My first time drunk By jfarrell

My first time drunk

By jfarrell


I was 16 and it was the first, and worst, party I’d been to

“Bring a bottle”

4 turned up; 2 brought bottles of whiskey; 0 drinks whiskey.


Well, I’m buggered if I’m wasting ten quid.

A minute ago I was teetotal,

Now, I’m a whisky drinker.


For four hours, the four of us

Sang along and headbanged to “Yellow Submarine”

Whilst I drank the whiskey.


As I drained the last I exclaimed

“Damn! 2 bottles of whiskey. Can I take my drink or what?”

Then collapsed on the floor.


Awake, but unable to move or speak

Just hope nothing bad happens

Now, that’s getting paralytically drunk, for real.


Scared I might vomit,

My ‘friends’ put me in the garden, for fresh air

And forgot about me.


Some hours later

Someone sees a body dumped in the garden

And all sigh in relief, it’s just me.


You’d think there’d be something to learn from that;

Some lesson about the folly of drinking.

But, I was a drunk, long before I discovered alcohol.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

and i still like the yellow submarine, by the beatles ;-)

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happy 2018 all

happy 2018 all

By jfarrell


May the new year, tomorrow,

Be your best ever.

More prosperous, happier, easier.


Tonight, enjoy the crowds, the sights, the thrills,

The warmth and companionship of other people, strangers;

Please enjoy the spectacular fireworks display.


For me,

Long ago, a firework was put through my letterbox

And my hall went up in flames.


This past year,

Too many innocents have died in flames.

Fireworks don’t feel to me as they to others…


No matter…


Tomorrow, 2018, sees the birth of a brand new, unwritten future,

For us all.

Happy new year.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

best new year to you all

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All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve

By jfarrell


Tonight, many will dress as monsters

And go to parties and balls;

Three foot tall werewolves and vampires

Will ‘trick or treat’, door to door.


Mummies, zombies, glow-in-the-dark skeletons

Will bob for apples and eat soul cakes;

Pumpkins and fairgrounds everywhere;

And a constant litany of fireworks, in the background.


I think my scariest hallowe’en,

Was when I read ‘The Amityville Horror’ by candlelight;

Looked up at the window to see

Two ghostly eyes staring back at me.


Enjoy your ghostly antics tonight,

But, please try not to wake the dead, hehe;

Happy All Hallow’s Eve

To you all.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

happy hallween everyone

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Molly Delight

The noise all around me

spiraling through my body
the soundtrack of this jubilee
is filled with the glitz and gaudy
he wants me to leave
to go be with him
but the kush has me believe
the party helps me swim.
Maybe he wont be there
when i come crawling home faded
maybe he can't handle the affair
maybe there's nothing left persuaded.
but at the end of the night
i know im completely alive
because i danced with Molly Delight
my weekend revive.
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My only regret is not hugging you that night, 

not attempting to beat you at beer pong, 

not moving a little closer when we were both freezing,

not letting you know how adorable you looked,

not telling you how ecstatic I was that you showed up...

I just hope that through that simple goodbye

you knew what I was thinking, 

and maybe you, too,

had the same regrets.

Love Note

paper plates fill the trashcan

and an orangie glow lights up the fire pit

in the distance i hear the faint sounds

of neighbors saying their goodbyes 

and car doors slamming.


one last dried up hamburger sits upon the grill

and as i wash the mustard stained spot from the table

i notice the note you left underneath the candle

my heart skips a beat as i freeze and wonder

should i just throw it in the trash?


after the coals grow cold and a cup of coffee

i reach for the blue paper that is

carefully inscripted with a heart next to my name

reminding me of another note you left me years ago

about your plans to leave for Japan


my heart racing i held it for a moment in utter panic

but pleasantly surprised to read the words

nothing wordy or sappy,

just an i love you, 

which made me very happy!




11:28 PM 7/3/2013 ©



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Open Pit

Smells so good,
Barbeques after

A swim, raw meat

On an open pit,
Slathered thick
With seasonings
And sweet sauce,
Cooked just right.


Sitting nearby,
My dog drools,
And just before
I take my first bite
One of my guests
Reminds me that
In some third
World countries
They eat dogs...


Suddenly, I
Lose my appetite
And grab a salad.


9:50 PM 5/9/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Your Party


I ruined your party,

Your great feast.

You shouldn't have invited me,

It's your own damn fault.


You wanted to fight,

So I put on my boxing gloves.

Until you start complaining,

I am hitting you too hard.


I ruined your party,

But I ain't telling by what.

One thing I know for sure:

You can't deal with me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dream I had.

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When Wizards Get Drunk

They dance
Twirling and shining in gowns
of purple and sequins
That float all around

Their strange-wedged shoes; glasses
and wands hats and bugs
Exciting, enchanting
Their cauldrons brew fun

And MUSE slowly turning
she's sipping on wine
Laughter more contagious
than in sober minds

The lights are a-dancing and
mist's in the air
this spell so enchanting
such freedom is rare

Til Monday it comes
They are back in their suits
Their black shoes, briefcases
with faces as mute

The muse she is typing
and downing caffeine
Checking her email
with daydreams obscene

That fun in a bottle
and put on a shelf
Can't break it or sip it
Til says weekends' elf

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