By jfarrell



As a man,

I don’t carry the baby for 9 months;

So what possible right could I have

To offer any view on abortion?


“even rape victims should not be allowed abortions”

This, from a leading politician;

Sometimes, like amputation, abortion is necessary,

I should certainly have been aborted.


The woman has all the responsibility,

So the choice should be hers;

Men, please stop being so bloody arrogant,

Especially if you’re a politician.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

jacob reece-mogg, what a warm, loving, caring person

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Did God make this world?

Did God make this world?

By JFarrell


( I heard in the news Stephen Fry in trouble over comments he made)


Let’s assume

For the sake of argument

God is real

God created this beautiful, amazing world


How can you blame him for the ugliness in it?


The death of a child from cancer

A school buried in a mud slide

People scarred by chemical weapons

People dying in vast numbers


Famine, drought, war

This is all men

With cancer, several years from now we’ll discover something we used to do

Created it


I don’t believe in god (I think)

These are not things sent by god to “test us”

This is us, it always has been

Stop blaming god



Author's Notes/Comments: 

you have a mind, and it's better than mine :)

Men at Sea

Ecstasy of the heart,

Is this a new start?


Filled with happiness and glee,

Five ships on an open sea,


Cups of rum

And mothers lost sons


New worlds to explore

Past the golden shores


No tyrants or hypocrites,

On the sparkling sea


Sail to the ends, Just to be

Men at sea

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Simple, but one of my favorites. 

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Is this what people feel after series of fights?

Numb, tired of crying, doesn’t care anymore?

It can be his fault, it can be hers.

Once, twice or thrice did she forgive him.

But all he does is bring the argument up again.


“Tracie is a boy.” He said.

But dressed as a hot nerd student on Halloween.

Is it already time to say goodbye?

He says he keeps on hurting,

Which is nonsense because he’s a boy.

Boys are immature men,

So that’s probably why.




We talked about the dance,
she said. Is that all? Yes,
well she did mention that
her man was late home


from work sometimes
and she misses him
before she has to leave
for the dance show,


but that's all. I see,
Fred said. Nellie looked
at him, brushed her hair.
Her dancing is faltering,


Nellie said. As if she
had other things on her
mind. What other things?
he asked. How do I know?


She didn't say. Unless she
thinks her man is cheating
on her? Do you think he is?
Fred said. He's the type who


would, Nellie said. What's
the type who would? I don't
know, but you can tell, there's
something about him gives


me the creeps. Women's
intuition? he said. You could
say that, she said. How comes
she doesn't have that intuition,


too? Fred said. She's in love with
him, love blinds, she said.
What are you dancing, tonight?
he asked. Swam Lake, she said.


She finished brushing her hair
and poured him a scotch and ice
and prepared to leave. He watched
her as she put on her coat, her


fingers buttoning up, her eyes
watching her hands in action,
her tongue poking over her
lower lip.  He lifted his glass


of scotch, studied her ankles,
and had a long slow sip.

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A man

A man likes to be alone when he thinks

A man is alone when he thinks

A man is alone

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An Apology to Dorothy Parker

I don't pretend to be better.

I'm not. Were we to encounter

each other in some displaced hell,

where a lack of conversation

or an abundance of red wine

led to failing trepidations,

we'd talk and probably get on.

But before long I'm sure you'd see

the tendencies of my glances;

how they trace the line of a hem,

the passersby that can draw them.

There will be patterns for mapping,

and despite yourself, you are wise:

things are just as bad as they seem.

Maybe I couldn't surprise you,

but I would revel in your words

and try in vain to provide the kind

of good you'd always had in mind.

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ball of confusion




people become highly indignant,

even declare war upon nations,

to murder millions in the name of a god 

that is the center of their 'religion',

but answer this: if your 'religion'

is a 'business', then why do you 

call it a 'religion'? and if your war 

is costing your nation millions 

of dollars to take the lives of 

millions of people, then who are 

you really fighting, your religion,

or your government? and who is 

fighting who?


1:26 AM 7/10/2013 ©




Author's Notes/Comments: 

People moving out, people moving inWhy? Because of the color of their skinRun, run, run but you sure can't hideAn eye for an eye, a tooth for a toothVote for me and I'll set you freeRap on, brother, rap on
Well, the only person talking about love thy brother is the preacherAnd it seems nobody's interested in learning but the teacherSegregation, determination, demonstration, integrationAggravation, humiliation, obligation to my nation
Ball of confusionOh yeah, that's what the world is todayWoo, hey, hey
The sale of pills are at an all time highYoung folks walking round with their heads in the skyThe cities ablaze in the summer timeAnd oh, the beat goes on
Evolution, revolution, gun control, sound of soulShooting rockets to the moon, kids growing up too soonPoliticians say more taxes will solve everythingAnd the band played on
So, round and around and around we goWhere the world's headed, said nobody knows[ From: ]Oh, great GoogamoogaCan't you hear me talking to you?
Just a ball of confusionOh yeah, that's what the world is todayWoo, hey, hey
Fear in the air, tension everywhereUnemployment rising fast, the Beatles new record's a gasAnd the only safe place to live is on an Indian reservationAnd the band played on
Eve of destruction, tax deduction, city inspectors, bill collectorsMod clothes in demand, population out of hand, suicide, too many billsHippies moving to the hills, people all over the world are shouting'End the war' and the band played on
Great GoogamoogaCan't you hear me talking to you?
It's a ball of confusionThat's what the world is today, hey, heyLet me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya
Sayin' ball of confusionThat's what the world is today, hey, heyLet me hear ya, let me hear yaLet me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear yaSayin' ball of confusion


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thongs on the beach

stripper oh stripper,

please throw me your thong,

lend me your cheek,

tell me it's wrong,


stripper oh stripper

please dance to that song,

and then tell me,

'please don't touch my wong !!!'


(to be sung to the tune of 'matchmaker matchmaker')




6:41 PM 7/9/2013


inspired by dove



Author's Notes/Comments: 

silly---about men and thongs

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