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"Where there has been love, there will always be embers, as the remains of a bonfire outlast the flames." Gwyn ap Nudd, Lord of the Wild Hunt, via Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows

"It was a remarkably expressive shrug, managing to convey several different kinds of not caring at once" -- Cassandra Clare Lady Midnight

"I may be dumb, but you're helping me" -- Bubba J (Jeff Dunham)

"Sometimes we just need to take a leap of faith, and hope we land on our feet" -- Martin Bohm

"Hearts don't really break. They can stop and they can leak, but, it... it can't really break. It just, it gets tired. It gives up after awhile" -- Gary Bell

"If I offended you, you needed it" --Corey Taylor

"On my epitaph look kindly, at the words that are inscribed
For a man who gave his all, in the ground beneath you lies" -- RoC Last Rites

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Holey Friggin Belly, Batman. The hole's still in my belly.

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Madness is the gift that has been given to me -- David Draiman

Your love is my heart disease -- New Year's Day

“I don’t go on Facebook all that much. But when I do, I want to be reminded of why I avoid 99% of the people I know.” -- Kyle White


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