goodbye my friend goodbye

Goodbye my friend goodbye

i wish you a happy safe flight

i hope i would always be on your mind

goodbye my friend goodbye


goodbye my sister and my childhood friend

you'll always be in my heart till the end

i don't know when i can see you again

and it is going to be a very touching farewell

goodbye my friend goodbye


make sure that i will never forget

the happy times we used to spend

my sister i will never forget you

and i'm sure that you won't too 

it is going to be a very long journey

but i still know you're going to call me

goodbye my friend goodbye


far from me or so near...

we will always be to each other sincere

and i shall have no fear

because one day you'll come back here

you know it is hard on me to let go of all these memories

and it is harder to picture that you won't be here the next morning

goodbye my friend goodbye


get ready to a new life..

but keep aswell the old one on your mind 

you are going to make some new friends

but never forget that old one friend

cuz she will never forget you too..!!


i will miss you so much 

and days are going to be for me painful and tough

you are leaving...and see me weeping

crying for your absence !! and reminding you while sleeping


i can't imagine it is our last goodbye

our last friendly hug and the last time to see your eyes

and everyday at night,

i will turn on the light...remember all the times ..we used to gossip and sigh

remember our movie nights?! the popcorn? and the pillow fightS?!

goodbye my friend goodbye


countless memories we had togethor

and speechless time we spent togethor

but now it is different and to america you will fly

and i wish you a peaceful ,better,successful life..!!

i wish that i can visit you sometime

and see you again after a very long while.

goodbye my friend goodbye


i will always pass by your house and say bye

i used to see you there and  spend with you long nights

my heart will break a little  and i will certainly cry

because i will miss you and i want you to stay

but it's too late...and that's all i can say 

i'm sorry if i ever made you mad..and forgive anything i did bad

friends forever we will be...away from each other but still loving and sincere


goodbye my friend goodbye

i will never forget anything ....

and how we loved to look hot, classy and fancy !!

GOODBYE my best friends: REWAN and NANCY <3 

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