Invisible Battles


Shattered shards of self, scattered in the silence,

Anxiety amplifies, adheres to every absence.

Doubts dance, depression deepens—a dire duet,

Trauma's tendrils tighten, twisting thoughts to threat.


Unwanted hands, unholy violation,

Trust torn, tattered—a soul's devastation.

Memories mangle, mutilate the mind,

Leaving scars unseen, sanity undermined.



Family's fists fall, words wound worse than blows,

Love's facade fades, fear furiously grows.

Home becomes hell, haven turned to horror,

Childhood choked by chaos, terror, and sorrow.



Fibrous pain flares, fierce and unforgiving,

Vertebrae curve, a visual of vicious living.

Balance betrays, brain baffled by motion,

Vertigo's vortex, a violent commotion.



Slumber slips away, sleep's sweet solace stolen,

Bones brittle, broken—body and spirit swollen.

Migraines march, merciless, through mind's maze,

Cluster strikes, crushing skull in crimson haze.



Eviction looms, a specter ever-present,

Streets once known now seem a sentence.

Childhood's cold corners, revisited in fear,

Adult homelessness—an unthinkable frontier.



Yet they say, "It's all in your head,"

Invalidation spreads, insidious as lead.

Gaslighting glows, gutting truth's ember,

Leaving only lies to remember.



Fur-friends, faithful lifelines in the lonely night,

One battles cancer—an unbeatable fight.

Isolation intensifies, abandonment aches anew,

As time ticks away, taking comfort, and hope too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments are welcome, gaslighting is not.

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The current political climate in the United States is something to be fearful for, especially if you know your history. 

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