Day Of Un-Embraced

Used and Abused, taunted and not flaunted as a wife to be

Nor as the mother of our child, is the permanent stones of mistakes

That I have made as the points, in a place where he lives

By what he is capable to create. Debated daily about the truth,

Frustrations, enforcement to be silenced.

Transformed my easy forgiving heart is abandoned

And more than just torn apart. Each day for

About two years now and finally I just became hateful towards

Those who lie behind lies..... As to being a young woman independent,

Attending school, making payments on a ride, along with

Raising not only one but two of her own babies

That suddenly seen this psychic lady that had not only warned

But secretly had planned to keep my life torn in order

To take what I was to be blessed with out of  jealousy, my life turned

Completely down a twist leaving me to be launched off a cliff...

                                                                                          Marcelina Flores

                                                                                         -June 30th 2014-

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My little world

Every time I close my eyes 
I escape into a world of paradise 
One that fits my needs 
A place where there is no one but me 
No more abusing never will I fear 
A world without gossiping 
A place where a person can heal 
People don’t understand why it means so much 
It’s a place where I let lose 
Where I feel nothing but pure bliss 
Situations seem so less complex 
A blink of an eye can solve any mess 
I can make my own decisions without anyone interfering 
I’m a whole other person when Im in my little world  
I wish I never come back to reality 
And face everything once again 
i guess I said it too soon 
its time for me to leave 
next time ill make sure I succeed 
I’ll cut deeper this time 
 And make sure everything ends 
 but for now I must go I’ll come back again 

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the sad wimpish one 


he covers his body with blood


hoping someone will notice


just how ugly he is



he wants to be noticed


for the great person he truly is


but has no time to notice


that no one notices


anything anymore



and life goes on


and he stays sad


dying to live


and crying to die



never having the balls


to ask himself why



2:39 AM 7/6/2013




Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by the signs of the times, and those who are having a hard time enjoying life on life's terms. 

What are they teaching our children?

I cannot begin to fathom how I work so goddamn hard for years, scraping together every coin I can get my hands on in order to save and end up in a bottomless pit where I cannot see a light. There was once a light when I was young, but that light has gotten dimmer over the years. How can this country pride itself in being a land of dreams when I've been here for 20 years with nothing to show for it? I am having my independence slowly stripped away from me all because I follow every law, every rule, every guideline this country has put in front of my face since birth. When other countries criticize Americans, they should be criticizing the government who runs it, not the people who live in it. The people who run it no longer know what it means to live. They simply do; they do not think.