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Herding the sheep

Don't make a peep

Isn't this all so perfect?

No time to weep

Just go to sleep

And soon this dream you'll forget

Now that I have you attention

You have no choice but to listen 


-Just do as you were told

Sometimes it's best not to know

Just hang your head and follow

I'll give you my hand to hold

As we enter the unknown - chorus


Culling the weak

People are freaks

This fucked up world makes no sense

Force fed deceit

Better not speak

There's no way to make amends

Now that I have your attention 

You have no choice but to listen 




So here I go now

To the unknown 

I won't be alone now

If you'll follow 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another newer one. 11-27-22

Would love to see some comments on it.

The Demon's Inside.

The demons inside   

they come with out warning so you dont know that there there
and hide deep inside you causing you an endless nightmare
making you feel so alone and depressed with all of there lies
knowing for sure you wont ever be free from the demons inside
there relentless and uncaring and wont ever leave you alone
like a cold block of ice your chilled right down to the bone
and try as hard as you can to push them all to the side
the battle rages on with out any delay from the demons inside
but one thing is true no matter how many you have in there
never stop trying and never give in to there taunting red glair
but maybe everyone has demons that they have also denied
what a world it would be if we could get rid of the demons inside



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one because i know everyone has there own demons to deal with hope you all like it. 



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Praying For Love ( The Linked Style )






( Linked )





Praying for Love
Love in this World
World Lord can change
Change with His Love
Love Lord can bring
Bring in all hearts
Hearts be Transformed
Transformed with Love
Love, Peace, not Hate
Hate, evil, wrong
Wrong, sad, destroys
Destroys lives, souls
Souls, breaks hearts, men
Men need Praying
Praying for Love.






Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000






“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”
- Mark Twain-



~Author's Notes:
The 'Linked' is a poetry form or style created in 2008, by Erich J. Goller. (Vienna )





~ Best From Heart ~ ( The Blitz style )






~ Best  From  Heart  ~
( The Blitz  Poem )






Just spreading Love Hope Joy Peace
 Just hoping for the best
 Best to happen
 Best everyday
 Everyday night and day
 Everyday all the time
 Time and time again
 Time all around
 Around comes and goes
 Around up and down
 Down play it all time
 Down there you go
 Go and don't waste time
 Go and don't look back
 Back you're again
 Back you've come
 Come and show me how
 Come and lets talk
 Talk once more
 Talk and make it right
 Right about us
 Right as it should be
 Be all between us
 Be once and for all
 All that is what I want
 All that is what I need
 Need that n' more
 Need is all this
 This can't be bad
 This sounds so good
 Good is to do it
 Good is to see
 See it all clear
 See you at last now
 Now at last
 Now I can see you
 You make me glad
 You make me wait
 Wait a long time
 Wait n' much more
 More I love you
 More of your love I want
 Want you night and day
 Want you I shout
 Shout your dear name
 Shout it with all my heart
 Heart and mind
 Heart and soul







Dorian  Petersen  Potter
aka ladydp2000




“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”
- Mark Twain-


~Author's Notes:

The ' Blitz Poem ' is a poetry form or style created by Robert Keim.




The Earth Fable

Ana Isabel Dabdoub

Carolina Villanueva Briseño

God was sitting in his favorite cloud thinking how to make his afternoon more interesting, that is when the brilliant idea of creating a new world came to his mind. He immediately started with his new project and decided to call it The Earth. “But what should The Earth have? What shape should I give it? Who’s going live in it?” He asked himself. God took it one step at a time. First he made the shape and it started out as a circle but something went wrong and ended up becoming an oblate sphere. “Hm..That’s good enough, I guess”, said God. Now it was time to fill it up with everything else he wanted to put on Earth. He started with animals like lions, bears, giraffes, birds, monkeys, and other animals that live on land. He then got creative and filled some spaces of The Earth with water. That is where sharks, whales, fishes and other sea animals lived. Finally, he froze some parts of Earth and penguins, polar bears, walruses and other artic or cold weather animals lived there. “That’s pretty good, think I’m done here”, God said. That was that.

Back on earth, all the animals lived happily in each of their designated habitats and in its best conditions: polar bears never suffered from warmth because it was always winter, camels were always relaxed because it was always hot, orangutans were always resting because it has humid and perfect, and so on. Surprisingly, lions were also friendly because they didn’t have to worry about anything. They even greeted each other.

“Hi my name is Simba, nice to meet you”. A lion would say.

“Hey, Simba I’m Mufasa. I really like it around here, don’t you?” The other responded.

All of the other animals felt the same, everything was in its place and they all lived in peace. Nature was taking its natural course; it was all working perfectly.

God was very fond of his creations, especially all the animals. Nevertheless, Artemis, daughter of God, was jealous of his creations: she utterly desired to damage her father´s creations. One day, Artemis noticed something that was happening on earth… the animals became more egocentric than ever before. Because they were so accustomed to live without preoccupations, they didn't care about other species. They didn’t want to share there living space, or to just share a ration of food. All the animal kingdom began to behave like this. It was becoming a world that God did not intend to create.


The relentless Artemis took advantage of their misbehaviour, grabbed the planet and started shaking it. She managed to shaked it so intense that she altered the weather in each habitat, thus corrupting the peacefulness that once existed. The perfect habitats no longer were: polar bears began to have summer, camels began to have winter, and lions became meaner because they weren’t at peace anymore. So from that moment on now, every animal received their punishment, and had to deal with it. The animals had to learn how to survive.

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Children Know Things

There are certain things
That all children know -
Flowers bloom in spring
When all the birds sing
The sun helps things grow
And melts the fresh snow
Rain washes things clean
And helps with gardening
The good times - playing
And bed time for praying
The very best balloons
Big ‘n round as full moons
And without any strings
Moving as the wind blows
Yep - children know things
Like - don’t step on toes
The moon is Swiss cheese
Leprechauns wear green
And all angels have wings
Yep – children know things

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What is perfect

                                       what is perfect?


what is perfect can you talk to it will it talk back

What is perfect can it look up at the night sky so black 

What is perfect can you walk with it will it walk besides you

What is perfect can you tell it your secrets like a bff so true 

How does one define perfect is it like an recovering alcoholic

How can one describe that oh so Important word perfect

What is perfect can you hug it or give it that perfect kiss 

What is perfect is it a country song or is it something to reminisce

What is perfect are we all perfect or are we just all unchecked

One day we will be but today isn't that day to seek what is perfect!!!

                          Becky Chadbourne.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this because sometimes most of us at some point in our lives have wanted things to be perfect and when they don't turn out that way some get upset I know I did still do infact. Hope you  like it feel free to critique my work if you don't I can't try to improve it ( oh here I go again trying to be perfect ugh!!!!)

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A world without you in it!

  A world with outyou in it

What would it be like in a world with out you in it

 if you didn't exist if there wasn't a you how would I fit

If you are not here the trees would have no color to show 

And the sky would be grey and the wind would not blow

Everything would lose it's wonder and wither and crumble

And if your not here then I would be alone and take a tumble

What would it be like in a world with out you in it

All the bees would have no honey to eat and the sun wouldn't shine

To warm everything up and nothing would grow and it wouldnt be fine

All the lakes and oceans would dry up and fish wouldnt be able to swim

The world would lose it's light and be in total darkness no light everything grim

Everyone would be fighting and causing a riot and would all have a fit

So  you see what would happen if this was a world with out you in it.

         Zoey cup



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one a few weeks ago hope you all like it.

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I tried?

I tried to find the way to go, I tried to find the road to hope, I tried so hard that I got lost. I tried searching for my sole as I feel like I ain't got one. 


Who's fault is it? who's to blame? Me that's who?


Listening to all the lies people tell you. Controlling your life from a young age, always telling you what you can and not do, that's there way! 


making you believe in a religion from young so you get used to believing that God will help you. Ain't till you realise that all you have got in life, you have got it yourself. That's when you become more self-aware of life's doings. 



You become a god walking a world that he and only himself controls with his mind. But for some people they choose the easy way out and try to hide, praying on there hands and knees to a god in the sky. The truth is that the world is a big lie a big disguise, only you can un- mask the truth within your life.  

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