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20 years since I been a member of Postpoems, which has been my beacon to express myself and share my work with the world. This experience of sharing my work has opened doors to new friendships and admiration I never thought I would reach. I started writing at the age of 15 out of rage; the sudden move to Fresno, Ca from Rosemead, Ca was a life changing event that I hated my parents for it. To rebel I began heavy drug that obviously channeled ideas and thoughts of hate and anger towards my parents and life in general; however, I never felt violent enough to hurt anyone let alone myself, even though suicide was always an option. I began writing, which most of my first writings are very dark in nature, in which you can find here of my profile page, I chose to share moments because I want to the reader to see where I came from, been, are, is going to (that I don't know exactly) but share my life almost daily; if you sincerely follow my work you will be able to see how I move through life. I will admit lately I been channeling past with new work that reflects moments of my past; as it is human to err, I err and balance sanity with poetry. I mainly write poetry; nevertheless I have started writing short stories inspired my life events, some of my favorite bands like the Doors (I love and relate to Jim Morrison's American Prayer) also I write prose and sonnets. I consider my writing very diverse in genres, as my stage name SoulCriticpoet, I feel I can tap into the soul of mankind and critique it with ease. What began as rants and complains are now pieces of valued work by many who have known me for years. As a poetry performers I have learned from of the best in our field and keep a close friendship with poets, artist, writer's, and artist with like minded. I am humbled at the number of reads my work has received, every comment I have received on this page has been positive and complimentary, which only makes want to write more. So please continue to enjoy as I enjoy some of yours. There are poets on this page that I wish I could read everyone's work, but time is always our enemy; however, if you I read your and it touches me, I will write a comment telling you how I feel! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!!

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Any can tell a story, but won't be able to tell yours as good as you. I feel I tell my story perfectly, not grammatically speaking. To connect with other's who maybe share the same life struggles or early beginnings and are now where I am; a inspiring poet and writer. The love of poetry begins with our stanzas and creates a manifesto of writings that tell the world we love, eat, breath, sleep, and die with poetry as our only true love in life. I say only, because whether you are married, single, have kids, or not you always turn to the blank pages of your journals and write so insanity won't settle in and consume us alive.

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"Poetry begins with our stanzas"


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