How Siblings Fight

All About Me

I see him in the distance;
I start to hide as he comes near.
He might just think it's chance,
Or maybe cower out of fear!

Arise young warrior;
Your battle has begun.
Attack in the foyer,
Let the blood begin to run!

Stab him once...
Stab him twice...
Slay the demon spawn!

Make him shudder...
Make him cringe...
Devotion has just won!

Holy hell, the queen arrives!!!!
She'll kill us both if we don't be quiet.

"Hey kids...where are you?"
"It's dinner time!"

My brother and I snicker
As we hide under the table.
Maybe it's quicker
To run if we're able.

I push him aside,
And tickle his tummy.
He laughs as I fight
To tackle this dummy.

Mom spies where we sit,
She starts to come near us.
He and I try to look innocent,
Our cute smiles are a plus.

She looks at him...
She looks at me...
She rolls her eyes and smiles!

"Come to the table you guys."
"It's time to eat."

Brandy Noelle Souza


Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I was younger, me and my brother had an entire world of make believe that we constantly fell into, and this was kindof inspired by a childhood memory.

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