A Little Child


Have to be a little child from my father,

Have to obey Cthulhu evermore.

And all bad things turned into dust,

By my evil and good Father.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some thoughts.

Mists of Time

Light and Dark

“I had a child just like you”

She said to me that day

Waiting in the hospital

On my knees to pray

She didn't know who I was

Her mind just couldn't see

That I knew who she talked about

The child was truly me.


We'd had this converse once before

And many before that

The degradation of her mind

Was obvious, as she sat

And prattled on about her son

How happy he will be

With her family when she comes home

And I had to agree


She never found her memories

Or recognized my face

After everything she went through

She's in a better place

Where memories last forever

And can't be lost to time

Where human bodies don't break down

Always in their prime


Many years have come and gone

I can't recall them all

It's not like I haven't tried

But the thoughts just have a pall

I try to stare back to the past

Peer directly through the grime

Just like a fog covered my eyes

It's hard to see through mists of time

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A Little Child


Have to be a little child from my father,

Have to obey Cthulhu evermore.

And all bad things turned into dust,

By my evil and good Father.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some thoughts.

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It's twitching

Deepp within my mind

This dark pit

can't hold it

Spreading deep inside



My mind is getting weak



Breaking the hold i try to keep



The perversive inner thoughts



Memory illusion perception distorts


Self Pain

I must refrain



Swim through bloodstain


Must hurt her

Must Ignore this urge



What does Death deserve

I hide her

A minor

No name no life no age


In her bed

Except upon a written page

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally posted on Candid.


Just made this up 2322 gmt 15/4/17

About a woman dealing with trauma of child rape contemplating suicide.

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The child was chosen to go through a task,
This specific task would give her a mask.
A mask of darkness and loss of hope,
Where she could be and no one else could go.

She was young,
A girl of just eight.
Adult issues and drama,
Would declare her fate.

She closed off her heart so no one could see.
And she felt locked like a bird that couldn’t fly free.
In this cage, she felt lonely and had been frigid like frost,
Self-pity, despair, and that the war was just lost.

There are moments she
Finds her wings feel broken.
Grueling with feelings
And words left unspoken.

Little did she know the war was not over,
And victory was right around the corner.
She peered to the sky that was full of light
No longer lost, she yearned to fight.

Days into months
And months to years,
The pain remained
With fake smiles and tears.
She flew to the ceiling and into the door.
When she thought she was done and could fly no more,
She pushed one more time for one last hurrah!
The door crumbled down to the floor like she thought.

She found solace and light
Along paths she walked
She felt strength and peace
Whenever she talked.

Glad that she fought with all her might,
She flew high and fast past billows of white.
No worries were with her to the great heights she flew.
No more consumed with the feelings of gloom.

With streams of red and rays of gold,
Her heart light again broke free from the cold.

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A Child

A mother is holding a child,

In her hands,

Majestic smile from heaven,

On her and the baby’s cheeks lands!


Seeing the scene feel blessed I,

Such a wonderful moment,

Can scarcely be seen,

Since it is a celestial element!


I try to move but I cannot,

The magic has held me to the spot!

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On Faithfulness

Simple Thoughts

"Don't get so frustrated, 

it's only a book, 

or a few words

that you threw,


hoping they might stick.

Sound familiar?


especially if you've stuck with it.


Life can be funny like that,

in fact, it is,

that the same things

seem to alwaus happen


to people who may wish

it wasn't the case;

assuming it's negative.

Once you give it a second


to process,

it's wild to think

the same exact advice

you give


is the opposite

of how you live

your own life.

Some advice...


Twice now I've had to step in.

To stop the golden desires

of sundrops on skin,



when there has already been seeds sown,

a tree has been growing,

and now there's doubt,

the axe lays on its side


nearby. Nearly every time,

it can hurt to cry,

but not if infidelity

is the reason why. At least,


let's hope 

that's not the case.

I'd hate to see the fallout,

it'd be all over the place."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some thoughts on my ever-increasing number of friends who have yet to reach relationship goals... 

*If I Were An Angel (2)*


 December.10.2007 3:28am/ May.24.2015

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


If I were an angel

I'd sit down and cry

Because I feel so helpless

I can't do anything as I watch the world die

I can't seem to figure a way to clean up the mess

All I can do is linger and wait

Wait here above the clouds in the sky

Once again a life is taken because of hate 

As I caress my wings I sit and begin to sigh

Today no one can help not even fate

I must go now

I better hurry before I am late

So many souls not enough time to do it all

I don't know how

Greeting each man woman and child at the golden gate

Each waiting for me to to do my name call

There are too many rushing to get in 

I ask them to line up against the cloud wall

I then tell them

This isn't a competition no ones going to win

So please walk slow

Your turn wil come around

Even though in the back of my mind

I know the line will only begin to grow

So please wait and be kind

People stand there sad as can be 

Walking without making a sound

Their loved ones they no longer can see

But if they look into thier heart

The loved ones can be found

They truely never did part

The pain they felt is free


If I were an angel I would find a way

To put this evil vibe in the world to rest

Every night I pray for that very day

But every day seems to be a test

I don't know what to do or say

All I can do is my best

Greet each person with respect

Wrap my wings around them and hold on tight

I will guard them from neglect

I will try to make things right 

I'm their angel now

I will protect them the best that I can

Living in heaven I will show them how

Right next to thier side

I will forever stand

The truth to them I will never hide



A Mother's Love (Haiku)

The world may leave you
but your Mom will always stand
by you. That's true love!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A haiku I wrote for my Mom this Mother's Day. :)