Cobra Night

Satish Verma

You had failed
the truth, staring at
the hot sun.

To prove the criminality
of demigods, you
use a ploy to listen to
the inner voice.

The body revolts.
Fluids break the
boundaries against the
mixed thoughts.

You pick up the
grace of a fallen star.
Night weeps for all night.
Mystery of truth was
never solved.

You can transcend
the deep pain now.

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What Was It?

Satish Verma

Moon rolls,
on its own without

Now you can,
fix the things, reading

Every day ends.
The road will not sleep.
Dusk to dawn,
candle weeps.

Like no pain
now, of your separation,
sparking rage.

Now you are
Plato. Will write for
the ascending hemlock, that
will destroy the hope.

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Launching Pad

Satish Verma

It was a brutal
day. My choice was a pink
moon above me.

The violence in
absentia impedes the
kiss of phlox in spring.

The fugitive
comes back home to see
bloody handprints on wall.

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You Survive The Day

Satish Verma

Standing alone
in the ring of fire,
you wanted deletion
of sun.

Somewhere destiny
fails, like reversal of
answers. Without
gallows tree, nobody wants to die.

Looking in old mirror,
you want to sleep
in canthi of eyes. The
flesh revolts.

I don't want to see
the end of beginning. Your
thumbprint has left the
curves, that lead
you to unknown.

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Sits Like Fog

Don't hear much
of human voices.

Moon will rise again?

Deep angst,
pitch dark.
There was no truce
between the trees.

the sanctity of god's words.
You want to take the chair
of judge and hear to yourself.

I spot the blood
on sleeves. Who had used
the cleaver?

Can you bring
a period of silence, to
meditate for peace?

Somebody was laughing hilariously.

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Satish Verma

You want your gifts back.
Body by body,
pain by pain.
Moon separates from sun.

Why blood was naked
for small things.
No one wants
to burn flame to flame.

Can you take
the dust road to blue lake.
Where blaze―
won't die?

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Satish Verma

The band of clouds
wraps the full moon rising
like a shadow.

The unique birth, with
a placenta, encircling
the blackened neck.

The hanger was ready
to pull the rope. You lived
longer than a god.

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My Silver Bleeds

Satish Verma

Life slips through
pores of skin, and eyes
of all needles.

A fawn doesn't know
how to go back home after
losing the track.

Did you ever go
in the den of wild cats to
offer immaculacy?

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You Will Not Know

Satish Verma

The wrinkles write
the age of weather's rings.
You burn fat on lips.

Let's go on the hills
to find the hidden moon
behind the rainbow.

Where will go, the
children of unknown,
blaming the god!

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