in love

Nagsasalita Rin Ba Ang Biyolin? (in Tagalog language)

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Dedicated to R.


Reedited: 03.13.2024 (I formatted the font size at this point, to make it more readable for commonly used gadgets, as the original font in the default seemed quite very small —for me, at least.)



(Mood:  Kevin Kern - Sad Melody, Violin & Piano)



Reedited:  03.06.2024 [23:22] Naway = Nawa'y, the verses, when transfered, were not divided during cutting & pasting the whole poem from another the resulting format was retained as is (not grouped in verses, as it was originally formed).  Somehow, the format becomes part of the experimentation.

In Love [Haqueian Verse]

Haqueian Verse
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In My Mouth

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Written about one night 2 years ago that has never let me go! 

Love’s fate

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knock knock

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So In Love

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I thought it was, but it wasnt.

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