Carpe Diem, Seize The Day

All About Me
She opened her eyes
One morning and said,
"I'm not ready, God"
And went back to bed.

 A few hours later

She woke and then mumbled,
"Not now, my Lord"
With the blanket she fumbled.

The sun soon went down
And the moon woke her up,
"Jesus! What is it?"
She said with a huff.

At the foot of her bed
She saw him in all his grace,
"Oh my goodness!"
She whispered, heart quickening pace.

He offered his hand
Which she took and cried,
"I'm sorry my Lord,
But have I just died?"

He replied in a few words
She took right to heart,
"No, my child, you were sad,
So I thought I would start..."

"By telling you God
Has missed you today,
And letting you know
He smiles when you pray."

"He sees when you stumble
He knows when you fall,
He wants you to lift your chin
And stand tall."

"You are his miracle
Please never forget,
That's why I died for you
But regrets."

"Don't sleep your life away
Laid down in your bed,
Get up, live and love,
Wake up, use your head!"

"There's only one life to live
And He's given it to you,
Praise God for what you have
And to him be true."

After that he fell silent
And she felt tears in her eyes,
She hugged the Lord...
And said her goodbyes.

"Remember," He whispered
As he faded away,
"God loves you always,
Carpe Diem, Seize the Day!"

~~Brandy Souza
~~December 1st, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one day to cheer myself up when I was feeling particularly grumpy, tired, and lazy for about the span of a week and just had wasted the week laying in bed & doing nothing.

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