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BEN ARUMAI RAJ is my name.
I'm a fellow who would like to have my hands in almost every field. Even at this age, I like to keep myself physically fit. Playing football, chess, riding fast moving motorcycles, listening to music, hill-climbing, debating etc. are some of the activities that I would like myself to be involved in besides writing poems and prose passages. Though I like people to read my writing, I am not good at reading. As I always think, the writing style of others might affect my style, I don't poke my nose too much into the works of others! Hence I read sparingly. I am a mixture of opposites and react instantly to any comments on me. But, I always take corrections on me in good spirit! Though my basic interest is automobiles, I have been on teaching profession right through my career. No regrets. Attracted by nature and love, I have written quite a few poems on the same. I give a lot of importance to my emotions and conscience and let them go, as I feel, without them a man is lifeless! Ninety Nine percent of my poems and prose writing carry the reflections of my life. I am a man from the Southern tip of India trying to explore the minds of people all over the world through my imagination and the inquisitiveness to know more and more of just the mind set of human beings on Earth!

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A part that has become insignificant!

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"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever"

"Miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep"

"The laugh from the lips of a dream"

(Trekking, driving and playing games especially chess and football; other than discussing politics and about political leaders)


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