Larger then life!

Larger then life!

i used to be as big as a house and it didnt matter that i was not fit
it happened gradualy over time but i didnt care no not one bit
i ate and ate everything in site because my life had so much strife
will it ever end i do not know but one clear thing im larger then life
then it happened just like this i saw the reflection of what i'd become
when i realized what i was seeing it made me feel so very numb
i really hated what i was and who i became sent me over the cliff
 thats when i started to take it off but i still feel larger then life
this is my story of what i was before i made a change in me
i no longer feel like that girl back there cuz that is no way to be
now that my reflection has changed i no longer think about the what ifs
when i see myself i smile and think someday i wont feel like im larger then life


           Zoey cup

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hope you like this one its about well me acctualy

                           Zoey cup

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Mirror of Time

Just a thought!

Mirror of Time

Mirror of time, what do you see, A baby, a child, years of history?

Watching and waiting to divulge your content, you miss nothing.

Focused on a space in time, you capture truth of an image, without emotion or obstructed view.

You reflect everything in your path, yet, you see nothing.

We need each other to reveal a moment in time

For, I am your eyes as you are mine.

    Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a thought that came to me looking in the mirror.

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The Year 2013

It was just a year ago when we said hello,
Not knowing whether you would be friend or foe.
You passed by so quickly with every day,
We were so foolish and thought you might stay.

When you became November we started to worry,
It didn't matter, it just made you hurry.
So now our time together is over and done,
It doesn't matter if it was a good or bad run.


I wonder where you'll go when you walk out the door,
Is there another like you, we don't know what's in store. 


When I say good-bye, it will make me cry.
But you did what you should, the best that you could.


You arrived, you thrived, you defied, you died.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a little poem I wrote on New Year's eve as I reflect on the passing of time.

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Say Hello To You

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Your deepest desire is to possess,

And yet you are abundant with love,

However restless the urge, 

It is locked in a cage,

Because of your blindness,

Keeping clipped it's feathered wings,

And wear it's eyes upon your face

Like the tattoos painted on Atayal women,

And feel your way through the darkness

With tentacles extended out through the apex of your heart,

That emerged from the desperation of being forced 

To learn how to thrive off of suffering,

Feelers for intuitive mime and bands of neuronal waste,

Originating through longing,

And surviving off the dreams of the dead.


You are the first one of your kind,

You don't have to crawl on hands and knees

In order to be blessed and hallowed,

Just remove the paint, and wear the feathers 

Of the softest ugliness you can find

In the hollow places of yourself,

And they'll grow to be as beautiful 

Or more beautiful as those you grapple and claw 

Lure and conspire, to possess,

That belong to others,

Because you can only ever

Have what you have,

And what you do not have,

You will never have.




12:47 AM 7/5/2013






Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem about when we think that we need something from someone else, due to being blind about how much we already have. It's a work in life.

"Eyes Just Like Mine"

Personal Favorites



Eyes just like mine,

Sharing tears,

Just on the other side,

of the bathroom mirror.


Eye to eye weeping,

expressing the need to be,

To feel, to see,

Eyes just like mine,

Sharing tears.





I can look into the mirror,
and see my reflection.

I can look into a body of water,
and see my reflection.

I can look in a window,
and see my reflection.

I can look into your eyes,
and see my reflection.

Yes, I can look into
different surfaces,
and see the reflection
of what is on my outside.

But I cannot see
what is on the inside.

I think that if
others could see
what was inside of my heart,
instead of what I look like,
they might like me more.

I'm beautiful on the inside,
always thinking of others,
and empathetic beyond no boundaries.

I wonder what others
would see
if they could see
what was inside of me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not exactly sure where this one came from, but I liked how it sounded!
Please let me know what you think!

Self Reflection

Feeling a little somber
As I lay here and wonder
Where the time goes
As the day passes with swiftness
As my heart unleashes
The very essences of me
The mirror surely shows my reflections of loneliness
Yet my emotions are so withdrawn
I just don't give a fuck
Tired of being hurt
Lied to and missed used
Power to the man
Coming to break us down
Leave us lifeless
With out admissions of their
Wrong doing
Wake up ladies
Stand tall and proud
For love has not forsaken us
God just hasn't blessed us
In due season
Your dreams will be
A true reality~Eop~

(c)2012 cassandra Evolutionsofoetry covington

Recollections and Reflections

The cold bite of a winter wind reminds me
of man’s inadequacy—
bereft of fur and thick skin,
he relies on construction of polyesters and nylons,
the use of sheep’s wool and the Earth’s cotton.
Though without claws and venom,
man has his mind to craft the tools,
extensions of himself.

I retreat into a grove of pine
where I sit upon the floor of dry needles,
like an unkempt barbershop.
My hands begin to lose feeling in the frigidity.
They shiver as a shaved animal would.
Funny the areas of hair we have, we tame.
We control it.
Control is all we’re trying to get.
Control the cold, control the weather,
control another, control the world,
control yourself!

Man has extended himself beyond
his own reaches.
Man can no longer control his constructions.
Play God he has, but is he not God?
It seems the Devil for many.
The Devil has run rampant (symbolically, naturally,)
and loving Gods are few.
All of man’s systems are plagued by him.
Watch an infant’s innocence, pure.
As it ages, it spoils—
Whole generations brainwashed!
I’m writing back from isolated islands of ignorance!
What to think? What to think?
Now I remember! I’ve been told what,
and I see this cage.
Now watch it disappear.
Must I always forget
to just watch freedom’s birth once more?

-Ryan K. Fuller

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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In My Little Room

As darkness engulfs
my balcony
And the sunset hides
from my gaze
I slowly climb my
spiral stairs
And in my little room
I wait
For the glory
of the morn
And the promises
of dawn

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