end of the world


Many people wonder how the world started. There are multiple theories trying to explain the origins of the universe thinking it’s a very complicated subject when in reality it’s very easy. In fact, so easy that it came to and end just the same way it started.


The key word we’re going need is “information”. Everything functions thanks to the exchange of information and it is through that the first clue of life started to appear. First there was nothing, then that nothing decided to duplicate itself which means reproduce the information it has of itself. Shouldn’t be very difficult to duplicate nothingness so that’s how the first information exchange begun. Next, after creating a huge space of nothingness it created something; a small particle of dust. The small particle of dust duplicated itself to transport more information. After that, small clusters of particles started to exist which is what we call “atoms” today. Atoms gathered together to create more information and that’s when the next method came to life: the exchange through grouping. The process kept going on like that until we have the first microorganisms that learned how to reproduce themselves with other microorganisms instead of itself so the information would be richer. Then microorganisms started to develop senses like sight and smell that manifested a new way to process more information which then became animals.


The last sense to develop was hearing. Animals created different speech patterns that allowed them to communicate with each other without the necessity of reproduction which made the process way quicker. Then one certain animal figured out a way to make certain sounds that would accurately communicate what the other was thinking; it was the first humans through speech. Speech was revolutionary, it allowed a much richer way to share information and for that humans needed to develop even more complicated brains to be able to process all of it. That’s how humans became the dominant species, being able to control the rest. All because of their ability to share more information. For a long time humans took the lead with that, creating books and the internet and things like that.


Now fast forward to the end of the world. Humans, animals and plants are part of a system of information sharing much like a body works. Each of those living things became the bacteria and cells conforming a much bigger body. The whole world became another bigger creature with the ambition and thirst for more and more information. In fact, it became so big that it was hard to be able to transport so many information. The stress of the systems conforming it had to explode with a bang. So what is it then? Is there a limit to how much information we can know? Or was that just a small experiment of the universe? Where did all the information go? Many questions had to go unanswered thanks to the ambition of the universe itself. It got tired for a while but then the beast decided to restart the process. It became the last living thing in the universe. And it is the one through which you are able to read this.

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End of the world Fable

Once earth was a beautiful planet with lots of colors, animals, water, and blue skies, every piece of it had bunches of life, and people lived in peace since a long time ago, it was warm and cozy, it was our home, and as if it was a joke one day everything disappeared in the blink of an eye, and just because a door was left open. One morning of the year 2020 a very dumb and distracted person, Dr. Esteban Quito, left his breakfast at the oven and it caught in fire, that very same morning Dr. Quito had to present a machine for time travel that he liked to call it machine for time travel, the problem was that he could not leave his home without having breakfast, because he was like a little kid who liked his breakfast homemade.

When the new breakfast was ready he left his home in a big hurry, the presentation of the machine was almost beginning and he wasn't there, he left his house door open despite her wife every morning tells him to close the door and by the time he left some burglars entered the house.


When he arrived to the lab, the machine´s presentation was already delayed 30 minutes, he made all the preps for demonstration and prepared the guy who was going to the future, Alex was his name, a 25 year old pizza delivery guy who needed some extra money to take his girlfriend out to a fancy dinner, little they knew earth's end was near. Other scientists were in the crowd, impatient and annoyed at Dr. Quito’s delay, he got really nervous and did it all in a hurry, he thought he had closed the door after Alex the delivery guy had entered the machine, but he didn’t. The machine consisted of a small capsule with very good security, all you had to do to keep the effects inside was to shut the door, some people noticed that door was still opened and tried to warn Dr. Quito but he was too nervous and he thought they were just yelling mean stuff at him so he decided not to listen and urged himself to push the button as soon as possible, so he did. A bright white light covered the whole room, then the whole building and suddenly the entire planet was covered in it, which ended up basically making the world age very very fast, after just a couple minutes, everything grey and dead. The earth which was once a beautiful blue planet turned into a small black sphere, like a rotten grape. Alone, in a corner covered in dust a cockroach woke up from a nap and said “What happened?”.And another cockroach replied, “He didn't close the door”.

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A Blaze of Glory

“I think it got smaller today too.” The owl said.

“As the day before that.” The fox answered, “And tomorrow it will happen again”

No one remembers how long ago it started. The Sun started getting smaller each day, out of nowhere. The humans were scared the first time they noticed. Even some of their scientists went into bunkers, saying the world would freeze and that everyone would die. Others were in denial; telling people that while this was real, it would take a long time for the sun to die out and that everything would be fine. After a few months of everyone living in fear, not much changed. Well, not for the humans anyway. But we could feel it. We could feel in different parts of the world, how they began getting colder and colder. Our families, the other animals, were slowly dying. The humans thought they were so smart, they built special burrows to protect some of their kind. It is impressive really, how they can adapt to survive. But even more impressive the way they think that just by ignoring a problem, it will go away.

“What if it doesn’t?” The owl asked frightened, “what if it just disappears and everything ends?”

“Then that was the way it was intended” The fox responded.

“The humans think it won’t come to an end.”

“They never see an end to anything.”

“How is that possible?”

“They think that they know everything. That they are superior. Even when a disaster is their fault, they try to get rid of the blame, saying that it their actions were ‘necessary’ for the greater good.”

“Do they even care what happens to the planet?”

“No, as long as they are comfortable, they don’t even care what happens outside their own burrows.”

The owl got silent for a moment. He turned his head backwards to a human city. Some buildings new and shiny, higher than the older, destroyed ones. Even they don’t care about their old homes.

“What will happen to them?” the owl asked.

“The same thing that will happen to us”

“You think they won’t survive?”

“No one will” The fox answered her “even they have to understand that. Their cities won’t save them when the planet freezes and all life goes away.”

“It could happen tomorrow.”

“It could.” Said the fox, laying down while he started to close his eyes “If it doesn’t, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” said the owl, who shivered a little, looked at the starless sky and then closed her eyes as well. “see you tomorrow.”

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The Lost Tiger





Itza Tamez & Adrián Treviño






There was once a family of tigers that was full of warmth and color. The mom just had 2 little cubs and now the family was 7 strong. In the morning the mom and older brothers went hunting and she left the cubs inside a tree trunk. She always came back in the afternoon with a meal for the pack.  After a week of hunting failure the 5 strong tigers went to hunt across the river to feed the whole starving family. The day was cloudy a storm was coming. By the afternoon the river was overflowing and there was no sign of momma tiger and the pack.  The two cubs stayed inside the tree trunk “I am getting really cold” said Simba, “Don’t worry Simba momma will come back”. As they cuddled and shivered they both fell asleep.  In the middle of the night the river caught the tree trunk and struggling it flowed with the current.  Simba´s brother fell to the river, “Aleeex!”. Simba couldn’t do anything about it, he would drown too if he tried to help him. Simba the tiger was now on his own. The storm was still alive, making rivers merge, continents submerge, until the whole planet was underwater. One morning Simba woke up and saw other animals floating on dead trees. He first saw the turtle, which moved slowly, but efficient, it seemed that they were living in a slower world. He saw birds resting on the tortoise, the reptilians didn’t seem to be bothered by it. When Simba turned left, he saw deer, lots of them. They seemed nervous and tried to fix their step every time since the wet tree was slippery. Behind him Simba saw a family of grizzly bears, two cubs and their mom. The cubs seemed pretty distracted and bored, the mom was anxious and lost in confusion. Simba started to cry, he missed momma, he would have given anything to see her again. Simba went back down and made himself small in the tree trunk. As the day passed he saw different animals come and go, some of them fighting and others just tired. He made some friends in the way, but he always ended up alone, in his tree trunk. As days passed they became colder and colder, until he saw other animals on top of ice, polar bears, penguins, seals and others Simba hadn’t seen before. A week since the storm had passed and everything was white, Simba hasn’t seen an animal in days. As Simba cuddled in the corner of the tree trunk, a bird rested in his scalp. He couldn’t see it, he couldn’t smell it, he couldn’t feel it. Simba was pale now and started to close his eyes, life had no color now, life had no warmth now, life was just a memory in the mind of the lost tiger, Simba.




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The CATastrophe

The CATastrophe

The mouse ran through the street, with despair in his face, fearing for his life. He heard the sound of cursed bells approaching him, he knew it… there was no way back, yet he kept running, running as if the world was going to end right before his eyes. His heart pounded with tremendous fear and felt so agitated as if it were going to fall from his chest. He turned around before hitting a wall, and then he saw them… a group of ten, maybe twenty cats cornering him. Suddenly the squeaks ceased, the heartbeats stopped and only the bones remained of what used to be a mouse. That my folks was another innocent life lost due to the cats. The cats had been conspiring for decades in order for this day to come. They were certain that they could end every single grasp of life on earth. The word started to spread and the rest of the mice locked their doors and waited with fear of what was inevitable, they were all going to die that night. There were thousand and thousands of cats, they were everywhere, outside every house, under every tree, near every alley, they were just too many. A doe was walking in the street, and then the cats cornered her. Her face became pale and she became still, unable to move any part of her body.

”I’m pregnant,” she said, “please have mercy on me, I will do no harm”.

“We show no mercy,” said the cat leader, “anyways, your baby would have been born in a nonexistent world.”

A loud scream was heard, there went the life of the doe and her child.

The cats broke into every single place and found every single mouse that could have been hidden. They were destroying everything, burning every place and form of vegetation. No place was left to hide, it was just the ground, thousands of cats and the remaining mice. Only five mice remained… three were eaten in front of the remaining two.

“Why are you doing this?” asked one of them, “Why can’t we live in peace?”

“It’s our nature,” said the sub leader, “cats are meant to eat mice, you shall all be killed.”

 The two mice were too afraid to die tragically so they threw themselves off a cliff.

“We have conquered the world” said the leader, while the world was falling apart.

They all asked themselves what came next… they had no one to eat, nothing to destroy and no purpose in life. They all kept staring at the world while it kept falling little by little, piece by piece. They had damaged the earth so badly that it could no longer sustain itself.

Then, what was expected to happen happened, the cats were making a line to throw themselves from the cliff, they had all accomplished their goal.

Nothing was left and the earth ceased to exist.


That my folks, was the end of the CATastrophe.

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The Great Phoenix

The Great Phoenix 


“The end is near!”, no animal would believe the ravens. A great prophecy about some big and all-powerful creature descending upon the woods would be passed from generation to generation.


One day, when Eagle woke up and looked at the sky, there was something odd: it was red. He flew out of his nest and realized that the forest was empty. He flew above the trees, thinking it could be the day the ravens were talking about. He flew all the way up to the precipice no one ever got close to, and finally saw it. It was bigger than any other animal It had wings with feathers that looked as strong as the rocks that built up the mountains. They were red, as the most intense flames ever seen, with a brighter yellow than that of the sun.


“The Phoenix” said Eagle. It was supposed to be an ancient bird, wiser than all the animals together. Stronger than a lion, rhino or any animal that ever inhabited the Earth. Rumors said that every once in awhile it would come to judge, to determine which animals were worthy of inhabiting the Earth. He was the Protector.


Animals were constantly fighting each other, and they didn’t have had peace for a while.

Eagle looked up and saw how the Phoenix spat fire into the air and all around. But there was something weird, the fire didn’t burn the trees.


There was a line of animals, all waiting to be judged by the Phoenix. If an animal had behave well, the Phoenix would spit his fire over the animal, and it would leave unharmed. However, if it had behave badly, the fire would burn them down to the bones. Phoenix was the judge, the fire was the hammer, and death or life would be the sentence.


Eagle flew down and landed at the end of the line. He wondered if it was fair that the decision of someone to live or die should be taken only by one. He asked himself why wouldn’t the Phoenix give a second chance. But lastly, he asked himself if he would survive. He was trying to remember if he had done something bad, and hopefully something so good that could spare him. He feared for all his friends he knew wouldn’t make it. But mostly, he feared all the things he would left unfinished.


The line became shorter and shorter. While some left crying, others never left.

“Come closer”, Phoenix said.

“Dear Phoenix, I know I hurt so many and helped so little,” said the Eagle. “but it was because of my instincts, I’m a natural predator. I must kill to survive.”

“I know that. But ask yourself...how many times did you kill for hunger and how many times for amusement?”


“I don’t take pleasure in burning the unworthy. But I know that in order for this world to become better, it must burn and be born again.”

The Phoenix spat fire over Eagle. As he closed his eyes, he understood: everyday was on its own a second chance.


The Jealous Mockingbird

The Jealous Mockingbird


Once there was a mockingbird, whose name was Mike, sitting on the branch of a big three. He had not only shiny feathers but a mighty voice all his friends admired. He was singing his graceful song and dancing to it when another mockingbird sat next to him, one he had never seen before. “A new friend” he thought to himself, and decided to keep quiet in order to listen to him sing. This new mockingbird sang and his song was beautiful, but Mike was neither impressed nor delighted by his new friend’s talent, instead he felt jealousy, fearing that the song of his enemy was better than his. “This can’t be, my song is the best one there is. But just in case...” and the mockingbird decided to steal this song. And he practiced and practiced until he had master this new song, and now he could sing not only just his original song but this new one too. “This is proof that I am the best” he thought “if I can sing his song it means I am more talented than him”, and he went back to his nest to call it a day.


Next morning he woke up ready to show everyone his new talent and headed to the top branch of the highest tree, cleared his throat and sang his song full-throated, making sure that all his fellow mockingbirds could hear. As he always did, he catched the attention of all the other birds who kept quiet to listen to him and when they were all looking and him, he stopped for a second and began to sing his newly learned song. All the other birds froze, but not because they had liked this new song, but because they were shocked that Mike had sang a different song than his.

“This is outrageous” mockingbird Alexis, one of the elders, said “a mockingbird is born with a song of its own and that song is beautiful and original and special because it was composed specially for him” and he flew away offended at what he had just witnessed.

But not all of the mockingbirds thought like elder Alexis, and applauded Mike’s mastery on song-shifting. “If he can do it I can do it too” one of them said, “I bet we all can” the other one replied. And so it began that all the mockingbirds began to steal each other’s songs, changing from one to another and even forgetting their own. And newborn mockingbirds were no longer encouraged to find their true voice but to choose whose song to steal. And ever since Mike decided to still a song, no new songs had been heard and jealousy and mistrust spread, mockingbirds feared that they would be copied and always looked forward to coping others, and the old days when they all danced to their songs and shared them and admired the diversity were long gone. And it all began to decay until one day it was all over.


And this is the story of how the world ended. You may wonder why there were no explosions or chaos but you know what they say: “This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper” (T. S. Eliot)

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The Journey

Pedro Gómez de la Garza A00818529

Arturo Cantú Cisneros A01196412

The Journey

The sky had been dark for 3 days now, she had to find a shelter and a partner or else she would run out of time. So she went down to the river where everybody else was, and she asked the lion, the leader of her group, “What is going on?”

“We don´t know but you can´t be alone, you must find a group, so you can go to Noah”

“Can I go with you?”

“Of course, we accept every mammal.”

And so the platypus went with the lion and the other mammals, she felt protected and part of the group, that night they had a huge dinner to celebrate the new member of the group. But suddenly the platypus started to throw up all over the place.

“Didn’t you like the food we made for you?” asked the lion.

“It’s not that, I’m just not feeling well”

“Maybe you should have some rest”

And the platypus went to rest but she knew there was only one explanation for this, she was pregnant. And when the time came to deliver, she laid 3 baby platypus's eggs.

“What are those?” asked the lion

“These are my baby eggs”

“But mammals do not lay eggs! You can´t be here, you are not a mammal!”

Suddenly it started to rain, the sky was even darker, panic was growing among the mammal group and the poor platypus could not continue the journey with them. If she wanted to survive she had to go to Noah with her eggs all by herself. She knew it was going to be very difficult, and the rain would not stop, it became heavier and heavier.

In her way to Noah, she found an owl who asked her, “What are you doing all by yourself lady platypus?”

“I was with the mammals but they threw me out because I'm not a mammal.”

“Oh but you are my dear, it's just that you are special”

“But mammals do not lay down eggs, can go with you and the other birds instead”

“I´m sorry but we can't accept you, you can´t fly” replied the owl, “you must hurry, Noah is planning to sail the day after tomorrow.”

And the owl went flying under the heavy rain with the other birds.

The lonely platypus, rejected by everyone, arrived to Noah the next day, but when she was going to go up the ark, Noah said:

“Where is your group little one?”

“I don't have one” answered the platypus, “I´m alone”

“Nobody is ever alone, come with me I will take you to your group”

The platypus followed Noah up the ark and for her surprise she found herself surrounded by other platypus. And then a weird noise came from the platypus´s purse, crack! The eggs were hatching! One by one, the little platypuses came out from their mother´s purse, and she started to breastfeed them. And when the lion, who was already in the ark, saw this, he told the platypus:

“How is that you are breastfeeding you children Mrs. Platypus? If you are not a mammal.”

“I am a mammal! But I´m special!”

“We are sorry we kicked you out, we thought you were not a mammal.”

The platypuses and the other mammals went together and became friends. And so Mrs. Platypus was never alone again.

That is the story of how the platypus came from the old world on a journey to the new one, but like the platypus, many other misunderstood species were rejected, species not as lucky as the platypus.

The moral of the story is persistence and self-esteem. You must believe in yourself and keep going like the platypus did on the story and not stay depressed like many other species now unknown to men.



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A fable about the end of a small world.

The earth felt fresh, just as any other day. My brothers came out with me to work, so we followed the same route, in which we have been working on for the last fourteen hours. We were strong and nothing ever messed with us. I followed the path that I finished the day before, and I could see through the transparent barrier on my right, the unpredictable on and off of the glaring sun. Sometimes I also saw God. Every couple of days, he showed up, that gigantic and mystical hand from where the food fell off, and we were fed. He was a merciful God. My brothers told me to don’t get near to the hard, green colored structures that rested on the top of our home, because they were not eatable and we did not understood its purpose. The world intrigued me, I had many questions and only got dirt as response. Sometimes it trembled when we did wrong, and God shivered the world with anger, or perhaps just for fun. Only God knows. I don’t know anything. I had hundreds of brothers, and it increasingly felt as if there was less space in the world. Everything felt tighter, but we adapted ourselves, for there was no other world to inhabit. Sometimes I pleaded to God to build us a new world, a wider realm where my brothers and I could stretch and explore because in there we we used to know every inch of space. Every day we followed a routine, every day we did the same, and every other day we saw God's hand while he was dropping the food of the world. We knew nothing, but we already had got used to everything. And the days went by, and nothing seemed to happen until then.

Earthquake. Stirring frenzy. Everything around me was shaking. The world had gotten out of control and suddenly

­‑Splash! –

        - What happened? I cannot see the sun, there’s dirt without order, my dead brothers. -brothers, wake up! What happened!? Our home is gone, I don’t understand ... what is this I feel? Air? Something is pushing me hard.

My eyes got clear enough to see a bright light lit out of a frame - like the frames of those green structures.  What is happening?-
Suddenly I saw God approaching my now shattered world; I managed to see his face. -I saw the face of God! God help me, help me! Look at my world, what happened?-
But he didn’t answer, he never had. I watch a long tube with elongated hairs sweeping away my world, now extinct. I ran to save myself , I was startled , I ran towards the light frame, something was telling me it's was my only way out.
The light blinded me for a moment. Gradually accomplishing to focus my sight, I could finally see something I wasn’t ready for. A new world, reborn.

The land is green and the land beneath it feels smooth, the ceiling is blue and moody, and the sun irradiates the strongest light I had ever seen.

      - Are you lost little friend? I haven’t seen you around before -

I leave my amazed state to look at this new creature before me.

       -I do not know where I am, what's this? Is it the new world? ... What are you? Why are you so big?

      - I am a beetle, Haven’t you seen one before?

      - No sir, I do not remember seeing someone like you in my whole life, I didn’t think we had anyone else in this world.

      - But there are thousands of different creatures in this world, some are larger than you, some are smaller. You do look kind of lost, well, that you see up there is the sky, not a roof, and that's the sun, and it sets in every evening.

Puzzled by hearing this new creature and all of its new information, I felt the strange force trying to drag me again, taking me with her.

      - That you feel is the breeze; do not fight against it, it is part of everything. Every single thing is a part of something bigger, like you and me, we are part of the world.

      - A new world, like being born again. After the chaos, came the calm. But…what about my brothers?-

      - Death is just another part of chaos; peace will make your world reborn.-

      - I understand –

      - What do you understand?-

      - Death is part of chaos and with serenity everything is reborn, I understand that the world has reborn. But I do not know anything and now almost everything is unknown to me-


      -Then feel the land and respect it, feel the sun , the sky and the breeze. Life has welcomed you once more.-

Written by: Lorena Luján Cepeda and Gustavo Hernández Valecillos.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Did you get the species we were talking about? I'll give you a hint.

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