I've Lost All of ......

Times in 2023

I've Lost All of ......


I remember when ,

I made you laugh .

And how your smile, 

brightened up my life.

A wistful sigh, 

that stopped....

My heart.

And crushed,


My dreams......

Giajl © Jim Love

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Ghost ship

The good moments lost like a ghost ship at sea.

It's only seen for  a short time then disappears into the mist.
Now life is stale and like most ghost ships stuck in the past.
like a barrelman in his crow's nest  I find myself gazing  into the near lands.
Imagining the adventures and journey's that are just out of my reach.


The waves, wind and current are always to strong, lost at sea... I guess that is where I belong. 
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Help it.


Can you

help it?


Falling when there’s

no ground to stand on.


Catch me.


Will you

catch me?


I can’t promise

I will trust enough to

fall even close to where you are.







Once I was

nowhere near

touching the world

but I knew more than ever

it was there.


Two steps.


I take

two steps



I look back.

I meant to climb up.


I meant to be

closer to the peak than

the roots.


Where are

my roots?


You hold them


your hands.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/8/19

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If love is happiness

then why do we look for love

just to risk being in pain.


you lose yourself

Your heart and your brain.


They teach us everything in school

but they forgot about love.


Cause everything we do is never 



Everything is perfect for a moment

You don't realise how much of you

Is falling.


You do everything to please the person

But then they cut u off, for no reason.


Wish someone would  point me to the right one

It would be easier than playing with my own 



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She is the bluebird

And I am a pigeon

I’d not find it hard

To make a decision

She is the violet

And I am a burr

You pick her up

And pick me from your shirt

She is the statue

And you are the traveler

If we are the thread


Then she’s the unraveller

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October's raring to get us high on sugar
with temperature falling


In an elevating freight elevator
I overheard a conversation between two adults


behind their ragged full grown beard
which could hide their faces


but failed to hide their
childish love for colorful things


They were discussing if
skittles were even considered candies.

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Bend and Break


I can't let anyone inside,

they keep trying to stay in stride,

with me they fall behind,

I don't know myself and what I'll find.


It all hurts now,

it throbs away inside every day.

The pain is physical now,

it won't end unless I can say...


that I am done,

that I have control,

that I won't let it rule my world,

no, not anymore.


It's not easy,

to bend and not to break,

I wish you could see me,

that this is more than I can take.

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To Write

To write
as I do
Is a seemingly hard
thought process
made easy
by words
written together
is an abstract
sort of way
to fill the readers mind
with mystery
Part sentence
Part phrase
which creates the illusion
of truth
Within these mysteries
is who I am
The words aren't difficult
and the structure
is simple
Look beyond
what you read
and you'll find

               copyright 2018 by RW Erskine
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I Don't Know How It Goes

What do I write about?

The story of my life!
I don't know how it goes, do you?
It's a matter of question to you and me to ponder on.
This side of eternity once given is true........or false in ones perception of it all.
Do you remember or is it I've forgotten in all this distraction freely given, to what ends I do not know.
Make believe is what it is I think. It's here in one moment and gone in the next.
How could it be anything other than
Games, we all play them, in hopes to gain some more of it.
Of, 'it'!, whats 'it'?
Life I said. Don't you remember?
or have you forgotten what it is, what it's all about.
I'll tell you what, lets make believe that I am you, and you are me.
Okay now, tell me about your life.
I don't know how it goes, I've forgotten you.
             Copyright 2018 by RW Erskine
Author's Notes/Comments: 

contact me at: artjwca@yahoo.ca


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