Unfinished Masterpiece


I was asked if I believe in true love, 

I was asked, how do I know it's real? 

My answer is yes, 

I truly believe it can be real,

But I really don't know. 

It's something I've never got to feel. 

I've had sweet lies, 

And stories told about happy endings that never happen. 

But me? 

I'm just out here with my easel and paints, 

Setting up camp with broken souls, 

The ones I think will look beautiful,

Painted next to my own bruised and damaged soul, 

And painting blindly, 

Hoping to create a masterpiece. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not sure if this is done yet ...... 

taglamig (in Tagalog language)









(former reedited title:  taglamig,

at siya lang kaya ang dahilan?)





nung una pa lang,
ako'y namangha na
sa iyong ginagawa



ako rin ay lubusang
natutuwa sa matimyas
na hitsura ng iyong mukha



tila isa kang dalagang
pumukaw sa aking damdamin
iyong wangis parati
ang nasasalamin



bagkus, malayo ang ating agwat
bakit tila ako'y hindi papa-awat?



dahil kaya'y nasa lugar ka
na isa sa pinakagusto kong
puntahan at tirahan?

o baka naman itong
mismong lugar ko na tinitirahan
ay wala namang laman?



h'wag sana magpapahalata
ang langit sa aking kisame,
ang masulyapan ka'y
para itong asul sa taas,

kaniyang pisngi



ngayong Taglamig na

sa ating mga bayan o kanayunan,
kakaiba talaga ang aking



sapagkat nasaan ka man,
sa trabaho mo o sa kaniyang
piling man,
marahil wala ng magagawa
ang tulad ko kundi
ang ipagdasal ang iyong
tanging kaligayahan.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 12.06.2022 [22:25];11.23.2022 [09:09]; 11.22.2022 [20:38]



1.  Prior changes have been made to this poem at an earlier time (but not enumerated them all at this moment).

2.  Changed the word "mukha" to "wangis" instead (just to avoid redundancy or the word being doubled in my verses).

3.  (11.23.2022)  Omitted a comma (placed formerly in following line: "o, baka.." (unedited version)

4. (12.06.2022) the line "parang itong asul sa taas," was changed to the grammatical "para itong asul sa taas,"








Aking Kaagapay (in Tagalog language)

Aking Kaagapay





Tila siya ang babaeng parang

hangin para sa aking hininga

Dagliang ito ay mahirap makita

Magiging kasundo sa
lahat ng bagay,
para bang damit

na bumabagay

Puwede bang
isipin na si babae ay
parang isang paboritong


Puwede rin ba na si babae ay

maging parang

mga titik sa

librong binabasa?

Kung puwede lang sana..

na ganun nga

at makakasundo
sa maraming bagay—

Matatawag si babae na

aking kaagapay—

If Only

Verse 1:

If only I had more time,

Home would not seem so far.

I’m so far from home.

Did you forget you were my home?

Cause home is whenever we’re together.

I don’t know what to say or where to begin.

I won’t trade our love for anything.

No one will love you better than me.



If only we could getaway,

Home is a feeling I’ve buried in you.

I’m alright. I’m alright.

It only hurts when lies are believed to be true.

Freedom is shattering the lies

And making way for the truth.

I’ll be your anchor. I’ll be your everything.

If only we could be together, for eternity.


Verse 2:

If only I could be the one to guide you home,

The ocean waves crash onto shore.

The waves wipe away the messages in sand

That I’m trying to send to you.

If only we’ll become each other’s anchor,

Home will not seem so far.

Home is a feeling we’ve buried in each other.

If only time was on our side.



Are you ready to give your love to me?

Are you ready to make me your home?

Cause I’ve been thinking lately,

That you could be the one

That could save me from the misery.

If only, right here, right now,

We could become each other’s everything.

Home is a feeling we’ve built in each other.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of the many songs in book 4 that I'm currently working on.

tanging ang puso ay magsumamo (in Tagalog language)








tanging ang puso ay magsumamo




palagi raw matamis
ang "oo";
ang nagsasabing
kakilala ko


biglang tingin,
biglang liwanag—
mga awitin nating


—kumusta ka
lahing bituin?
kay tanyag mong


sana lang—sa
hapon na ito,
tanging ang puso
ay magsumamo








Over You


Verse 1:
I carefully craft an image of you
In my mind.
But, sometimes, the reality does not match
The illusion in our dreams.
This is not how it should end
But, how it should begin.
Tell me: where do we go from here?


I am getting over you.
Though, the pace was slow.
I never needed to test my feelings for you.
But, you, you felt the need to test the waters.
Now, I’m left with nothing but our memories.
You got me in unbound memories.
You shattered my soul and spirit.

Verse 2:

Though, I don’t need to know your sins.
You will be a scarlet letter for the world to see.
Your past continues to haunt you.
Christ cannot save you from your sins.
You confessed your sins to me.
You dragged me along yet
Always looked for someone better.


If only you could see
That I know your story
Better than anyone,
We could become each other’s everything.
Though, I don’t know what lies ahead,
I’ll follow you wherever you will go.
Our lives are caged in together.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the first song in book 2 (kindle direct publishing) that I self published on amazon kdp service about finding true love in a cruel world/society that degrades relationships to just having a good time.

I want to feel enough

I feel lost 

I don't feel like myself 

I feel unsure

I feel insecure


I just want to feel normal

I want to feel like I did before


I want to feel like I'm wanted

I want to feel like I'm worth something


I want to be pursued 

I want to be enough for you

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Proving me right

Conversations seem sincere

All of the unanswered questions have a response 


Are they true

You say them like there is meaning


I still feel like im being duped


How can you explain yourself so well

But I still feel like there is more to tell


Standing in front of you 

Asking for you to be truthful

I can take the pain

No need to lie


I'm not a child 

I'm an adult

Quick acting like I'm making things up


I feel like I'm loosing my mind 

All the while your actions keep proving me right

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Depending on the day 

Will determine my fate

Depending on the time

will deterime if i'm alright


Toxic or narcissist

I can not decide 

What your doing to me 

drives me to think I am unbalanced


One moment i'm fine

One moment i'm left hopeless


The vulnerability I feel 

I despise it


Needing others is a joke

It's a challenge for me to depend upon you

I know how it will end

The same as the rest do


You tell me you love me

You show it sometimes

deep inside is a poisonious spirit 

You draw me in and keep me to stay 

I know i'm not your final destination 

I don't understand why


I have always stayed true to me

I have always been honest

Why do I feel that you have something to hide

Never to share never to let me in 

to help with your burden


I have the realization that this is my life

This is why I act just fine

But deep down inside 

I am slowly dying knowing that I will never be

what you want

what you need

what you lust for

I will always just be me


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