The air can blow us away,

But we can also blow air.

We can create air to use on others,

Yet air can not create us to use on air.

It is tossed around,

Is trapped and might never be set free,

Yet we need it for ourselves

So it can blow away our biggest fears.

Known for its power to move boulders,

And yet a feather is heavier than itself,

Can destroy houses that we live in,

Yet still whistles a song of peace.

We destroy it’s home for luxury

As we sacrifice the luxury to have it.

We sacrifice our own,

So we can give it to others.

Yin might say it holds our lives,

While Yang says it is the death of us,

Yang uses it for power,

While Yin is its only family.

They soon want to run away with each other,

As we cry for it to comeback,

Only for us to torture it’s home,

So it can stay trapped forever.

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Lick My Heart

Monumental moment licks my heart like

a mutt seeking godliness in its own taste

Split space beckons my step like

a woman on her one red moon

Sacred hoop mercilessly heals

the doggedly ungrateful

Wooden spoked wheel bears

a plump reaped Earth

Great galaxy tumbles

in the starless abyss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Emily Dickenson's "I felt a Funeral in my Brain"


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Five Year Journey

The weather is well

The sky is blue

The day anew

The little birds wake and sing

We wake because our alarms ring

I can’t tell

If that was the screams in my head or

The school bell

I’m inside

Inside again

Inside myself

Translation of my ideas, I’m deaf

Sympathetic to several causes

Seemingly smart with scarce solutions

Often imagining the future

Taking the high way in the maze of life

Road block

Stagnated, frustrated


Initially, but it evolved courageously

It’s hard to understand ourselves

Time is the patron of change


Now that I get it


That I think I get it

I’d like to rewind

And restart the picture I painted

Purify the person I tainted

Use the colors that I wish I used

My eyes see nothing new, I’m unamused

Now there’s nowhere to memorize just open your mind

Analyze every line

Because all the world’s a stage

Regressed to Illiteracy 

In my book I can’t seem to turn the page 

Learning till the day I die

Consumption of corruption because it’s easy



Our interests are mutual

Alone like my daily ritual

Instant satisfaction

Failing to ponder and think critically

Why don’t we ask why

By social stigma we act cynically

To me my shadow is colorful


The feeling we search for

Push and pull

Two sides seen by only two eyes

Left & right, black & white

Understanding is out of sight



I might

Still figuring it out


Silence kisses my lips

Only talking when we take sips

Beats my heart skips

My conscious flows in the veins of my eyes

My tongue is red like my lies

Tarnished are my teeth and my thoughts

And without purpose my soul rots

The human hand is the door knob to a person

But my hands are locked in fists

Wrinkles in our palms

The fleshy manifestation of our route through life

Legs like ruined Roman columns

Glory with revitalization

Destruction with mistreatment

Only if he comes to a sooner realization

He’ll become a traitor of stag-nation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first written poem. The title simply signifies the teenage years and I feel as if it really dug deep into my 17 year old head. Please tell me what you thought of it.

What's your Sign?

Just a thought!

My sign is "Out of balance", I tilt towards  insane..

I tend to measure "self assured", as insecure and vain.

The one's that say, they have no hope, measure off the scale..

Generally, I get off the track and let them self derail.

My sign is "Out of Balance", I only lean one way..

Once I read "You're beyond all hope", that's usually how I stay.

If you weigh me down with senseless views and claim to know it all..

I'll bend till the cup runneth over and watch you take a fall.

My sign is "Out of Balance", I only have one side..

You filled the trap with too much crap till your leverage went and died.

I'll level up and measure all the written word out there...

My new sign is, "Out of Service", .....Take a hike, cause..... I  Don't  Care!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A little more tongue and cheeky humor....if you don't get it....too bad, so sad'Tongue Out

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A Path Towards Nowhere

As I gain control of the sun,

I don't know where these feelings came from

And soon engulfed in the power, I became corrupt

My soul at stake, and my heart sewn shut


With all to have, and everything to lose

To people to expect you, but later no one to enthuse


And like anything, nothing seems to go as planned

Beauty and grace, quickly sunken in the quicksand


Will you and I become like the one everyone dreams?

Or be the source of why everyone shivers and screams?


Tell me, is everything ever so perfect?

When all we see is beauty in the defect?


The balance must be exact, they say

Else things quickly fade and thus, end night and day


Life is so very hard, don't you think?

The pure water turns to blood, quickly down your sink


But you and I have lost the mind to care

When you've gone down a path towards nowhere


As I go deeper, the world becomes dark and lonely

Life becomes artificial, greedy, and phony

Even the calmest of hearts can go dark

To the quietest rabbit, into a hungry shark

And the sky has no own to owe it to shine down to

Our hearts are now corrupt, frozen, and black and blue

And thus everything becomes pitch black

And those we love the most, die from a heart attack

All because we ignored the qualities we lack.

Everything can change by just one small decision

Little do we know it can change what we envision

What ever will you call a home now?

Everything but the past and dust upon what we call living

To what we cherished, fought, and nature that was once giving...

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When you think about Life,

You inevitably ponder Death.

For without the other,

Each is nothing.

We would not cherish Life

If it was never taken,

And of course without Life,

There would be nothing to take.

Opposites are everything:

Hot and Cold, Light and Dark,

Order and Chaos, Life and Death.

One might think the counterparts

Exist in entirely separate spheres,

And that one side is good or bad.

But really, like Yin-Yang, they exist

As a singular whole in equilibrium.

They cancel and balance each other out,

And in doing so, paradoxically

Create nothing from everything.







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We rise, we rest.

We are partners.
Paired - but not out of need.
Attracted - but not out of fear.
Complete - in our individual wholeness.

The calm we feel
is only equal to our passion
for ourselves, our life and the thirst for more.

We give
to ourselves what we need,
to our partners what we want,
and to the world around us
love to heal.

We are not perfect
but we don't expect ourselves,
our partner,
to be.

We are merely
and powerful
in our commitment
first to god
then self
then each other.

For us
that is the only way.

We rest calmly
in the glow of our own godliness
our own frailty
and our own compassions.
What a glorious light
we have.





the way to play on a see-saw,

is one person sits on one end,

and another on the other end

of a long board that sits upon a fulcrum,

and it can be fun,

but if you only want to sit on the see-saw 

and watch me dangle up in the air,

using your weight to sit me high above you,


well, that's no fun.


2:19 AM 7/12/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

balance in relationships. some people don't want to be adored...they just want to share equally.

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ice cold numbness

bathing the hands and feet

of soldiers past

doused in healing water

reaching into portals beyond

and flesh and bones 

of days gone by

and a time where sirens

fill the skies

the laughter of chidren dies


he glazed the tip of the scapel

to the wound in my mind

unknowing if whether

the stitch would hold

but had faith in the light of my eyes

her pain was great and lasted years

but the greater pain seen in his tears

a universal bandaid was what he saw

to nulify the scars of war


the surgeon's hopes 

are filled with fears

but love outlasts

all human tears




12:48 PM 7/4/2013





Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about an experience gifted to me by a doctor whose care i was once under as a child.

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