DEAD PEOPLE (a note for the future)

When you are talking to a person, any person, about anything, and they are telling you a "story", there are aspects of the "story" that will touch you. Some aspects touch you deeply, others may anger you and never reach their intended destination within the"whole" of who you are. The reasons are because of how your life has formed up until that moment, an if you only have an awareness of your own experiences, and your own thinking pattern that was developed from your own experiences, what it comes down to is that their "truth" is never the entire "truth", but only a perspective of part of the "truth". So when we listen with only the parts of our ears, mind, heart, that can resonate with those things we hold as being "truth", we curse ourselves. Why? Because we choose closed mindedness. When we repeatedly insist that our truth is the only truth, and we neglect to change patterns of thinking we have adopted through only our own life experiences and group thinking rather than push our psyches to see a different way that could have been, to blaze a different trail that is uniquely our own, we turn our backs on possibilities and even our own very purpose for living on earth during these difficult times. No one will ever see entirely eye to eye with anyone. That is unrealistic and does little in the way of supporting things like human dignity. We are all on this earth at this time for a reason. All of our reasons may be different in each of our individual realities and trials and tribulations, but there are some things that most people care about, and one thing in particular that touches us no matter how much our subconscious helps us commit spiritual suicide. That Is Love. Undefinable, undeniable, LOVE.

To live in the past is to be dormant in life. To be, in most all ways, "dead". To run from the past and refuse to acknowledge it at all, is like a form of spiritual suicide in too many ways. Our pasts have the ability to cause great change as well as great stagnation. When we bravely face life with love for ourselves we find everything we need to always grow and always move forward. ..not be stagnant and "dead in spirit". 

Live your life whole. Rejoice in the fact that the past is over, and treasure today, because without it, there's no future. Your life begins not with what is around you. Your life begins with what is in you, and you have to build it yourself.

Trumpets Of Renewal




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Lilies ….. silent trumpets

of joy, healing, and fragrance…


in all directions


-saiom shriver-

The Mission Beyond





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he feels dejected,

grim, down-in-the-mouth,

mirthless, mournful, 

moody and droopy,

dragged, trite,

and nothing is right, 

anguished, forlorn,

woeful in the depths of despair.


he tries to think 

of sweetest memories,

but as he casts his 

grappling hook to 

secure his ascent

over the walls he's built,

the rope becomes 

frayed and breaks.


the weight of his 

guilt has grown too 

ponderous, and his

spine too soft to

bear the rigors 

of the climb that he

now sees he must 

journey on his own.


sinking deeper into

his abyss he struggles 

to remember something 

other than this limbo

of darkness and dread,

the disbelief of this reality

he fails again and again

to overcome, and desperation sets in.


clinging to old feelings,

and the desire for a love 

long gone, he withers

in a sea of hopelessness,

and every good memory

takes him back to the 

bottom of this wallowing 

pit of sorrow and pain.


people pass by,

some with compassionate

flurries of empathy

that quickly ferment to feed 

the destruction of any 

aspirations for change,

and the nature of his misery

flourishes unto his bitter end.


he thought she was his world,

and now she's gone,

moved on to another dimension

on the wings of a dove,

to blaze new trails without him,

but his mind cannot accept

that was the whole purpose of 

their meeting in this life.


she came to prepare him

for this dark night of the soul,

and his task is to overcome it,

he listens for her voice

to soothe him as it did before,

and the scorching fires of 

truth that strip his soul naked

have left him angry and inflexible.


and when he sleeps, 

she watches 

through timeless portals,

the man she left behind, 

and wonders 

if he'll ever pass

the test 

of this lifetime.


he doesn't seem 

to understand her whispers in the dark,

he only understands the love they had so long ago,

he's trapped in something 

only he can bring unto an end,

or wander in his denial, his heart never to mend,

for unbeknownst to him this lifetime is his only chance

for them to ever have another lifetime in this dance.



11:41 PM 8/7/2013  ©



...and beyond






Like the love affair of the moon and the sun,

the stars and the earth...and then we awaken to our human birth,

feet on the ground, we walk in this dream,

grappling all for the question,

"what does this mean?"

something unseen,

to be pondered upon,

and apply to life's realities,

and bring in a new dawn.


1:07 pm 07/15/13 ©


inspired by dove 




they are confused,

they thought they knew me

and now they have to face they never did

the things they were not there for

i tried to tell them about

but loving people can often cause blindness

we love deeply

and because we love so deeply

we can hear another's story and shut them out

it happens fast

we do not even realize we do it

and it continues like a cancer in the blinding dark of love

the story goes in our ears

and moves like lightning through our minds

we are unaware of how to help

pain, anger, resentment, denial,

all stages of healing

and grief....

when someone we love is hurt

they are grieving a loss

and it is the same as grieving a death

without being present for these emotions

within ourselves,

we cannot be present for another's

without developing a healthy grieving manner

we can never be there to help 

another help themselves

so now, the pain of not knowing me

knowing i was alone

there comes denial

you were not alone!


god was there!

you asked for it!

blame god then

you always did like seeing him hang on that cross

but don't try to tell me it never happened

3:47 PM 7/5/2013



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This I Ask

Make me a torch
Set me aflame
Like you did to those before me
A burning fire,
Bright and hot
That cannot be ignored
Use me as a light
To shine on the dark
Use me as salt
To attract those who are hungry
Make me a preserver
To uphold the human soul
Use me as Your mouth-piece
The still, small voice
That draws them to You
Those unforgettable words
That shakes the soul
Use me as Your hands
To heal the broken,
To comfort those who mourn
To give them beauty for their ashes
And joy instead of sorrow
To rebuild the ruin, the devastations,
And destructions of the past
Use me as Your feet
I’ll go where you send me
For “I am here; send me!”
Lord, use me as a servant
To teach through what I do
Not just from what I say
To “Harvest, for the time is ripe”
To serve others, and not myself
Father, show me to be Your son
Your blood washes over me
Show this to them
That they can see
That they can hear
That they can shout
What You have done for me
That they can know
That they can understand
That they can be loved too
And that is only from You

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Banks of the Amazon

Ugonna Wachuku 


On sustainability, climate change action,   

renewal of earth's environment, corporate

social responsibility, energy efficiency, 

responsible global trade and abiding 

nature conservation for beloved

humankind's survival: 


Life will continue her journey
on the dream's path. She will
take along every purity from
the earth. Every root shall be
moved for life through nature.


The dream has come to the land.
You shall ever know the love
from my soul to help humankind 

take sustainable action on this 

threatening climate change, 



From bountiful banks of the
Amazon, I shall rise for the
voyage. I shall take with me
fresh fishes for new
beginnings. Trees of the
jungle will bow in
admiration and care

for earth's soil and

blood humankind.  


The dream shall kiss this
river in a subtle show of
universal love. On the face
of the Parana, the dream shall
glitter to let everyone know
the love that we share.


This spirit of the Amazon shall
take me to the breath-taking
height of precious Pico da
Bandeira. Then, let me know
what you think of the dream's
soul for earth's renewal, forever.


Cherish a whole life of oneness
across the land. Let love light
the dream's torch in the morning
of darkness and uncertainty from

this climate change on humankind's

enchanting earth home.


Let every eye see its the dream's

flame in the heart of Brasillia and

across the world. From the land's

depth, let Rio de Janeiro beat

drums for a Samba of peace and

love to let humankind conquer

this climate change, threatening.


Let time and seas of life kiss
the love of my being on the coast
of Sao Paulo. Let your soul
experience the dream's lovely joy
on the yearning lands of Salvador.


Let love and hope
dine with us in
Thecife for












Let the banks of
the Amazon and
Niger bloom and
glow for life

for climate 



Last Dance

Ugonna Wachuku   



When simple souls dance
with gods on mountain
tops, only eagles will
watch this spectacle!


When lovers walk through
moonlit gardens of
yesterday and today,
some of us will watch
in the valley and from
flower beds; and trees.


The air is thick with
sweet scent from country
earth and roasting corn.


Maidens and birds are
waiting for our last


Remember, when you hear
drum beats from the land;
when echoing rhythms meet
you in the village, at the
crossroad - where seven
mud huts meet, you must
come to me because in
your enfolding arms,
we shall do the last


We shall plant new seeds
of love on green country
sides and welcoming gardens
of home where beautifully
ripe orange trees rise to
kiss luring avacado pears.


We shall do this last
dance for humanity's


This last dance in your
loving arms shall tell
a simple story of love,
hope and riddles -
a moving story for you
and for me - a stirring
ballad for women and men
who will dare to love.


So, remember, when echoing
drumbeats meet you in the
village, at the crossroad
where seven mud huts meet,
you must come to me for
our last dance:



I will










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