Cherish the Love

A moments lapse in judgement, and all else, foretold 
Honest, a waver too true to mention, and a recourse too late in a spiraled dissension was sown
Oh our child, in you we gave, our life, and every breath henceforth, expunged as by a ceaseless dagger
Deliver us, from this dark hour, all who we are, we gave, and in you, laid bare our trust and prayer, deliver us!
Now and then we seek, yet now, inside a woeful heart is beating, and then, a hope that feels all too fleeting 
Inconsolable are the days, in which we must let you walk away, and we stray at the end of a barren stairway
Passive nights trailing by and by, our love for you insatiable, each hour, as the one before, lackadaisical
Through which juncture refuge will we find, to animate and place in motion and succor us through this storm
This is the day, carry on our child, don't you sway, nor dear to falter
Don't be afraid, when he calls, answer him, hineini, here I am.
Rest no judgement upon those who have once suffered, for to atone is to suffer, alas, all shall suffer before long
Bear what has taken place, repent, and realize as with all things, everything comes to pass, even our sins
Cherish each day, don't go astray, don't you run away, there's no control of what was, so don't pause
There is freedom within, akin to countless flowers, we'll cast the emptiness away, clearing for a pathway
From the anguish we return, if we cry, or if we laugh, its not the end, we're unbent and forever unbroken
We'll find that even without, there is freedom, believe in destiny, cherish the life, and cherish the love
By the sea, eventually all are set free, but right now its time to go, very slow, we let go, 
Then after a rainbow, you're there, smiling, and we keep on, because life's worth living for.
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Partners in the Night

My Everything

I watch you sleeping. So silent, so still, so perfect. An incredible sight to behold. My eyes fill in marvel; driving the longing for your speckled blues that dance in life with mine. Until morning breaks I'll cherish you. With the ever so quiet night as my partner in our secret adoration.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The hum of night surrounds us. As if time siezes and everything is struck by your beauty.

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Woman, Trust Thyself

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"But love don't exist when you live like this that much I know, yes I know "

-Bruno Mars-


Well, it's like I told healingwoman one day...

'trust' with what?

there are some men who expect a woman to violate

moral standards and place herself

and her very soul, heart, integrity, on the line for the sake of 'trust'...

Taking risks is not what men of value allow their true and loyal love to participte in.

Men of value are men who would never place love in harms way

or allow danger or even a chance of it to a true love's honor.


There are those women, much like you describe you want,

who do not bend for this type of 'trust' and why there are so few.

Men snatch them up like precious gems found on the shoreline...

to treasure as they should be treasured and cared for.  


My fiance' bought me a t shirt with the words...'a good girl is hard to find'..

.alas he was lucky, as he did not have to search for me, nor I for him.

We found each other through the the stars one night...

me at home on my computer...him in the darkest of dark places,

reaching out into the universe.

 He found a shining star in me, and I in him.      

 all one can say nowadays is

--- good luck. 


4:27 PM 7/2/2013



inspired by the young girls of today and



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trust is not a toy. Trust is something that is to be safeguarded and not played with. Young girl, be-aware.

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This Friend of Mine

We walk side by side
My friend and I
As if we have all free time
To perfect our even stride

Beat for beat, we make our way
My friend and I
We laugh to ourselves
At the jokes only we can say

When classwork is plentiful
My friend and I
Retreat to the parlors below
And an all-nighter we will pull

Together we always are
My friend and I
Like twins once forlorn
Brought back by the stars

Our fights are not real
My friend and I
Accommodate mere tiffs
At end we always make a deal

So heavy is my heart to think
My friend and I
Should be separated in a year
That she will be gone in a blink

I’ll cherish always the while spent
With my beloved friend
As every hour is greater than last
And all the praising words are meant

For this friend of mine…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for a friend that I've made recently. Though we've only been friends for a short while she's become an intricate part of me, and I can't seem to go one day without talking to her. Whether we're reading Shakespeare to each other in funny accents or she's trying to kick my knees out, we always seem to be laughing and having a good time. This one's for you, Heather!

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The Meaning of Life

Just a thought!

                          The Meaning of Life                
The times of youth have come and gone
so you cherish all your days.
The things we took for granted
are now viewed in special ways.
A blooming flower or budding tree
will often bring a smile...
It's those simple things in life now
that amuse us for a while.
The Geese overhead or some squirrels at play
will tend to catch our eye
These things we see now everyday...
does it make you wonder why?
From the day you are born , It's The Meaning of Life,
You seek throughout your years.
In your search for truth and knowledge
came more questions, laughter and tears.
Your emotions ran wild and your need for discovery
took you to far away places
But, The Meaning of Life, is what they all seek...
All these friends in New Lands with new faces.
The answers you'll find, are not Worlds away or
hiding in Far away Lands
The "Meaning of Life" is a simple thing
Right there in the palm of your hands.
"All the Beauty God chose to create for us
And the things we were all Blest to do"...
That's "The Meaning of Life", and You see it now...
"All These Things God Created For You!"

     by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem started with the title"Youthful Days"
and took it's own path,
Guess I started thinking
where I am now instead of where I was then!