Growth Abundant

Sounds of tribal drumming around a campfire sound,

Feelings of wonder rise as the natives dance around.

There is a comforting certainty within the shamans feathered mask,

Should you ever doubt anything, all you need do is ask.

Heads up: a storm is brewing.

Enormous black clouds above are looming.

The wind has picked up to tremendous speed.

Beautiful shapes and colors are seen.

The fires flicker as she stands watching,

Drum beats resound heartbeats thumping.

Judgement day may be upon her,

She trusts in no one until she is sure.

Poisonous thoughts run through her mind,

As the rain pours down into the pipeline.

She sighs: Will life always be this awkward?

Gathering her strength, she straightens her posture.

Why won't they just be frank?, she cries.

They've filled my head with a variety of lies.

An ocean of thoughts entered her mind,

as feelings washed over of the jealous kind.

She grasps the shovel and begins to dig,

Loving the warmth it brought to her rosie cheeks.

Tenderly she kneads the earth,

With hope in her heart as she places the seeds.

The rain continues to fall: she wonders what will grow.

Tonight's moonlight will be just right for these particular plants

Shoveling a spoonful of dirt, she fills in the hole,

as four tiny mice run across her toes... and it tickles

She giggles at the happening and begins her imagining

of a bountiful harvest just before first snowflake falls.

~~Collaboration by Healingwoman & b.n.souza~~
~~July 4, 2013~~

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poetry Prompt - On a slip of paper write a list of 15 "free association" words. Use the 15 words in a poem. Variation: Create and exchange a list with another person. Then use their list of words to write a poem.

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nightlight1220's picture

Because his name isn't Frank.

Because his name isn't Frank. That's why.

;-) j/k this is a really beautiful poem, and very nicely presented. I like how you listed the names of the collaboration in the end, and not in the comment section, as well as the entire flow of the poem. I saw some photos yesterday on fb of wind and torrential storms and tornadoes in action it was beautiful to see how nature, even in her fury, shows us beauty.



...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


b.n.souza's picture

yes, living in the midwest

yes, living in the midwest I've seen plenty of beautiful & dangerous storms in my lifetime. Ty for the compliment. Healingwoman did an awesome job on the collaboration...this was ..after all...half her ideas. :) we both had fun doing it too.