it’s getting pretty dark

too dark to surrender

or let your hand go


it’s getting pretty light

as I stand right here

and their voices fill me up


fitting how many times I almost cry

for the things we’ve lost

the things we never had

the beauty we are


and we are here

intent and exploding

fearless and pretty

shouting and whispering

laughing for all the years we have been hiding


just pull me through this

let me feel the crowd

without feeling the sting of the world


I thought I knew what pride was

standing next to you

in spite of it all

how it rose in me

when the hot air balloon inside of me expands

but here

ripping strength through me as we tear through the city

my god

it is fucking exponential

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/7/22

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You Were Never the Victim

Wow, this is the best poetry book in the world.

I love how deep it is.

That one poem is so funny my heart skipped a beat.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the pages.

And the most amazing part is,

It sucked.

A lot.


Who were you expecting, a white knight?

I’ve heard these jokes before in checkout lanes.

And the customers in front of me never knew you existed.


I’m not that pretentious.

But you are.


I do not have double standards.

But you do.


Someone whose castle is built on mediocrity can’t scare me into hiding.

But someone else might be.


The moat is heavily guarded by trolls that can ruin their lives

If they refuse to walk on eggshells around you.


I keep pointing out your flaws

But you never even see them.

Instead, you fired a bomb into the crowd

And ecstatically handed the cannon to me.


You impersonate a traumatized child so onlookers would feel bad for you

And point their fingers at me at the drop of the hat,

Leaving me with nothing else to say in my defense.

I’m beginning to believe you love the drama more than you love your craft.

You’ve thrown burnt bridges in the wind today and I’m off to the pen,

But I’ll let you have your fun for now.


I have stowed away in the back of the truck to escape my sentence,

But I’ve come back to fight you with a rocket.


I’ve been ready for perfect storms since my old flame tried to kill himself.

And pinned the blame on me because he wanted me all to himself.

I have nothing to lose if you play the “defenseless child” act again.


You may have been one locked in a tower once upon a time.

But you grew up to be a dragon and imprisoned someone else.

It’s not my fault that you made yourself look worse.

It’s yours.

You can stop lying to me now.

I know you were never the victim.

I’m not crazy

There was something there 

I refuse to believe you’re unaware

Of all those moments and what we shared

Not only is it incredibly unfair

To be painted as someone impaired

Because I noticed exactly what was there

Maybe I’m right and you needed some flare

So you used my emotions regardless of the tear

It caused in my heart when I became aware

That I was nothing more than an ego stroke

Because it all seemed like the perfect joke

Fool the girl into heartbreak

By letting her know she was never great

Not even close, it was just a prank

Either way I don’t care

If you actually liked me deep down somewhere

Because now I know the definition for overrated


And next time I won’t be so easily baited

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The worm that turned

The worm that turned

   By jfarrell


(thank you to The Two Ronnies, “The Worm that Turned” was one of the funniest stories ever)


I am a worm

A “man” according to my dangly bits

My dad tried to beat being a man into me

If he was to be my example

It basically meant hitting women and anyone half my height

Other than the occasional fly nuked to goo with fly spray

I don’t hit anyone

Hurt me, I’ll go home, cry and hurt myself more

Yeah, big man, right?


Please turn

Stop hurting yourself when others hurt you

Please, turn,

Hurt them back

Stop being a worm, be a man

Please, soon

This worm must turn


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wonder if slugs and worms are related?

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"Pride Anthem"


by DaddyO


Be honest, you belittled so I became dismayed

Your rhetoric really rained down hard on my parade

I stumbled, tripped and fell for your lies and betrayal

Your oppression choked me when I wanted to exhale

Now there's a new renaissance replenishing my soul

A more aware conscienceness that's made my body whole

My disadvantaged days of disgrace have gone and died

From the ashes a phoenix found a new sense of pride

You can still be a part of this hopeful happiness

But I have left behind my doubts, despair and distress

I embark on this journey, trepidatious and slow

For when the clouds clear away there remains a rainbow

Across the sky streaking, standing so proud and so bold

Held with love and acceptance as priceless pots of gold

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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More precious than a diamond is the pride,

It is something that none ever wants to hide,

On the face it does show,

As in the sky appears the rainbow.


Take pride in whatever you earn,

Be it something trivial or Herculean!

Nurture your dreams as the birds rear the birdies,

Believe that you can cross the turbulent seas.


Move on and on like a bold and confident soldier,


Know you must that success is not afar!

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Their bruised ego's are my weapons.

Ruse, ruse, taunt, taunt.

They lash out in anger.

They lash out in fear.

They lash out in pain.

Their bruised ego's are my weapons.

Flailing, flailing.

Failing, failing.

Surely we are better than this !!

They say amongst themselves.

Are we not the authorities?

Are we not the master race?

Ruse ruse.

Taunt, taunt.

Watch them go.

Out of control.
Flailing, flailing


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Congratulations Bangladesh Cricket Team!

I feel proud to be a Bangladeshi,

Yes I do feel proud to be a Bangladeshi,

In overwhelming ecstasy is the whole nation,

The ‘tigers’ have defeated England working in unison.


For the first time in the ICC World Cup history,

Bangladesh has reached quarter-finals ultimately,

The entire world is astonished to see,

How the players have earned victory.


All I can say is- go on ‘the tigers’,

Bring the World Cup home; make it ours!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Today Bangladesh cricket team has defeated England in the ICC World Cup 2015 and qualified for the quarter-finals. In the 4th line, 'tigers' means the players. Notably, the Royal Bengal tiger is the national animal in Bangladesh and the players have played like the tigers today with boldness, confidence and zeal. :)

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Tonight we're going to make things right-
Get up and fight-
You are bound by no fate-
Yet you hope to pass through an impossible gate-
You are no higher race-
Take my hand and see the world through my eyes-
Stop believing in their lies-
You don't need pride to accept who you are inside 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Many people in the world often have to make the hard decision of what's more important to them. Their religion or accepting themselves. Have no shame.

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