Poems Knock

Satish Verma

Life distributes the ashes. A gale
throws the flowers to weigh your love.
Sometimes I stop thinking.

What is happening behind
the curtain? Death brings the live pain
of fossilized to-morrows.

Come my love, come.
Lets see the tiny pale drops oozing
from the skin of dying moon.

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Scared Sun

Satish Verma

The brown earth comes
out with empty hands when you
go to the field for bread.

Green valley had an
affair with a cuffed prisoner, who
was caught sowing the seeds of love.

You dip the ashes and
last remains of truth in the lake of
moon'stears, Will you be able to sleep?

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What Else You Should Know

Satish Verma

Who am I?
I search my name on your face.
You won't recognize a lost coin.

The cadavers move
and talk. For what we lived
to understand our land.

The rose garden has
young Areca Palms to play
with roses in sun.

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Why Love Is Called Flame?

Satish Verma

Can you heal my
insomnia? Raise the bar
and eat your words.

You have stopped
singing. Take me moon I
am getting very hot.

Why people are dying
without blood? Someone
was sending the message?

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Pain Lives In Eyes

Satish Verma

Can you tell me, where
the tunnel ends. The curve has
flattened. There was no light.

In pillars of wasteland.
Why did we reach there.
Death-kissing starts now.

The power of questions
will not mitigate your arrival.
Where will we drown?

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You Were Not Like Me

Satish Verma

My maiden guilt
interprets your mysterious signs
I become a moon orbiter.

Your body moves
like an eel in my eyes.
Blue lakes sleep.

Let the candle in wind
go.The gift was not understood.
Pink flames rage again.

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Sparkles and Glims

High and mighty I prowl.

Raining down on me is a legendary whim.

I am on to the stagnant lifestyle,

watching it like a hawk.

There is no place like enamored.

Home is where your heart is.

My pristine heart;

Sparkles and is surrounded by glims.


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Returning to a happy life

Alcohol and drug addictions enter the lives of happy families and introduce their damaging consequences. A huge number of couples divorced because of the inability to reveal or combat the problem of substances consumption. This is a disastrous consequence that most sufferers have to face. It is necessary to remember that having appeared in the situation of addiction, sufferers have no control and may harm themselves and their close people. To eliminate the chance of marriage break, there is a necessity to ask for help in a rehab clinic. Professional doctors and psychologists will help to find a correct way of managing the issue.


What Kinds of Addictions Are Treated?

Serenity Rehab Centres are focused on delivering help to patients who suffer from minor symptoms as well as for those who cannot perform even the basic functions. To eliminate negative effects, the following types of addictions are treated in the rehab:


- Alcohol

- Cocaine

- Heroin

- Cannabis

- Legal highs


Moreover, the experts in the clinic are ready to deal with the additional revelations of the unpleasant issue


What Side Effects Are Treated?

As a rule, the abnormal obsession with drugs or alcohol is the external manifestation of the disease. There are many more psychological problems hidden behind the appearance of an addict. Serenity Centres has a trained staff that will help in reducing the negative side effects like:


- Various eating disorders

- Panic attacks

- Self-harm

- Depression

- Insomnia or oversleeping

- Stress and anxiety.

The Key Outcomes

Addiction is represented by a whole pack of various disorders that have a destructive influence both on the physical and emotional state of a patient. This is the reason why a comprehensive treatment strategy and complex approach are required. Do not stop yourself from returning to the more joyful and enjoyable way of life. Your family and friends will be grateful for your decision and effort.

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The Change

The wheels of life Grinding 

to hear all the sounds that you never 

pay attention to


the fridge , the ceiling and the walls

all have a conversation during this silent moment

imagine the stories this room could tell 

if we just listen


As my life has gone by 20 years since my first poem

so many changes has passed and only now as i read

my work i see what i was doing and all the things 

i should of listen to, the people walking by

the animals in the parks and birds in the sky


my new chapter on my life i am still lonely

 but i drive, to pass the time, wait ever so to have the day.


i know this is no poem but more of an update for me and you if you have read my work

sweet dreams and may the road bring on some adventures,



Author's Notes/Comments: 

2 am , cannot sleep, lonely , tired , debating if i should write a book,

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