while increasing the volume “I heard this song the other day, it made me think in a short story that fits well with the song.”


“Sure, hit it.” Said the cousin.

“Alright,” he prepared himself with his shaky right hand “imagine a man struggling in a deserted highway, he looks messed up, like if a gang of people beat him up to the blink of death. Black eye, blood sliding down like sweat on the forehead, he even lost two complete fingernails with dirt as a substitute. His mind is white, he is not sure what to expect next, but suddenly, a strike of motivation hit him. ‘Screw it, I’ll do it’ he whispered to himself.” The intense part of the song began at this exact moment.


“Do what?” his cousin asked.

“Nobody knows, he just decided to do it. He walked in the endless desert, and then he found it. An abandoned cabin in the middle of the desert. He went down the hill and reached the door, he seemed to know the place, and he seemed anxiously angry, collecting weapons that were hidden everywhere in it. Ropes, guns, knives, grenades, a map, water, mustard gas, molotovs and a lot more. Focused and agitated his heart stopped for a second leaving a tight feeling in his chest. He saw a picture laying on the ground, face down, he picked it up and looked at it, he then smirked while having deep thoughts: his childhood friendships, his family hanging out at the local hamburgers store, hanging out with his girlfriend, the day he got married, the day he lost a thousand dollars in the casino, the day he got that thousand bucks back, the year he was on drugs, everything that had impacted his life was flashing on his eyes—‘bang!’ he shoot a bullet on the head of a guy.” The epic-ness of the song turned off.


“Wait, what? He was remembering positive things of his life and suddenly all that was cut by a gunshot? Who did he kill?” The music resumed with a resolution feeling on the air.


“I don’t know, nobody does. But just imagine it, be in his shoes.”


After that, silence was again prevailing, until the driver stopped the car in the middle of nowhere. “Well, this is your stop. I guess, I will see you soon?” said the driver, while looking away. His cousin opened his door, got out of the car, turned back to close the door. “Stop chasing yourself for what you did” he said. The driver looked down, nodded and didn’t said another word. He drove ahead, and he took a glimpse on the front mirror to see the reflection of nothing but an empty road and an endless desert.

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My new Russian bride can only speak one english word and that word is no.

If she doesn't start behaving like a wife, she will have to go.

When I paid her way to America, I didn't know things would go sour.

We've been married for six weeks and I'm sick of taking cold showers.

When she arrived, I was thrilled to see the plane land.

But now I'm having to get some relief by using my hand.

Married people are supposed to make love, her behavior is absurd.

I'd really like to kill the idiot who taught her that one english word.

Sexual relations is the only thing that my marriage is lacking.

If she doesn't learn how to say 'yes', I will send her packing.

I'm sure you can understand my frustration and distress.

If you marry a Russian, you'd better hope she can say yes.

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Damn Christmas Bills

My wife makes me put up 3000 Christmas lights at our place.

We have the only house that can be seen from outer space.

When I get my electric bill, I always cuss and holler.

Those damn lights cost me over five hundred dollars.

My wife calls her relatives and they are all long-distance calls.

She doesn't phone just one or two relatives, she phones them all.

My wife sends expensive gifts to her relatives.

I'd like to shoot the person who said it's better to give.

My mother-in-law will get a Rolex watch.

But all that I'll get is a damn pair of socks.

I have to spend a lot of money at Christmas, it's pitiful how much I lose.

If you don't have to spend money at Christmas, I want to be in your shoes .


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To Paddle One's Canoe Over Still Waters (A Poem About Fictitious Love Stories)

To Paddle One's Canoe Over Still Waters



Seeming storylines are child's play

Appearing to you like 'tis

something funny


Out of our little trembling political


If only stars are the silent majority


They must twinkle—endlessly, without a noise


No matter how far we are,


The light year spanned space-time

to have brought

me to you


—wondering, now, if vice versa is





In a sense of delight that had made

young lovers swoon

'Tis a mother's loving caress to a



A perfect love of Astrological


And forever they will

choose to share lovingkindness



—to each other & for others.

As well.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited on 11.23.2019 (I have supplanted the {minor misspelling of "light year"} but this time, I think I have added a period as its resulting emendation, due to a possible lack of it which was previously left unnoticed).



This is a repost from my Twitter platform & which has been edited for a very minor misspelling of "light year".  I have corrected the two-word noun.  For anything else that I might have edited (e.g., I might have also missed), that could only be involving a tweaking of the form (e.g., which might have been changed/affected by my copying & pasting method of the verses; either that or other copyediting stuff like by changing fonts/font sizes).  Thank you for checking it out.

The Arrival

The arrival

I see him laying there, roaring sound coming out of him, black smoke covering all of him, just like it was predicted by the priests in our tribe. He is bigger than I ever imagined he would be. His wings reflected the sun and blinded us all. His figure reflects light and blinds us all. However, I’m wondering why he decided to come down. Has he been listening to our prayers? Has our time on this world reached an end? What do the tattoos that spell “American Airlines” on his sides mean? It’s all so confusing, but there is no doubt: a God has landed on our sacred grounds.

The day the tribe had been waiting for is finally here. I thought he was smaller, but now that I can see him next to me, our God is bigger than anyone or anything here at the village. He seemed hurt, his wings seemed like they’ve been cut in half. Maybe he needs us to help him, I believe that after all he has done for us, this is our chance to do something for him. As our tribe leader, Rajiv approaches him and looks inside through the holes on his side. He says he saw dead people laying on his stomach. Maybe they were from other tribes, but they seemed too different and strange from all of us.

Rajiv continued trying to make contact with the God, but as he shouted and tried to talk to him, he responded with more black smoke and roaring metallic sounds coming from his wings. We think we might have angered our god. We begin to pray, but our chants seem futile and He does not respond. Rajiv is desperate, he send all of us women to dance and try to peace his anger, but nightfall is coming and our God has yet to respond. We hear another screeching sound. Rajiv interprets this as hunger from our God.

We don’t know what God’s are supposed to eat up amongst the clouds, so we first bring forth our best crops. We offer life from the ground, fruits, medicinal herbs and all kinds of crops. He remains unimpressed. Maybe what he needs is meat to take his strength back. So we fetch our best meat, we bring chicken, boars and even a goat. We offer them in his honor and proceed to cook our more delicious dishes. A feast worthy of a God. Nonetheless, we seem to bore him, and the fire that had once lived inside of our God is slowly dying. Finally, we realize it’s time for the ultimate gift.

Rajiv brings forth our strongest warrior. He, who volunteered himself in order to become a sacrifice for our divine being. The highest honor and biggest display of faith that a mortal can gain can only be received through voluntary sacrifice. We begin to paint all over his body, writing ancient passages and trying to copy the “American Airlines” tattoo from our god. At the same time, men prepare a wood statue to tie up the sacrifice. The time comes and Rajiv ties up the warrior. He chants a few passages, and finally set it all on fire. His death is slow and painful to watch, it takes until dawn for the fire to die.


In spite of our efforts the mighty God refused to respond. Some of his body was slowly being washed into the sea, back to a place we will never know. What else could we have done to please our God? Or maybe this was all just a test. We’ll keep trying to please him, but as humans nothing we can do that can compare to his grace. But day after day, we will wait for him to come back and respond. We can always try tomorrow. What a torment it is to live a mortal life, full of the unknown and at the mercy of others.


Hambre del Alma




under the moon


My hands plunge 

deeper than your soul 

I drink your marrow 

I lick the flame from 

off your tongue 

Coals spill out your


turns my love to diamonds

I swallow your stones 

they cut me at the throat

You caress the damage 

I cannot let you go darling 


Every magazine I have reminds me









My worst business travel.

My worst business travel.


Charly had been my best friend since I was in middle school, he was my best men in my wedding and I was his. It was an incredible friendship and our wives became best friends too. We hanged out in double dates every weekend and do different things to have a lot of fun and to spend time together as best friends. We had already travel to many places in the world and to the typical famous places like Europe, Disney, Cancun and Miami. Charly had a major in Communications and he was the owner of a very successful company called: Calcell. In other hand, I studied industrial engineering in the University of Ohio and I was running my father's business who retired a few years ago. My father's company was a manufacture factory and i needed to be traveling a lot in search of new suppliers and customers.  This was kind of bad for me because I loved to be with Charly .


It was mid September and I needed to leave for a business trip for 2 weeks to China, this was a lot of time of travel without Charly. When I came back home, I felt Stacy was acting very weird with me and I knew something had happened. I thought to myself that maybe he was just tired or I was hallucinating, or maybe that was what I wanted.  That night, we had plans to go having dinner with Charly and his wife to a very good seafood restaurant. In the dinner, I felt a vibe that was kind of different as last times with Charly, nobody was making jokes or talking about something interesting that happened in the week, we just sat there and eat the dinner. It was weird and i wasn't understanding what was happening or what will happen with this situation.


The next day I met up with Charly in that local restaurant that we love to go and eat. We have some Italian food and talk about business, football and life. He asked me about Stacy and how my father's company doing after the business travel. I notice that he was very strange, like he wanted to tell me something but doesn't wanted to. So i asked him:


“Is everything okay?”.


“Yes”, he said.


“Are you sure? I feel you are very weird”.  


That's when he started telling me everything. Seriously everything. He told me how he and my wife were having an affair but that it wasn't just for fun that he really loved her and that he was going to leave his wife because he didn't want to lie to her anymore. I supposed that Stacy was going to leave me also but I was in shock, I didn't imagine that something like this could happen. After all the experience we shared the 4 of us that they would end up cheating and lying all these years. I couldn't process it, i didn't know if i was angry, or sad or betrayed because the love of my life was leaving me for my best friend. I will never imagine that 2 weeks in the China will change everything and that my best friend is the person that ruined my love life.



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From nightmare to nightmare ,

wake up from a nightmare,
 And enter this nightmare,
 it's never a dream,
 if ever at all ,
I stand I fall, 
Berate befall,
It's Never a dream ,
Control is a lie,
I live I die ,
L. E. V. I.,
It's never a dream,...(there is more but to slowly unleash the damn of me is taken well)