Let the stars twinkle,
Ideas for idle
Unearth  by choice,
After a long pause
Lets chalk out a plan.

Setback of strong winds
Touched the feet of principles
Loss of morale
Light no house but ,
Long silence serves enough.

Some might lament
for not sailing in a boat,
That holds wrong one too.
Pride and honour wouldn't
Look for the foot and see the eyes.

Eyes travel all around
And heighten the one,
Who never turns down,
Principles at any cost.

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Woman, Trust Thyself

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"But love don't exist when you live like this that much I know, yes I know "

-Bruno Mars-


Well, it's like I told healingwoman one day...

'trust' with what?

there are some men who expect a woman to violate

moral standards and place herself

and her very soul, heart, integrity, on the line for the sake of 'trust'...

Taking risks is not what men of value allow their true and loyal love to participte in.

Men of value are men who would never place love in harms way

or allow danger or even a chance of it to a true love's honor.


There are those women, much like you describe you want,

who do not bend for this type of 'trust' and why there are so few.

Men snatch them up like precious gems found on the shoreline...

to treasure as they should be treasured and cared for.  


My fiance' bought me a t shirt with the words...'a good girl is hard to find'..

.alas he was lucky, as he did not have to search for me, nor I for him.

We found each other through the the stars one night...

me at home on my computer...him in the darkest of dark places,

reaching out into the universe.

 He found a shining star in me, and I in him.      

 all one can say nowadays is

--- good luck. 


4:27 PM 7/2/2013



inspired by the young girls of today and



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trust is not a toy. Trust is something that is to be safeguarded and not played with. Young girl, be-aware.

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There is a sunset irregardless, without me,
Life carries on
Past all of the wanting and pause

Without my mistakes
The fake facsimile of of me that you've seen

Before you,
Before I started seeing my own lies

When I was one with the lies,
Before I knew the now
The thunderbolt of eerie truth
The mocking in my eyes undisguised

The reflection of me in the world
Red on your litmus test,
Red around your eyes

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