Your Ignorance

When you do ignore me,

As a pompous lady,

Being so genial and kind,

Ludicrous it I find!


How can you be so selfish,

Cunning and devilish?

When none paid heed to you,

It was I who let you glow!


The past ‘you’ is absent now I know,


How fast time has transformed you!

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Grade F

Young man begging outside the train station

Not only is he young but he's also white

Privileged like the queen

Porcelain white skin

He should try being as dark as the night


A kid with a kid

That's what her mum called her

Her beautiful baby won't stop crying

Should have just had an abortion

She's Muslim as well

So she thinks she's destined for hell

No hanky panky before marriage

What a disgrace!


40 year old male with no driving license

What is it that Margaret Thatcher said?

A man riding a bus at age 26 may count himself a failure

Damn right!


Tick Tock Tick Tock

That's your biological clock

30 year old unmarried female

Don't you know you have failed?

Marriage and children is all you're worth.

What a disgrace!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was bored at work lol.

Shatter My Heart

down you go
spinning down
this contaminated pool
of ignorance
and soaring through
a cloud of naivity
or perhaps indifference.


your carelessness
is contagious.
soon enough
you will see
once i too stop trying.


deliberate or not
whether it is something that you thought
or haven't yet caught
your actions
or lack thereof
shatter my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is something I wrote a while ago but never published. I had a group of "good" friends, who began to make me feel left out, not cared about, and forgotten. It's short and simple- if they don't care to make an effort to be my friend any longer, then I will do the same.

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skilled verbiage






a beggar's 


poor choice


rolls him 


gently from 


curb to 




as the wealthy


roll over


in interest.




cutting words


spoken with 




like an ice pic,


hold the gentle,


subtle power,


to leave cracks 


like fault lines


in ignorance


left from











5:23 AM 8/4/2013 ©








Author's Notes/Comments: 
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It Lives

(image from elle.com) 




Wasted portions of misunderstood and ignored knowledge

held for ransom, like a secret never told,

Stealthily gaining momentum

from its gravity turned stale, and time lapsed in hiding. 

Soon sheethed in the murky shadows,

lurking in the zone of the unknown,



Wanting to free, but hopelessly shackled,

a hostage whose only solace is reveling in a newfound medium,

Somewhere between complacency and torment,

it gathers rapacious auric silt and slime,

Like the ghost of thoughts put to rest,

And stories never told,



It plays possum in the night,

only to keep a watchful eye

upon the Earth.


Devotion and loyalty to reticence

is its only oxygen in the struggle for freedom,

Befriended only by the sound---HUSH!

And speak, but only for the rebirth of itself,

At its core, once long ago, enlightenment, metamorphosed into

a haunting, churlish, savage scowl.




is the tortured spirit of all things 

misunderstood, held in secrecy,

the words and thoughts of the wolves

who walk with brazen ostenatiousness

in the sheep's hide.




1:31 am



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Words of knowledge unspoken turn to ignorance, and then to rude, abrasive, violent language and even acts.

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Holier Than Thou

Forgiveness is something needed,

For oneself, when we know we have hurt another,

Some people think they're perfect,

And that they only hurt others when they intend to.


Truth is, we hurt each other every day,

In one way or another, reason being,

No one IS perfect, just born blind about being human,

And having flaws, making mistakes,

And being the same, but different.


Men hate their differences 

And glorify their religions

Instead of glorifying the gods.

We have built ourselves up to be

Something great in our minds,

But so small in reality, 

That we can no longer even see,

We are nothing we claim to be.


Too much talk and no action,

Allowing money in the hand to mean satisfaction,

We all have blood on our hands,

Our prints on the gallows,

We've all murdered you know,

As we chant 'Hail Marys' 

And His name be 'Hallowed',

As long as innocent men,

Are murdered on death row, 

Better talk to yourself about forgiveness,

Cause anyone could be next ....you know?


Preachers and teachers,

All the blessed ones,

Get in line on Sundays,

And then go home to clean their guns,

Running their mouths,

About things that they read,

Never finding out for sure,

If it's even true, indeed,

The way to compassion 

Is through examples, not your mouth,

And a good place to start might be 

To start with yourself.


You may want to tell me

This is one big croc of s*it,

And that's ok, because it works for me,

And that's why I wrote it.




8:43 PM 7/2/2013 ©

The Way Of Ignorance

All this time,

You were thinking 

I had nothing to say,

The cockamamie way of

Those who blind you,

Blurring your reality,

Bringing you only

What is meant for you to 












Act on,






It is such 

An Intentional

Violation to

Your being,

And to society

As a whole, 

The obsession with




The removal

Of free-thought,


With malicious intent,


Infects us all,

And strips away,

Chiseling at all

That inspires








And self-worth

Of the individual

Destroying any and all

Human rights.




The awareness

Of Divinity,

















All lost at everyone's cost.




To know,

To see,

And possess








And achieve




As it exists in 


The Ethics of Human Rights,


Is not possible


Under this 


Blindfold of deceit.




But the law 

Of opposites

Tells me,

That one must 

First know 

What having a veil

Over their eyes



Before knowing 


It is 






3:51 PM 6/30/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Perfect Sense

I think hate comes from ignorance,
They say ignorance is bliss,
But I think ignorance comes from a lack of joy,
And anger turned inwards onto the self.
Joy comes from connection to the Divine spark
In all living things, so it would make perfect
Sense that there is so much depression,
Anger and ignorance in the world,
Because it is clear we have somehow
Lost respect for all living things as a species.

Sorrow can come from a lot of different
Conscious and subconscious places, I think,
But if we are neglecting our source of joy,
Then it would make perfect sense that
We would feel a deep sorrow as we watch
The world as it falls apart, and know,
Deep within us, why it is happening,
Even if we wear a mask to hide it.
When i say 'joy' I do not mean simply
A smile or a fleeting thrill from a gift given,
When I say 'joy' I mean a lasting flame of inner peace
And contentment that carries us past any
And all upsets and conflicts we run into.

I do not know of any children who are taught
These things. Are they important to anyone anymore
In our busy lives where there is so much
That is more important than ridding the earth of hate?
I am only one person, but I just do not agree that
Ignorance is bliss. Years ago I may have said yes,
Because years ago I did not know what bliss was,
But now being familiar with bliss, having experienced
Deep depression, having learned the ways I have fallen
Into ignorance and anger turned outward ,
I am more sure than ever about these things
As far as myself goes, anyway.

Saying 'ignorance is bliss' may just be someone's way
Of saying 'I'm too depressed and angry to care',

And, 'I don't want to admit it because it's just easier

To be in denial about the whole big mess'.

Sound right to you?


Have a great day.


8:41 AM 5/10/2013

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An Ode to Sequential Youth


Find a place where youth can lie with wisdom.

You must discover it, but never search.

For searching is such a feeble task one with steady lacerations.

Find him where he will hold your besotted heart from liquors of rich quicksilver.


Tear your ribcage and let ignorance fly to that foriegn island on which the sun has set.

And remember you cannot yield, not yet. Not until the sun has set.

The darkness it will come, oh, it will flood.

And it will take form in a beautiful maiden.

With beautiful bleach hair and a malignant breast.


It is in that land in which the sun has set where the pensive men gather.

And please, do not ask of the men what they were in a time long ago.

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