Of Marble Stone, Copper n Lead, and





Of Marble Stone, Copper, n Lead, and



I was a tool of death .

A skill, I've learned, for evermore.

And so does, yet, still remain.

I've kissed, the blade.

I've pledged, my troth,


God, the devil,  n ......death !

I'm, too sad for slumber.

I'm too, lonely to sleep.

I can't rid my head,

from, that pervading scent ......

Of ... What the darkness brings...

A, prelude.... to death !

And it's stench, has filled the air.

Its sweetly ,sickly perfume.

That lingers.

That's reminiscent.... 

Of rotting flesh, of corpses.

Of the expiration of life.

Of a smell....



dead flowers.

Giajl © Jim Love

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Joel Faypon
March 16, 2022

Silver colored crayon
Drawing a bent line in the sky
Gleaming ochre in the night
And in the day - a shade of white

Where the line decides to stop
Turned orange and cloudy gray
Cast shapeless shadows in the night
Shattered skylines in the day

The shards of a burning crayon
Melted crimson in the streets
Its eerie and thunderous roar
Shook the ground beneath my feet

The angry crayon traced a line that
Found my shelter at its end
Blue and yellow crayons
Still clutched in my lifeless hand


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem has an animated video - Please visit here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKwfkWVLjX0

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Once again in the world we see in use this familiar recipe for war

It aways begins with two countries but you’ll certainly be adding more.


The leaders of one country have two goals…to take another country’s freedom and to expand…The other country and her people want to keep their freedom and hold on to their land.


This recipe is guaranteed to cause countless deaths and endless pain..

We start by amassing an army with guns…then add some tanks and boats and planes…


From the guns bullets fly…from the tanks missiles are launched…and from the planes bombs will fall…creating a path of death and destruction…not for one…but for all.


We’ll need blood…lots of it…knowing so much of it will be spilled…as men…and women…and their babies…entire families are killed.


We’ll have to add more people and then more people and more people still…

until there’s no one left to add…until there’s no one left to kill.


Leaving us with only sorrow and tears where happiness dwelled before…because without sadness and sorrow and tears…you cannot make a war.


When the recipe is completed…when the last ingredient has been eliminated…is there any sane person in the world who enjoys the taste of what that recipe created?


And we think since it tasted so awful…perhaps we’ve had our fill of war…until the next time we look up and see two countries…maybe more.


Who have forgotten how bad war tasted…or worse ignore it…and then…begin to gather the ingredients to try that recipe again!


While the rest of the world who dream for the day when all wars will cease…

are desperately trying to develop…a recipe for peace.

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Là dans la brume la bataille s'accélère

Dans sa lutte marc s'écroule dans la poussière

Consommé par une force meurtrière


Ses forces le quittent, il défaille.

Mais du désespoir jaillit la volonté.

Le jeune soldat songe à sa fille


Il se relève pour elle, il tombera pour elle

Mais par un coup de vent il chancelle

Ses ailes brisées d'une balle dans la poitrine.


Il murmure son prénom; "Eline"

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The Incredible Machine

A dawn of advance
The world was ready,
The people weren't
And their children heaved through years of framework,
It was progress...


Alas the good deeds
People found new needs,
They set out to reach
The things they would teach...


A night to recall
The battle was won,
The war neverending
Upon it they weaved a special network,
It was useless...


A spun web of fate
Of gaiety and hate,
Forgotten the days,
Of the mortal ways...


An eclipse of minds
Oiled engines and souls,
Young, riotous rage
And they wanted blood for joy and fireworks,

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A March Through Snow In Wartime

The people march,


A great crowd clothed in tatters.


They march hour after hour,


Across barren ice lands,


And past corpses and carcasses,


Famished and frozen as night falls,


And the march shows no signs of ending.


Many stumble, never to get up again.


They lie in the snow, forgotten,


Dying under the night sky


As Europe destroys itself with war,


And nations weep and mourn for their sons.


They march.

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The Pianist

The pianist lifts his arms,


His hands come crashing down.


The bass notes growl, an ominous crescendo,


Warning of civil unrest and tension,


And of a Europe about to go to war.


The audience watches,


Hoping, praying that war will not come.


The pianist pauses, a brief silence that pulsates with uncertainty.


He lifts his wrists again, resuming the menacing trill in the bass,


His fingers working furiously as the growl grows in volume


And the temperature rises in the auditorium.


The audience stares.


A pause follows, and then a lament,


The work of a composer weeping for a lost love, for days gone by,


For his country, perhaps, and for his compatriots.


The pianist continues to play.

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Caligula Wars Against Neptune

*Short Poems


Caligula led the Roman

army to the sea

to fight Neptune who dwelt

beneath ocean waves' swell.


After soldiers speared

the waters

Caligula declared a win,

and seized as tribute

caskets full of seashells.


saiom shriver

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Reasons Californians Should Vote Out Feinstein




Reasons Californians Should Vote Out Feinstein



In November, some reasons to vote for Kevin DeLeon to be the next senator from California


  Feinstein is a war profiteer, a war promoter, an animal abuser who helped pass AETA. She has helped funnel over a billion $ in govt. contracts to her 3rd husband Richard Blum


Dianne Feinstein has supported the illegal immoral violence of virtually every one of the 17 armed invasions and bombings
of other countries.

1 Dianne Feinstein's record re animals contains secret areas. She was a cosponsor of AETA
2 Her husband Richard Blum has for many years been a regent of the University of California. For
several years he was chairman of the board of the regents. He also furthered animal torturing research
at many Univ of California schools.
3 Blum is on the board of the vivisecting American Cancer Society.
4 At Sutro Blum led a partnership that acquired Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus for $8 million In four years he sold it making a 500% profit on the backs of suffering beaten elephants and other circus animals.
5. All the heinous illegal wars for whose appropriations she has voted have killed trillions
of animals killed by bombs, tanks, abandonment, being seized and eaten etc.
6. The vaccinations she works to make compulsory are not vegetarian or vegan and are have lethal side effects. They are a major source of revenue for multinational drug companies.

Feinstein was instrumental in the sale of San Diego naval land to a Chinese company.

Feinstein is opposed in the US to assault weapons but has voted to send $ to the Netanyahu regime for purchase of weapons
including assault weapons.
Dianne Feinstein opposes assault weapons in the US, but facilitated getting them to Israelis Over 2/3 of California Democratic convention delegates oppose her

Feinstein is said to have violated the law in funneling government contracts to her husband's companies.
The US government awarded to a company (Perini) controlled by Blum. URS Corp, in which Blum had a substantial stake, bought EG&G, a leading provider of technical services and management to the U.S. military, from The Carlyle Group in 2002; EG&G subsequently won a $600 million defense contract.

In 2009 it was reported that Feinstein introduced legislation to provide $25 billion in taxpayer money to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, a government agency that had recently awarded her husband's real estate firm, CB Richard Ellis, what the Washington Times called "a lucrative contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry norms."

Feinstein will be 85 this summer. She is rarely filmed getting in and out of her committee chair.. but it is a slow process.

At the Democratic convention earlier in the year, Feinstein got less than 1/3 of the delegates' support.

Feinstein's main opponent is the popular and principled Kevin de Leon https://www.kevindeleon.com

'Richard Blum, a billionaire war profiteer, is also a regent at the University of California, where he pushed for harsh measures against students exercising free speech. During debate over the adoption of new censorship measures against intolerance, Blum cited long conversations with Feinstein and their mutual belief that students criticizing Israel “ought to have a dismissal or a suspension from school.” ' His wife has labeled criticism of Israel antiSemitism, which is akin to labeling Trump critics antiAmerican.

Feinstein has aggressively worked for compulsory vaccination of nonvegetarian nonvegan toxic vaccines containing mercury etc.

Feinstein's political career was accelerated when San Francisco Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk were murdered. She became SF mayor then. Richard Blum is her third husband.

This article was prepared by a populist activist, a former California resident, with no connection to any California campaign.
California Democratic Party declined to endorse Feinstein
https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2018/05/17/isra-m17.html article by
By David Moore—SEP candidate for Senate in California

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