Edge of the World (day 154)


you and me

at the edge of the world


some sort of harmony

we can’t get

anywhere else


we can

stay like statues

watch the fire

devour all the rest of the love

and we will leave




pictures of you and me

at the edge of the world

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/29/16


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*Look into my eyes,Let me tell you*

Look into my eyes and tell me what you see,

Here with you is where i want to be!

In your arms i feel so safe,

I like to feel your love and grace,

I crave it when you hold my hand,

Only you can take me to the promised land,

A land of dreams

A land where we can see the heavens that await us,

A land where we can gaze at the stars in love.


Let me listen to your heart beating

Put mine to yours and feel our souls meeting.


Let me walk with you,

Let me show you my love for you is true!


Look into my eyes and tell me what you see

All that i am telling you,

Do you beleive me?


You and me baby what do you say?

I know our love will last for more than a day,

My love for you is free, there is no price to pay


Let us be closer than ever before

You and I were born to unlock loves door.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Richard Wing, wrote years ago but only put on this site today ;)

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A Summer Miracle


A Summer Miracle




Lord is upon as all,

He might see us when we are not there,

He might help us when we are not there,

He might protect us when we are not there.


As one volunteers, one has to look at all surroundings,

One has to be careful,

One has to trust others,

One has to protect himself.


When the Lord knows, he will send help,

When the Lord knows, he will be there,

When the Lord knows, he will save us.


Might not just be in the summer, but it can be in the Fall, Winter, or Spring.


My summer miracle is a savior,

My summer miracle is about respect,

My summer miracle is about hope,

My summer miracle is about faith.


No matter what, there are always miracles,

No matter what, there are always expectations,


And I am glad we have each other to help,

I am glad that the Lord helped me with a nice family,

I am glad I am safe,

I am glad of this Summer Miracle.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

** Due to a recent event that happened on June 30, 2013; I felt that the Lord was watching over me and send a nice family to help me out when their car broke down (I felt bad for them, but I am thankful for their support).  There were two gentleman at a historical site that I volunteer at that were drunk & threatening me, if it weren’t for them, I would have been probably badly injured.

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No longer safe

There was a time we played outside half the night
Til evil filled our lives with worry and fright
The laughter and peace is replaced with anger and grief
No longer do we feel safe anymore
for danger and hatred is behind every door
Their joy comes from filling our days with fear
By threatening the lives of those we hold dear
Times have changed for the worse I see
Please Lord protect my baby and bring him home safely to me

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Books keep me safe
I can not be hurt between the pages
Book let me be me
No one can say no or stop
Books let my mind travel
I go to lands of magic and heroes
Books let me know
That someday my story will be told

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Unspoken Words

I know that you worry about me
That you’re willing to protect me
You have no idea how much that means to me

You are one of the only people in the world I trust with all my heart
You have been my candle in the dark
I don’t know what I would do without you

Yesterday, you wanted to help
I could see you didn’t know how
You didn’t know how to save me
And I could see in your eyes that you were conflicted
You wanted to save me
You wanted to protect me

I tried telling you with my eyes
I wanted you to take me away
But you didn’t see it
You didn’t know
You reluctantly walked away

You wanted to help
I know you did
That’s why I don’t blame you
For walking away
I know you didn’t like it
But it’s what you had to do

The thing is I felt my heart drop
The moment you walked away
I wanted to call to you
I wanted to tell you to stay
The words were stuck inside me
And it left me feeling dread

I didn’t know what to do
The only one who protects me walked away
I was left alone
With someone whom did me harm

I could see you looking at us from a far
Making sure I was ok
I wanted nothing more than for you to save me

If only my silent words had been heard
If only my eyes were able to speak for me
If only I could have spoke

You would have left, but with me next to you
I would have been safe and
I wouldn’t have had to be with
My worst nightmare

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Lightning strikes and hits the sky. Midnight thunder says goodbye.
Dawn breaks. She cries no more.
Devil demons stay offshore.
Safe in her circle, A web of love.
A gift from him, sent from above.
There's truth in light, So stay insight.
The devils wont break down her door.
She lets them in, not once more.

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