" I Tis of Thee"

They say I have to wait for the bill to pass,
Possibly then Ill collect,
They keep sayin the price of gas will rise,
With military occupation, I would expect,

Deducting social security cash,
A folklore from decades past,
Foodstamp caviar without shame,
My meals are hot and fast,

With every sale a little bit extra,
To help ol' Uncle Sam,
While thousands of strange dialect tongues,
Send it back to their homelands,

With more satellites in space than ever before,
On everyones head a cell phone glued,
"We have your best interest in mind"''
"Were not watching you!"'

Just to attain life's simple things,
To the factory I must go,
While some sit home and just relax,
Watching conjoined twins on some daytime talkshow,

Millions of dollars yanked out of our hands,
D.C. suits never taking a stand,
Keep on imprisoning innocent people,
With possesssion of natural plants,

He told me change was coming,
But I am not holding my breath,
For the Rothschilds control it all,
Refusal will always land you with death,

Home to greed and corruption from the very beginning,
Until now still not much changed,
Slamming their ship into the rock,
Turning us all into slaves...

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