Hey Mr Government ( song lyrics/acoustic guitar)

Song Lyrics

Song lyrics for acoustic guitar

(The chords are G D A)


Hey mister president,

Thanks for dropping by 

I hope you know that I

Wanted you to try and break us free


Hey mister president 

Did you know that I have sent

A letter to our government

But it was never relevant or read to you


Hey mister government 

Thank you for the times

And Thank you for my dimes 

And thank you fr'all the lies 

But it's just  a fools game anyhow 


Hey mister senator

I hope your feeling proud 

With your head up in clouds

 a wife you sleep around 

Pictured is a man who looks just like you


Hey mister president 

I hope you play my song

On the white houses front lawn 

And that it makes you think about 

What it means 

To be 

Counted on for change 

But not a pocket full of dimes 

Or building walls  or speeding fines 

Just a voice to keep my time 

And we will all hold hands and sing

with a voice that is the meaning 


Of tomorrow 

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I lost my head today. Some people try to take it and replace it but attempt to fail at it. What can I say it's the world's bad habit; madness. I'm laughing cause I have been given the strength to find it. I feel me so I abide it. You lying can't solve it. You can say you look a marvel and really look like stone. They relate by being round but just lied cause its spelled m-a-r-b-l-e, really still looking different. Your own preference look like it got you headless and can't escape to the exit. Yes I got the message but I threw it away because you try vex it like black magic. OMG such a bad habit. Stay strong still laughing. Your trying to figure if I'm made with some type of matter haha I'm flattered. Let me elaborate on this matter and no I don't get this power Jupiter or Saturn. You know who I work for. I fallen and got back up flawless so no longer feeling nauseous. You scream caution cause I'm happy. I'm laughing and laughing mean happy. I have the victory and the mission has not been compromised. So you can bask in your own lies as I'm still flying. Dead to the world and the flesh so I can't compare to the mess I once felt. I dealt with many a life experience. You can say I'm delirious, hide your curious and grow furious. Saying "why is so mysterious?". Come on bro are you serious. You grow angry and say I'm in my period. Verily I say unto to you heard this because the awareness is aware and can't say who cares because obviously they do care. So stop you gullotine to lost sight and to speak on your voice. Don't be mad because I feel like I have made a better choose. I don't strongly judge you but the only thing I can do to tell that it's wrong and make your own decision. If you like make the incision and find your own vision. It is a big indifference and I will leave it at that. The gullotine trying to blind me and define I resist and flee cause within me I feel him near me. I preach religion online and outside they try to sue me so the only way I can do this. To the viewer thanks for viewing this and hope you find it explicit also exquisite. The world will not leave me because I'm trying to leave it. I admit I'm a man that also suffering from the disease that it brings so I do get discourage to reaching the top to become king and I know I'm not the only. If you told me no then your a phony. Some are probably reaching for the same or have a different reach. There is levels to this and wanna go higher than ever before. I wanna open the door and have everlasting solving a the biggest difficult math problem. Obligation fills my mind and over nations. Gullotine causes evasions and invasions. Wow amazing but we know greater than less so no I don't speak about sex. We are given the strength to flex so no need to undress. Put your gullotine away because for my people that are blind and that can't see they might have some weak in them but I won't you drop the blade to their neck. So theses words I protect and stand and shout out with a loud voice"WE ARE NOT FAR FROM THE TIME AND IT DRAW CLOSE FOR THE MOST THE KNOWS!!! SO DO NOT BE PROVOKED!!! YOU KNOW WHAT I KNOW LIKE SOULS!!! HE IS COMING AND IT WILL BE FEARING!!!! OVERWHELMED OVER SECURE!!! BE PREPARED BECAUSE IT WILL BE WORSTER THAN THE GUILLOTINE!!!". Seriously the eye and gullotine is scary but there more craziness and secret wars which is and which was and which are about to come. Our souls have gotten weaker over the years and we can feel it in our flesh. Sting by the gullotine I'm numb but I won't give up I won't be a mess now like I was then! Stem far from the gullotine and saw the vision in the dream of many this disowning me but didn't believe it. You don't have to but it was real and we are so close I do not boast. The gullotine is just the begin. Sinning is tough, young generation I speak that but won't keep feeding off of that like a crazed cougar. Get up! Keep moving! Don't let lies destroy you. must fight the gullotine.

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The Race

One in front, two behind.
Two in front, one behind.
Look back -
There are many behind.
As a team or individually?
How shall this race be won?
The longer I run,
The longer the race goes,
The longer the finish line is in sight.
The longer it is in sight,
The closer it may be.
O my mind! How it plays evil tricks!
The heat on my head,
My body, my hands, my legs.
O how my chest beats
With thy heart trapped in its cage.
How can I bear this pain any longer?
How much further must I run?
How many more obstacles must I pass?


Closer now I get,
Many more, yea, I hath passed.
One passed, one more to block the way.
One trouble gone, seems another has arrived.
A burden is rid, yet another takes its place.
The impatience grows inside me,
Yet the humbler I feel
As my feet hit the ground
One by one.
One by one is how the race is won.
One by one, each second is gone.
One by one, each step closer to the finish.
One by one, each obstacle is passed.
One by one, each round is done.

Pandora's Box



exhaustion surrounds 


permeating her auric feild


like a blanket of thick smoke


retiring into the darkness of night


it is her solace and place of quietude


undaunted by earthly storms 


the raging fires of voicy havoc


 raucous misunderstandings


petty misgivings that cloud the path to clarity


slowly and calmly anesthetized 


by the rise and fall of her chest


the inspiration of her breath


 far into the depths of unconscious planes


dreaming of spatial incongruencies


distorted views of the day's events


 slip into a place where they make more sense


awakened by a sound


 a child weeping


baby soft skin broken by the remnants 


of an ogre's  shame and anguish 


after dropping bombs on innocent women and children


abandoned by an angel of forgiveness


left in the scourge of suffering


accompanied by his own flesh and blood babies 


 one man's desperation 


the cold war has been resurrected


a house of horrors comes alive


it is up to each one to survive


 raw emotion pierces a hole


gnawing like lightning through the night


 into the core of her soul


awakening with cries


but after 35 years


she is finally alive.







10:07 PM 7/3/2013




Author's Notes/Comments: 

What war does. it lasts long after it's over.my father beat me 2 months after my mother's sudden death, and I blocked it out for 35 years of my life.


I sat there crying,
Tears pouring from my eyes,
Thinking of everything that means so much.
Wondering of how life twists and turns,
And when I needed you the most I was alone suffering.
Its not like you intentionally abandoned me,
Just the way things turned out to be.
Maybe for better or the worse,
Wishing desperately the two would mend.
A complete understanding of what is to come,
To anticipate my future tactfully.
Scared is not the word I prefer,
I really haven't the clue to describe what to say.
What jerks the tears out my head the most,
Is the thought of returning and what I love is a ghost.
A home to my memories,
Oh I can't bear the thought,
But I do and that's what rips me apart.
The realization then struck,
Sadness is the best way to achieve true happiness.
Knowing what its like to not have the ones you love,
Teaches the ultimate appreciation.
By this I wanted you to hear,
Every day will be cherished when I return,
Treating you honorably as you deserve.
I'll always be there,
No matter the odds,
At your side or forever in your heart.
My love to you.


Why do we fight?
People being sent to their demise.
Doing something they feel is bigger than themselves,
Not realizing that death means no return.
Pity how people have such a difficulty creating peace,
Men becoming monsters they were never meant to be.
Murder, sacrifice and watching others suffer,
Watching their time in this world fade in haste,
Only tarnish the purest spirits.
Leaving the deepest scars that constantly remind them,
How they can never be the same from the cruelty of their past.
Seeking the lords guidance to cleanse their minds,
Trying to forget what has warped their minds.
The beast that has grown in their time of madness,
Can be caged just as easily as it had grown in the havoc.
Just because they were treated as animals,
Doesn't mean they're forced to become one.
You are who you are by your own judgment,
Break the cycle and show others,
The greatest peace is created in the ruins.
Making something out of nothing,
Thankful to be alive,
Appreciate what makes everything seem alright.

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The Soul's Little Shadows

Long after the
Last lights have
Lost their lives,
And the shadows have
Taken over the streets,
A single soul dances
Alone in the

She does not sense
The anger of
The dark as she
Creates a glow where it was

She knows they dare not act,
For her disruptive light
Gives the ignorant shadows

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