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Redington Shores FL

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Writing, Drawing, Enlightenment,Reading, Painting, History, Science, Philosophy, Video games, Meditating, Thinking, Cooking, Learning, Living, Family, Pool, Music, Polotics, and trying to become a better man.

Sometimes I'm scared that this life wont get better, and i let fear guide my soul...Sometimes all i can do to fight the numbness is to live in memories. Sometimes I wish the life I planned hadn't been stolen when my spine shatterred...Sometimes I dream of all the beauty i have seen...As broken as i am, as jaded as i have become...To this gift of life I will Hold on...
~Timothy Biondollo~

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tragic a wasted space, deprived of every thing it has done. defined only by it's inward direction not any of its apparent achievements.

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Timothy D. Biondollo
''All that has been forgiven in me,
Chases me, like leaves falling,
Chase the wind that set them free.''

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