Monthly Archive for May 2012

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Hope And Change Poem trumpet7 May 1st
Love in the Midst of War Poem MyinsecureSelf May 1st
In memoriam Poem blumentopf May 1st
Epigram On A Metaphoric Dream Of A Possible Future Poem S74rw4rd May 1st
Driving Round in Blue Jeans Poem Silver__lining May 1st
I'm As Fine As I Choose Poem Silver__lining May 1st
Soulless Hearts and Toxic Souls (When Will We See) Poem LittleLennonGurl May 1st
change Poem ryan....... May 1st
Is It Too Much To Ask For? Poem Silver__lining May 1st
Use To Dream of Someone Like You Poem Silver__lining May 1st
tame Poem ryan....... May 1st
Hard to Understand Poem dampsoup 3 sad alone lonely happiness May 1st
La de da de da, I saw life Poem ADAPT 1 May 1st
Wondering dreams of the wayward mind Poem Shadow_season age Dark Earth light sky water May 1st
Child of light child of dark Poem Shadow_season age Dark Earth light sky water May 1st
Seeing May Be Believing But Believing Is Not Always Seeing Poem LittleLennonGurl May 1st
In union the lost ones cry Poem Shadow_season age Dark Earth light sky water May 1st
Blessed mother of holy marrage Poem Shadow_season age Dark Earth light sky water May 1st
Look At You? Poem Tormented1 May 1st
Being Part Cherokee Poem thisisme789 Ancestory, Roots May 1st
weeds Poem woman1026 Pain, sorrow May 1st
Spring Time Poem thisisme789 Spring Season May 1st
to live once more Poem amirah27 1 May 1st
Did You Hear the Song Bird in the Meadow? Poem Adam아담 10 May 1st
Was it all worth it? Poem Tormented1 1 May 1st
Pain Poem Adam아담 2 May 1st
Reasons to Live Poem TheLadyByron May 1st
knifes from the same block Poem redpyramid9000 May 1st
Do Hero's Cry ? Poem Daniel-59 2 May 1st
Fucking Tree Poem GaltJohn 4 May 1st
FrustratedLove Poem theloudervoice 2 May 1st
Blood Thinning. Poem ADAPT 2 May 1st
The world is a clock. Poem ADAPT May 1st
Half & Half Poem thelohaspiral May 1st
Glass Jar Poem swaymelikethesea 1 overwhelmed, Stress May 1st
On Severe Depression Prose TheLadyByron May 1st
Deadly fall Poem randyjohnson death, sad, Tragedy May 2nd
This Poem Is Not About Love Poem SoulKritiC Lost love, wanting love May 2nd
Mirror Poem Invisibird anger, blue, confusion, demon, eyes, Fear, lost, Mirror, Pain, poem May 2nd
Soothing Poem bluebird_ 2 May 2nd
A Dance with the Devil Poem MyinsecureSelf 1 May 2nd
I didn't know Poem theforgotten 2 May 2nd
good bye Poem ryan....... 1 May 2nd
nothing left to write or say Poem ryan....... May 2nd
BITTER COMPANIONSHIP Poem palewingedpoetess May 2nd
black white or blue Poem ryan....... May 2nd
untitled Poem ryan....... May 2nd
Love's Stake Poem CRIS frustrations, Pain May 2nd
The Summer Season Poem thisisme789 2 Summer, Summer time May 2nd
Missing My Baby Sister Poem thisisme789 deaths, sibling death, sibling grief May 2nd
Forfeit Poem breaking_the_cycle May 2nd
Respect is a two way street Poem running_with_rabbits May 2nd
Cry on my shoulder I’m a friend* Poem running_with_rabbits May 2nd
So long sorrow Poem running_with_rabbits May 2nd
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree* Poem running_with_rabbits May 2nd
I cannot sleep tonight Poem running_with_rabbits May 2nd
What a disappointment you have turned out to be Poem running_with_rabbits 5 May 2nd
Land of Bones Poem GaltJohn 1 May 2nd
Stay Drunk & Stay Away Poem Silver__lining May 2nd
One Hell of A Ride Poem Silver__lining May 2nd
I Can't Lie Lately Poem Silver__lining May 2nd
50 Shades of Gray Poem ramonathompsont May 2nd
Someday Soon Poem Silver__lining May 2nd
Night Poem MyinsecureSelf May 2nd
I'D LOVE TO SEE THE OCEAN Poem chris May 2nd
scarlet scars Poem 9inety 1 undead and vampires May 2nd
Mistakes Poem MyinsecureSelf May 2nd
Within This Ocean Poem MatthewWayne 1 Lost Treasures, Pain, War May 2nd
CABIN THE WOODS Poem chris May 2nd
HAWAII Poem chris May 2nd
one, two, three Poem elmoflim one night stand May 2nd
Depression Poem Demise 2 Death release pain knives cutting May 2nd
Darkness Poem Demise 1 May 2nd
I need you Poem Joliebelle 2 May 3rd
Finding the words Poem Daniel-59 May 3rd
" I Tis of Thee" Poem grantrizmo2002 corruption May 3rd
দাহিত অভিশাপ Poem shawon1982 May 3rd
cycle of life Poem alkaharuno life and death May 3rd
Pointless Conversations Poem Daniel-59 May 3rd
its time again... Poem SSmoothie May 3rd
My Sister's Going Through A Phase Poem thisisme789 heartbreak, Pain, phases, sisters May 3rd
Walking Poem thisisme789 walking May 3rd
My Little Blue Robin Egg Poem thisisme789 Children, poems from when I was younger, robin eggs May 3rd
Sunshine in My Eyes Poem thisisme789 sunshine, the sun May 3rd
Jellyfish Poem thisisme789 jellyfish May 3rd
Buddhists Meditating Poem thisisme789 buddhists, meditating May 3rd
Awake Poem RaveDave 2 May 3rd
Thank You For Music Poem thisisme789 Music, thanks May 3rd
Design-A-World Poem wemni May 3rd
cold hard regret Poem SSmoothie 1 pain and suffering May 3rd
Silent Underwater Waves Poem Adam아담 5 May 3rd
I Am So Beautiful Poem ramonathompsont May 3rd
هي بلا شك جميلة Poem aziz for frk030512 May 3rd
Expansion Hurts Poem wemni May 3rd
never a mother Poem ErisStormMercyRain May 3rd
It's Funny Poem pharren98 smile fake funny May 3rd
My brother Poem Listentoyourhea... May 3rd
A Future To Know Poem trumpet7 May 4th
Follow the spark Poem nighthawk21 1 May 4th
Goodbyes Poem DarkAurora May 4th
Next. Poem DarkAurora May 4th
Junior Seau Poem LittleLennonGurl May 4th
Meet An End Poem Silver__lining May 4th
You're the Horizon Poem Silver__lining May 4th
One Little Riff Poem Silver__lining May 4th
A Kiss to Ignite Poem Silver__lining May 4th
Even If You're Not Around Poem Silver__lining May 4th
There Will Always Be That Corner of Your Room Poem Silver__lining May 4th
Lying Eyes Poem LittleLennonGurl May 4th
To Short for Doubt Poem MyinsecureSelf May 4th
Paranoia Poem LittleLennonGurl May 4th
We Need A Change Poem LittleLennonGurl May 4th
We Are Pawns Poem LittleLennonGurl May 4th
Prayer Poem MyinsecureSelf May 4th
Gloria Mundi Poem rbpoetry May 4th
Day After Day Poem LittleLennonGurl May 4th
True Freedom Poem LittleLennonGurl May 4th
INNOCENT JOYS Poem CRIS kid's antics May 4th
Trichotillomania Poem thisisme789 disorders, Trichotillomania May 4th
she dances with spirits Poem SSmoothie 4 p May 4th
Meditation on Sleeping....Dying.... Poem wemni 4 May 4th
Mag_Mell Poem 9inety IRISH LORE May 4th
Garbage on the street Poem redpyramid9000 May 4th
So Hellbent about you Poem railiet confusion, Pain, realization, truth, Unrequited Love May 4th
PRINCIPLED KNAVE Poem palewingedpoetess May 4th
A decison not made 3-15-2012 Poem Deathscompanion8 May 4th
Drifting back 5-1-2012 Poem Deathscompanion8 May 4th
Inferior Poem metaphorist May 4th
Self-Combustible Poem metaphorist May 4th
Wasteland. Poem ADAPT 1 May 4th
My Poppy Poem babe1233 May 5th
Somewhere between Poem Shadow_season deadend, Faith, Hope, Hopeless May 5th
Did I go too far Poem Shadow_season 1 dreams, feelings, heart, Luck May 5th
The Lament of Prince Charming Poem cdj410 May 5th
Meaningless Poem gabz meaningless May 5th
watch the world burn Poem CaptainShambles 1 May 5th
A Poet's Remorse Poem still_singing May 5th
i see the sky Poem still_singing May 5th
The Rhythm of America Poem still_singing May 5th
Cassandra Poem still_singing May 5th
My Land Poem still_singing May 5th
Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine or thoughts of a tenor. Poem still_singing May 5th
The Beast Within Poem still_singing May 5th
Ang buhay ng tao Poem Enitsuj.justinE May 5th
Happy birthday grandma Poem Elfy 5 May 5th
His Watchcare Poem trumpet7 May 5th
Promise Promise Poem life_used_to_be... May 5th
YOU Poem heatherburns35 May 5th
Dead Winter Poem life_used_to_be... 3 May 5th
MY ALBUM Poem heatherburns35 my album May 5th
THIS DAY Poem heatherburns35 1 this day May 5th
IN THE LEAVES Poem heatherburns35 IN THE LEAVES May 5th
THE RAIN Poem heatherburns35 th rain May 5th
A FLOOD Poem heatherburns35 a flood May 5th
BEAUTY-TRUTH AND TRUTH - LOVE'S BEAUTY Poem emmenay 2 Love poem with an abstract touch of subtle beauty May 5th
This Is How I Feel Poem Seraphim 3 a Fearless, addicted, All Around Me, Back To December, Best Is Yet To Come, Better Than Revenge, Blood In The Tears, Breathe Today, Buried Beneath, Collapsing, Curl Up And Die, Cutting The Ties, Divisions, Driving Nails – Demon Hunter Internal Cannon, Enchanted, end of the world, Fifteen, Forever And Always, Fully Alive, God Forbid, Haunted – Taylor Swift Tip Of The Iceburg, Here We Go, I Just Want You To Know, innocent, It Can’t Rain Everyday, I’ll Be Ready (2), I’m So Sick, I’m Sorry, Last Kiss, Let It All Out, Leveler – August Burns Red Story Of Us, Lifewar, love story, mine, No Ordinary Love Song (2), perfect, Set Apart This, Shine With Me (like the beautiful star you are) (lyric), So I Thought, Sparks Fly, Tell Me Why, The Lucky One – Alison Krauss and Union Station For Today – Band Name Descending Upon Us, The One I’m Waiting For, The Way I Loved You, When Angels and Serpents Dance, Where Do I Go From Here, You’ll Always Be My Best Friend – Reliant K Sorrow, You’re Not Sorry, – P.O.D. Daylight May 5th
DISTANT MELODIES Poem palewingedpoetess May 5th
Death Poem Seraphim answer, bright, calls, Dark, dead, death, Depression, eyes, Fall, left, lies, Life, light, me, sadness, shadow, sinking, sleep, Suicide, Void, World May 5th
A Light In The Dark Poem Seraphim 2 adoration, Dark, first sight, light, love, relationships, romance, second chance May 5th
An Epiphany Poem Seraphim an epiphany, Black, death, Evil, goodness, heaven, hell, Life, revelation, the end times, white May 5th
Here Comes The Rain Poem Seraphim 3 Abandonment, Black, Cold, crying, Dark, death, DESPAIR, Feeling, greif, Life, light, Loneliness, loss, love, meaning, Pain, rain, resentment, sigh, tears, white, winter May 5th
Pain Poem Seraphim and I’m bleeding I’m lying still there dying on the floor You stand there, and you can’t see All the things you’ve done-to-me I left you and found another He cares for me like never before Jesus Christ, and you can’t see All the things you’ve done-to-me My true feelings are veiled behind The mask of my own torn-up face You can’t see you’re destroying me Because you can’t even look my way I’m cut, and you can’t see All the things you’ve done-to-me The pain is bearable But only because I’ve felt it before Now everytime I think you love me You send me screaming to the floor No more No more No more No more I’m cut, but the gift of, I’ll never endure your abuse anymore (Spoken) “For the wages of sin is death, Life, truth, Way, You think you know me But you can’t look me in the face ‘Cause everytime you look at me It only reminds you of your disgrace I’m cut May 5th
Psalm of The Broken Poem Seraphim Apathy, broken heart, Dark, Depression, DESPAIR, heart, Hopelessness, Life, loss, love, sadness, second chances, soul, Torment May 5th
Fractural Pieces Poem Seraphim 1 aphrodite, fool, fractural pieces, gone, hell, i love you, kind, look, loss, love, Music, patient, psyche, Song, time, trust May 5th
Soulmate Poem randyjohnson love May 5th
WINDS OF TIME Poem heatherburns35 winds of time May 5th
MY HEART Poem heatherburns35 my heart May 5th
The meaning of Cinco de mayo. Poem ADAPT May 5th
THE BEAUTIFUL POET #2 Poem heatherburns35 7 the beautiful poet @2 May 5th
Beauty at the End of an Ugly Day Poem 420skater 1 love happiness spirit peace May 5th
Little One Poem taken1000x 1 Villanelle May 5th
Rain Drops Poem RissaRoo14 1 May 6th
Take Me Poem RissaRoo14 May 6th
This Is To... Poem RissaRoo14 May 6th
SLEEP, THAT ELUSIVE THIEF Poem palewingedpoetess May 6th
THE EVERGLADES Poem emmenay An allegorical love poem May 6th
one day Poem ryan....... May 6th
fake human Poem ryan....... May 6th
Bullocks and Pullets Poem pluguan May 6th
my heven cloud number 9 Poem ryan....... May 6th
Through Anything Poem exkaijadesatiro May 6th
THE TRUE PARADISE Poem emmenay allegorical poem May 6th
Abiogenesis --Origin of My Life Poem wemni May 6th
Mother's Children Poem cevance a mother's love May 6th
@ 27.225 MHz: Avaloniad, 3; Epistle Between Friends Poem S74rw4rd May 6th
THE SO RELIABLE PLEASURE ( FOR WE POETS) Poem palewingedpoetess 2 May 6th
the brink Poem SSmoothie May 6th
Silent Night Poem deadpoet986 May 6th
Memories Poem ladydragus May 6th
Teach Me Poem ladydragus 1 May 6th
I Loved Poem exkaijadesatiro May 6th
Your fruit. Poem Elfy 2 May 6th
My Godess Gabby Poem Elfy 1 May 6th
If That's What It'll Take Poem Silver__lining May 6th
A Girl That's A Friend Poem Silver__lining May 6th
Where I've Been All Along Poem Silver__lining May 6th
I'm Crazy To Think You A Proper Lady Poem Silver__lining May 6th
unworthy changes. Poem SSmoothie May 6th
That fire Poem nighthawk21 May 6th
the endless Poem SSmoothie 1 May 7th
Whole. Broken. Healed. Poem dare2dream 3 May 7th
It Starts With One Poem dare2dream 2 May 7th
Squeeze Till Your Chest Cracks Poem thelohaspiral 1 May 7th
fluorescent warmth Poem Anonymous May 7th
The Burden Of Love And The Consequence Of Blind Devotion Poem Shadow_season Angels, Devotion, Fallen, guilt, heaven, rebellion, trial May 7th
Days like these Poem ADAPT May 7th
To become the thing once despised Poem Shadow_season brothers, heaven, love, Passion, rebellion, War May 7th
Brothers Divided Poem Shadow_season Banishment, heaven, loss, Lust, Pain May 7th
Vernacularity Uncertain Poem tonymoreno23 May 7th
THE OBVIOUS SAME Poem palewingedpoetess May 7th
EARLY RISING. Poem kiwi humour May 7th
love , an it's travesty Poem Daniel-59 May 7th
You've Put A Spell On Me Poem thisisme789 love, love spells, spells May 7th
working class man Poem SSmoothie May 7th
INCURABLE ROMANTICS Poem emmenay love poem May 7th
No Matter What You Do Poem LittleLennonGurl May 7th
The Calm Within The Storm Poem LittleLennonGurl May 7th
A Human's Creed Poem GaltJohn May 7th
There Always Was a Catch Poem Sivus May 7th
Just as bad Poem theforgotten 4 May 7th
you keep calling me back Poem 9inety 3 May 7th
A Decade Of Writing Poem cynthia 4 A Decade Of Writng, inspiration, POETRY May 8th
CAT ON THE BED Poem chris May 8th
no love for me Poem jlf249 1 May 8th
All Hearts Cry Poem aroundmidnight93 2 all hearts cry crying hide sad alone find dark place May 8th
Through This Dark Place Poem aroundmidnight93 pain rejection hurt depression family friends understanding forsaken broken May 8th
Beginning Of Strong Delusion Poem trumpet7 May 8th
Untitled, Undiscovered, Unveiled Poem deajuly author, fiction, Vampire May 8th
This Love of Mine Poem aroundmidnight93 love forgiven cross unworthy dirty saved May 8th
A mothers day poem Poem word_man May 8th
Mustela nivalis Poem rbpoetry May 8th
mud nap Poem ryan....... May 8th
you never forget Poem Daniel-59 1 May 8th
Rift Between Poem dillytoad May 8th
ESCAPE IN SOUND Poem palewingedpoetess May 8th
Lotess Minor Poem Sivus Character, fantasy, nature, Plants, trees May 8th
Reflection Poem thisisme789 2 Reflection, reflections May 8th
George Lindsey Poem randyjohnson death, Dedication May 8th
Looking For A Familiar Username Poem thisisme789 6 online chats, online friends May 8th
Everything I Had Ever Wanted Poem LovingLovelace 4 May 8th
Once Upon a Fairy Tale… Poem LovingLovelace 7 May 8th
It's Time For Finals Again Poem thisisme789 4 finals, last tests before schools' out May 8th
GOD Poem heatherburns35 God May 8th
THEN CRYING Poem heatherburns35 then crying May 8th
disillusioned Poem SSmoothie 6 May 8th
Love unto Death Poem PoetryIsLife 2 A love poem May 8th
ECHOES (ETHEREE) Poem heatherburns35 echoes May 8th
The falling away Poem Shadow_season death, demise, EMPIRE, power, Weapons May 8th
It's confusing, to say the least Poem railiet disbelief, Horrified, my inspiration, obsession, Secret, shocked, truth, Unrequited Love May 8th