My Heart Breaks (2nd Version)

Baby sister Poems

When I think of all the things

you'll never do...

When I think of all the places

you'll never go...

When I think of all the things

I can't say to you,


My heart breaks.



When I look at your picture....

When I look at your grave...


My heart breaks.



When I miss you...

When I miss your laugh...

When I miss your smile...


My heart breaks!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, I know this is the same poem as the other "My Heart Breaks", I just didn't know which format I liked it better in, so I posted them both! :)

What do you think??

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My Heart Breaks

Baby sister Poems

When I think of all the things

you'll never do...


When I think of all the places

you'll never go...


When I think of all the things

I can't say to you,


My heart breaks.



When I look at your picture....


When I look at your grave...


My heart breaks.



When I miss you...


When I miss your laugh...


When I miss your smile...


My heart breaks!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Poem about my baby sister. Please let me know what you think!

Legal Rape





families gather in a place of condemnation,

weary, excited, downtrodden, in a 'fair and equal' nation,

look foward to a day, when they see the face of a loved one,

behind a plexiglass window framed in steel, with the aura of being 'under a gun',

little ones elated, of the day they see daddy's face,

it matters not to them, they must be in this place,

just a look, a glimpse, of so much time lost,

and mothers, sisters and brothers, all pay the cost,

arrive at the gate, the car is searched,

and in the distance, the attack dogs, hungrily perched,

the car is dismantled, and questions of interrogation,

what are these pennies for? (i didn't know i needed a reason).

reaching the entryway, a small piece of material is given,

we ask, 'what is this for'? (no answer--excuse me for livin'),

one woman steps up to be searched for the visit,

"rub that piece of material across you breasts, ma'am", (what? this seems illicit!),

she complies, without complaint, because the kids want to see dad,

and now, she too, has been made to feel she is bad,

the other officers gawk, they seem to be enjoying this,

some even appear they'd love to give her a kiss,

little ones stare, they don't know of mama's shame,

mama says to them "oh honey, the nice man's just playing a game",

he takes the material, and places in a machine,

the drug test comes up negative, his face gets mean,

he tells her, "no, wait, miss!!! you can't go!" (it's like a threat),

"you must now rub it between your legs, we're not done with you yet!",

the woman looks at me, her face is beet red,

we all feel helpless, in shock, we can't believe what he said,

she takes the piece of material, and rubs it between her thighs,

he says "no not like that! higher!" (and this poor lady begins to cry),

he doesn't apologize, or have any sensitivity that what he's doing is rape,

his fears have swallowed him completely, 

our mouths are agape,

we all go through this process, feeling so violated, and psychologically torn,

then we force the smiles on our faces, we can't complain or mourn,

and this is just one ingenious scheme, an obstacle, one tactic,

that divides families who have someone in prison--(yes, you're right, it's sick),

had i not seen it with my own eyes, how these innocent people were made to sob,

why on earth do they have these obstacles and these people in these jobs?

so the one time these people get to see their loved one in a year,

they go through the entire visit, feeling bad, ashamed, and in fear.


9:36 AM 7/12/2013 ©



my ode to brotherhood division entitled 'terrorists being grown'

belief system


To grow anything

Love; suffering

require ingredients

catalyst; circumstance


terrorists being grown

abroad and home

an alarming rate

bred with hate


Christian or Sharia

all should care

brothers and sisters

Reside everywhere


brotherhood of man

natural born magicians

loving not hating

no brother berating


reality very different

not heaven sent

controllers in shadows

maximizing humanity blows


Divide and Conquer

not much longer

Humanity coming back

with vengance; Fact


karma checks, balances

ensures all circumstances

pay for actions

should give satisfaction


loving life; sanctified

ensures your life

mantains its vibration

also empire nations


karmic there too

effecting you?

ask, your country

ever been nazi?


keep spreading light

on humanity's side

finding your truth

really help you

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Little Feet

Little feet
Across the floor
Tiptoe down
To your door

No matter what
You’re always there
To get me up
Or braid my hair

I look to you
For love and care
The Special bond
that sisters share

your selfless acts
Losing my valentines
You brought them back

To this day
Keeping them close
paper and lace
Made me love you most

As we got older
you still led
your steps imprinted
within my head

I may have wandered
Strayed the path
Your words and actions
Brought me back

My turn now
I blow a kiss
From Heaven above
Your little sis

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my sister

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My Sun Setting Secret

My Sun Setting Secret

In a land inhabited by ponies
Lived two sisters who rules side by side
Now children I am no phony
When you hear their thoughts on the inside

One sister, who rose the sun
Was the elder of the two
Admiration of others she had won
Loved by most feared by few

The younger controlled the moon
Didn't feel the same love
An awful spirit would control her soon
a presence of hate from above

But Luna, the pony of the night
noticed all the ponies who shun the moon
She tried to ignore, with all her might
The envy of the time of noon

Celestia, the pony of day
Realized that she wanted more
She didn't want her sister to stay
Luna's presence made her heart sore

On one lonely day
Celestia made a vow
Her sister had to go away
One question remained. How?

Try With all her might
Of hate and despair
A dark presence in clear sight
Gave Luna an evil stare

Consumed by the darkness
Made by her sister
Fuel by loneliness
Put the land in danger

To the rescue came the princess
Of the sun to save the day
From one who did not possess
Hatred in any way

Banished to the stars
For a thousand years time
Locked behind invisible bars
Betrayal in this tale of mine

Luna without a home
Celestia became very fond
That they both were all alone
Loves broken bond

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem about Luna and Celestia. What if the story we knew about Luna and Celestia wasn't true? What if the evil spirit that consumed Luna's heart was summoned by Celestia out of envy?

My Sister's Going Through A Phase

Sister poems

My little sister
is treating me
like I'm
the last person
in the entire world,
that she wants to be around.

I'm hoping that my sister
is just going through a phase,
but she's ripping me up inside!

I can't take it any more!
I'm not going to give into her,
just because I want her to like me.
I'm not going to give into her,
just because she's bullying me!

I'm hoping that
she's just going
through some
kind of phase.

If this is the way
that my sister is going
to act like, from now on,
I don't want to be
any where near her!

She has treated me
too horribly
for me to hang around
with her treating me like shit.

I'm hoping that
my sister is just
going through some
kind of phase...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My sister has been horrible to me lately, and I just hope it's a phase, cause i can't stand it any more!

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Sister Love


There is one kind of love,
that is hard to name,
that kind of love
is called sister love.

There is love towards
one another one moment,
and the next there is
hatred and disgust towards each other.

There is really to know
how two siblings will feel
about each other from
one moment to the next.

Our mother tells us
that we must be kind to one another,
‘cause, when our mom has died,
all we’ll have left is one another.

Though I might tell on her,
when I think it could protect her,
and she may tell on me,
just to get even,

There is nothing that
can keep me from
loving her until
the very end.

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My Sister

My thoughts

I’ve heard other sister,
Ones that are horrible,
Who seem to hate one another.

I’ve always thought,
That my sister and I,
Would never be like that.

But we fight,
And try to get back at one another,
Does that make us like those other sisters?

There are some sisters
I’ve seen,
Who seem to never get mad with one another.

That’s how I want to be
With my own little sister,
That seems like the perfect relationship.

I thought that we,
My sister and I,
Could get there some day.

But now I don’t know,
Because my sister has told me,
“I hate you!”

Now, this wasn’t in a goofy way.
This was said in a matter of fact way.
She’s not telling a lie.

I never thought,
In my darkest hours,
That I would hear my sister say this.

My heart is heavy,
My eyes are puffy,
I don’t know what to do.

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