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Verse 1:
Forget everything, I hope we can.

Falling like a shooting star.

Where do we go when the light’s not changing?

Tell me if I can feel with my old heart again.

In my changed heart, I still carry the old feelings of our love.

In your mind, we’ve already just ended.

To our friends: we were perfect for each other.

On my face, you can see it clearly

That I want to use up everything I have

To repair our broken past.

Tell me, if you feel the same as me.

Our ships are anchored to each other.

Somewhere, somehow, I’ll find my way back to us.


Verse 2:

We have chemistry and history but

Tell me: what do you really feel about us?

Tell me if we’re better off as friends

Or just forbidden lovers in this world.

Tell me everything you are.

Tell me all the stories you have for now.

I can just tell that you’ve struggled in this cold world.


Can someone show me how to run away?

You have all of me yet

I’m left with nothing of you.

If there is any way:

Know that I’ll always love you.

Know that I’ll always be there for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a love that you cannot just forget....

If he only Knew

As he sleeps in the middle of night

I stare at his body and think of where are we going

I love this man with all my heart but sometimes

I want to end this relationship

It is like a ship sinking at sea

I want to be free from this oppression

He does not see that I am dying inside

I am burning deeply with this love

Free me and touch me again

Let be together until the end of days  

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Fool's Gold


I have told myself

spending too much time here

is like panning for stones in the sky…

I will fall for the view, I will love every minute

but anything I find will be fool’s gold.


I have told myself

I can’t stay away from you,

I have swallowed my truths and they’re even sweet

but I will never be able to tell you.


And we stand here in a staredown,

you’re a god against my world,

kings of everything,

tearing each other apart.


I could choke on what you’ve taken away,

you have made me and now

you still hold the reins but they’re fraying-

I run wild with things I will never be able to tell you.


I am a compulsive liar because

I am hanging by a thread

and I do not want to fall,

so these untruths spin silk

like sunsets through your fingertips.


And we stand here in a staredown,

stepping but not changing,

you’re a god against my world.


This chilling harmony fights in my ears,

it’s like panning for stones in the sky…

I will fall for the view, I will love every minute

but anything I find will be fool’s gold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/2/17

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I was but a faithless faithful married to my odes

A paradox of love and hate

A chainless slave of death

The master of a destiny roaming down lonesome roads


You came one day and I knew what to expect

Dark-red roses and a month for my heart to wreck

Like many of my poems, this love too will come to dust

In the comfort of the night, this bond will start to rust


But your light is stronger than my pessimism

Like a blanket in a stormy night, you envelope me

The touch and warmth of your skin tells me to believe again

In the vision of a tomorrow where I’ll never be alone again


With your lips, I remember my youth and hopes and dreams

With your hands, you take me back before I began to fear

With your tongue, you breathe life to my long-lost faith in heaven

With your eyes, I begin to hope and love again


And so then I took down my Berlin Wall,

Forgetting my sorrow and fear to fall

The Cold War is now over and the Sun has come

Here comes the Summer I've waited years to come


A puzzle I want to unravel,

You upped my curiosity

You bring more questions than answers

Testing my long-held tenacity


Years of reasons have finally abandoned my sanity

What is left is your voice and the visions of our promises

Gone are the days I preferred Rand and Hegel than your predictable daily updates

I now only crave for your fucked-up emojis and monotonous 'Hi's' and 'Hey's'


Wreathe me with your holy Marian poetry

As I undress my Peregrine peculiarity

Cast away the bedlam of the world

And cover me with your celestial words


If this love is a game of dark and light

Take me to Bethlehem where the stars breathe life

I'll lead you to my deepest sorrow

Off to Gethsemane our hearts shall go



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first poem in 3 years!!!

Please do read. This is about the beginning of the romance I am with right now. 

Please do comment and provide reviews. THANK YOU.

Behind and Beyond


Behind each blow,

is passion.

Behind the mean words,

is a hurting heart.

Beyond the blood shot eyes,

is a mind clouded by unhappiness.

Each sleepless night,

has a deeper meaning.

The anger comes,

from a place of love.

The slamming door,

is only because there was care at one point.


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A child hood so lost! 2015

A child hood so lost 2015


looking back to yesturday the memories surface

tears she has shed on her lips she could taste

dare not close her eyes for the darkness does cost

wisked back to the past of a child hood so lost

just ten years old when her innocence was forsaken

she felt her child hood was wrongfully taken

week after week she endured such darkness

she was never the same from a crime so useless

her cries go unnoticed and she could never post

so all she does think about is a child hood so lost

he told her to keep this dirty deed a secret

or she would be sorry and that you can bet

so she suffered in silence for three years at least

then one day it was over no more of that beast

she went home in silence never did she boast

to all that she's been thru from a child hood so lost!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem i wrote is like many of my poems is my child hood my councelor told me to let it out when i was ready well it took me 33 years but i finally did it

  hope you like it!!!!!!!!!


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Subliminal Message

Poems are the path to inner peace.

Are the mind and soul aligned?
The test to re-write  my own
path through past in future.
To tempt ones own fate with 
inner radiance beaconing 
peace and light.
Walk with me hand in hand
down through all 
my fears and dreams by 
path made way by time.
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Curses Too Kritic/ Invocations From The Soul- Part Two

Psalms sung with faith;
curses from the Father, the
Son, and the Holy Ghost;
rejoicing under the influence...

Nestled, numbed atop
heavenly clouds; two crazy
diamonds in the sky without
shine; rough edges can be
smooth again if both believe
they will shine again as one...


Clarifying the darkness both
entertain in the name of the
wicked that pace back and
forth outside the window of
time and space created by a
simple wish...


Invocations to God's shadow;
puppets to an addiction,
masters of enjoyed silence
listening to the symphony of


I the Lizard Prince and my
Black Sheep traveling in the
dark under the sunlight too
steal our dreams back from
the sandman we both entered
in the years of our youth and
ignorant ways...


No King too hail; howling
under the moonlight, a lustful
night with love making in
between the stars, invoking
peace and harmony, with
conversations from the heart
bringing positive vibes and


Alas, together we stand on
this mountain top, with hills
and more mountains too the
horizon; life does not come
without challenges, and
challenges do not arise
without taking the risk to fall
in love again...



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Curses and Invocations....

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Star Child

Are you a star child? 

 Can you make the flowers bloom 
with a wave of your hand?
Do diamonds wonder what it would be like
 to be you?
Do your words linger long
 like waves, 
made to lap the beaches velvet shore
 and rock in its poetic ebb?
Does your gravity pull the 
 into the infinite orbit of your eyes; 
and when welling a tear,
could they wash away the sea?
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