Ripe but not quite

We sit under a tree of sugar coated apples

Landing melted kisses fresh from the rapper

As I attempt to suck the maple abstracts from your upper lip

Biting  the Bitter bottom

Then proceed to provide knowledge upon your private properties

Not to get to ahead of my verbs as you provide ad libs to our interactions

I'm Addicted to the misk of our attractions

Even a fraction of the attention you pay me,I can't afford

Drowning in the vocals of your cords

An assistant to the instance of were bored

And enjoying every moment

But dying at the thought of the fall from this tree as one of your life's disappointments

This view of you in my mind-is

Nothing minis for what in actuality I see of you

Hoping the feelings appealing and residual

Because those lips are a glimpse of the afterlife

the centerfold of these feelings we hold are unripe

And ready to unfold as we become something

And these Candy coated feelings  dangle Dangerously  

As we sit underneath this tree waiting  helplessly

For a taste of the Bitter sweets 





-don't hold it against me 

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Sweet Surrender


Someday, sweet surrender

You'll have me by your means

Will you take me softly?

Will you make me scream?

Someday, sweet surrender

Your laugh will be the last

Upon my deafening ears, linger

I'm falling to your grasp

Someday, sweet surrender

My memories will surface, tenfold

Hushing my mind to silence

A lonely descent into the cold

Someday, sweet surrender

The fireflies will fly, high

Above, below, around me

Ashes dance upon the sky

No longer bare the inflicted scars

No longer should you have to bare witness of the emotional scars

no longer shall you be overbared with mental scars

and no longer shall you be in pain.

You no longer have to cry

you no longer have to scream or shout

you no longer have to be alone

for I am here for you.

You are no longer alone suffering from this unavoidable pain

you are no longer weak you are much stronger than before

No longer you bare the inflicted scars.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hi I'm Zoe and I hope that you like my first poem

Between Silences

Between Silences


Last night you said you couldn't

Take it anymore.

Last night you said that

You wanted to die.

Last night I held you

In my arms.

Last night I watched

While you cried.

I went to sleep with you

On my mind.

I went to sleep with worries

Not far behind.

I went to sleep and dreampt

About us.

I went to sleep in hopes

You'd be fine.

Today I looked into your eyes

And felt relieved.

Today I hope it all goes better

Inside your head.

Today I want so badly

To hear you laugh.

Today I know exactly

The reason we are wed.

God made you for me

And I for you.

God had a plan figured out

The day we met.

God is always watching out

For you and I.

God wants us to be happy

Don't ever forget.


Brandy Noelle Souza

July 3rd, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my husband

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Girl With Glasses


You put your glasses on
Without a makeup on
You looked very pretty
Made my mind filled with sin


When you whined about your crush
Disappearing was my blush
It's like this everyday
Words always replicate


I wanted to love you
But you would never see
I thought you always knew
But all you saw was him


Days passed we never spoke
I told myself you might change
I watched you and him go
You were with him night and day


He told you to go away
You cried to me the next day
You said you'd forget him
But now you came running


Girl, put your glasses though
They're useless anyway
At least they'd hide the pain
Well, everybody knows

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I met this "GIRL WITH GLASSES" not a long time ago and this poem tells what happened almost every day with her.

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A Million Dandelions

he asked for my soul,
i handed it over; no doubts, no hesitation, no fears;
he asked for my lust,
i gave him all i had then he left and i got more;
he gave me his seed,
i'm trying to use it to fill a hole inside of me;
he gave me his love,
i took it and screamed at him it's not enough;

now we've reached reality,
the ecstatic mood has been broken;
an awkwardness has engulfed our every interaction,
my rational thoughts are flooding back to me;
the bell can not be unrung,
his hazel eyes have seen me crazy;

now there's secrets and lies,
i feel dirty, ashamed and unworthy;
he can't forget what his absence bore,
and i can't escape who i am when i'm not his whore;
time draws us closer to the bitter end,
love can't mend shredded dreams;

i stumbled over the ghost's of lovers past,
he boiled and now he simmers over it in his mind;
i snuck across a digital line,
my friend my fault and i agree;
i'm my own worst enemy and my own best friend;

i keep hope alive on caffeine and pizza,
he works himself into a numb living death;
i'll bury us under a million dandelions,
our love will never be gone;
we will forever float in the wind,
the seeds of us planting where ever they land!

Square one

I was so close to being over you
Then what do you go and do?
You sat there and talked to me
I said nothing, how embarrassing that can be.

My heart is beating out of my chest
I wish that it would take a rest
My hands are shaking too
I'm not quite sure what to do.

This moment seems to be bittersweet
I wish i could say it was just a treat
Now i'm back to square one
All my hard work has been undone

For now my heart belongs to him
even though the result is dim
Hopefully soon i will be free
Then you'll have no effect on me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was getting over the guy i loved and then i saw him again and we talked and it made all of the old emotions resurface... I was back to square one.

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The sun is low on the
horizon, leaving the
clouds crimson.

The sky is so beautiful
to me now. I mean I
really love it.

I am all alone except
for this wonderful sky
with its clouds of glowing

Night would never come if
I could stay in this moment

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The X-Confidence

2010-2012 Poems

People told me that you're finally out there, dating.
I smiled and said, "Yes I know, but you're still wearing our ring!"
See, they're always intrigued by our unconventional 'highs and lows'
But the 'why and the how' we ended like this, they'll never know.

Scars and wounds, I would proudly bear remembering
How I remain true to what was written in that ring.
The fears that I've conquered- for a moment with you.
Beyond words, you've seen what this happy heart can do.

So....people told me that you were out late and dating.
They were puzzled as I gave them my cheekiest grin,
Cause after all that you've said and done I've seen...
That you're still wearing our ring.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c)jerlin 19Jan12
Epic moment for me. :)

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