Perfectly Broken

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What is perfect

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I wrote this because sometimes most of us at some point in our lives have wanted things to be perfect and when they don't turn out that way some get upset I know I did still do infact. Hope you  like it feel free to critique my work if you don't I can't try to improve it ( oh here I go again trying to be perfect ugh!!!!)

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Pretty Hurts

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Inspirsed by Beyonce's Song... Link on bottom

Pretty Hurts:


Anything in parenthesis is a lyrics from her song.

No copy right infringement here folks :D

Words Should Never Hurt Me

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Mocha Fever <3

From the heart
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Sometimes...the sunshine tastes like lemon drops....but only with you, hon. You make the world a happy, joyous, wonderful place with that gosh-darn Breath-taking smile that pretty much reduces my insides to this mushy warmness. I never get tired of your sweet, shy little laugh...ah, man, I could go on forever:)

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