Faded blueprints

Sweeping the streets,

While blaming defeat-

On the sidewalk.

Taming my feet-

Things can only look up,

For Us.

As you trickle to the-

Granite door.


Labeled as such,

You puffed up-

Fixed my cuff.

Gravity abandons,

All of us.

Grasping what's left-

Youthful death,

Hasn't met an end-

Left to stand once more.


Mother, why you'd fuss?

Our rooms are cleaned at once.

Small fingerprints fade in time.

One, two, three-

Your kisses we'll keep.

Our ashes may seem-

Like sandy gold,

Smells of brimstone.

The loss of two leos and a capricorn.


Our corduroy vests,

Her pink satin dress-

Stained with crimson,

Not to mention shards of glass.

These will soon flush,

As we thrust through misty clouds.

We leave as we come-

Just candles in the sun.

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Silent Orchestra

It starts with-

Two wounded hearts.

Seperated between valleys.

During a a major storm-

Bodies were torn.


You have no buttons to push-

I built my bridges-

Now all my work is gone.

Threw away my wings and,

Polluted your mind.


Inside my head-

I am the one to blame.

Symphonies lullabied-

Your music played in vain.

Darling, your long-

Desires tinkered with wishes.

Do i say things clearly-

Or am I the one thats missing?

But you-


Stole my soul.

I'm empty handed.

Oh, Simon says-

Let things go!


Inside my head,

Silent orchestras play.

The falling away

Losing grip on the power they once held, those who had created their darkest weapon found themselve at the twilight of their empirical rule; the empire was falling away under the shadows of the demise they had created. Their own end was rising before them.

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Dreams of demise and the rise from exile

From seats of power, those in control decided to use
their most powerful weapon against the people;
not bombs, or mechanized armies, but an unholy creation
of flesh and blood; a living weapon. To suppress the rebellious
children, who had turned on their elders, punishment came from beyond
the depths of the heavens. From his place of exile, he watched
and waited on the hour their demise would descend.

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The Day The Night Stood Still


In the beginning, there were only conspiracy theories; wild ramblings of those who warned of something that was being created for our demise. Night after night, late night radio shows were mad with words of destruction and the coming day, telling the people to prepare for a plague the world had never seen; to be ready for the end of our civilization. No one listened. People continued on and the world remained; until rumors begin to spread of a strange illness. Though the media was quick to discredit anyone spreading such rumors, and experts were always on hand to give mundane explanations, this strange new illness moved faster than those trying to play it down. For that day predicted, the world's refusal to listen would be its downfall.

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The ancients spoke of the day of darkness; the last age; the day
when the end of worlds would swallow the galaxy, and would
tear apart our dimension. The children of the old ways feared
the demise of our world and the age. Many prophets warned of man's arrogance
and belief of his place and power in the universe, looking beyond their own
time, and long fearing their words would be forgotten to the ages.
Unless even one discovers their words, the darkness beyond darkness would
come. Even in the hours of demise, hope still exists.

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A Bit of History for You

A Bit of History for You

Rise my brothers rise!
Rise up until the other side meets their demise!
Let us take back what is rightfully ours!
Let us venture forth and unit Europes western powers!
Let those who once fought against brothers and relatives now rightfully fight against barbarians!
Acting swift and just, we will end their reign of totalitarian!
Seizing victory for our Lord screaming "Deus Vult"!
Riding through the fires of war still shouting "Deus Vult"! "Deus Vult"!

The Hallow Space

The Hallow Space

Upon entering the hallow space, I cannot help but feel battered and defected
Staring into the nothingness, wondering why my emotions remain scattered and uncollected
My mind weighs heavy and my heat continuously tearing
Struck down at every turn, getting to the point of despairing
My conscience screams and cry’s as if I am unaware
Begging me to weep alongside it, releasing my pain and utter despair
What was here is now there, what was strong now met its grim demise
Now here I stand, spectating, as another part of me quickly dies
The pain of being here is almost unbearable, as I must depart
Slowly turning back leaving another foundation to inevitably to fall apart

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Fading into the twilight,
Yet, never able to hide.
Running has fast has you can, yet never able to escape.
It is our existence, it is our demise.
It is mortal, but it will never die.
It brings happiness and it brings sadness.
It has many paths, yet they all lead to the same place.
Every path is an experience and every experience is a lesson.
To live this is the only goal, to survive is aftermath.
“To live is to suffer, but to survive; well that’s to find the meaning in the suffering”.

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