"Just Another Day"

Just a thought!

Hmmm...Monday morning, you're still here, with no

Earth shattering accomplishment to bestow upon us...

We know this simply because the tragedy of your

passing hasn't hit front page news yet... No news

in the browser... No new statue erected in your honor...

No new Holiday has been declared, and we don't see any

new face on the coin in our pockets, so...just

another day in paradise for you.   Never fear...

"There's always hope for a brighter tomorrow!"


                    Signed, "The Cynical Poet"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Just another Day"

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Its state and posterity

Round and about this head spins

hours on a while, limbs move

to and fro through the shuffle of time

one sees great seas this way up

or down below, from the sea saw

where we breath for baluga whales

trained as they are to entertain wailers

though you were not worth it

and the dime lost its value

yours was a history forgotten


Sail low on the ship.

Breathe easy in sleep.

Walk straight right this way,

to where you need not speak.

If this isn't real then why?

Why are we standing here,

sitting there, walking here;


even sheep aren't stupid



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the sad wimpish one 


he covers his body with blood


hoping someone will notice


just how ugly he is



he wants to be noticed


for the great person he truly is


but has no time to notice


that no one notices


anything anymore



and life goes on


and he stays sad


dying to live


and crying to die



never having the balls


to ask himself why



2:39 AM 7/6/2013




Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by the signs of the times, and those who are having a hard time enjoying life on life's terms. 

Unmade mends, loosened knots, dead disillusion

Shrouded with doubt.. cynicism has buried it's way in..

through the skin.. parasites, they grin.. 

I don't know if i'm mean't to be where I am anymore, cause I made a mistake long ago,

did it take me off the right road?

maybe there isn't a right!! maybe everything is just wrong...

perhaps neither of the two.

damn, it can seem so confused.. 


These days are like flying forever on an aeroplane, constantly changing destinations while the inside stays the same..

too many people got money on the brain, i'm tellin' you it's gunna really rob your heart of the warmth that brings about positive change.. 

but you're too worried about keeping the change you could be sparing to another brother, in need of some support..


God could of wiped me from this earth by now..

the tears I shed are so full of life, & yet so fucking dead..

is this emptiness set apart from what's actually going on within my head..?

will these mends ever be made?

my heart is not your scapegoat, & my mind is not your slave..

so step away.. i'm not able to be caged.

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Tell them.

Watching the stars might make you feel small
like being an insignificant speck in it all

you start to think of your place in this cast
who am i to exist in something so vast?

What makes you unique?
What makes you of value?

nothing means something
only what we make matters

we make rules to "protect"
we make guidelines to follow

tell the children whats bad
tell the shallow its hollow

tell the wicked its wrong
tell the blind they cant see

tell the quiet to speak
tell them all what to be

tell the sick they are weak
tell the strong they are right

tell the old they have fallen
tell the good they cant fight

tell the young they cant think
tell the bad they arent right

Tell them.

from all of this nonsense
what good can be had?

fleeting grasps of joy
long days of regret

is there a reason to stay?
a reason to fight?

what happens to you when the day ends?
where will you be when you turn off the light?

sleeping soundly in a bed of down?
sleeping outside with your ear to the ground?

you have life and hold it to you
but when your treasure is taken, what will you do?

If you're watching the stars and begin to think
that you matter not and your time is a blink

then stop for a second and contemplate this
why ask yourself questions when nothings amiss?

things only matter because what we create
moves on to our children at some future date

this is the only immortality we can achieve
the only trick mortals have up their sleeve

we wont last, we wont stay.
all we have is this very same day.

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