The walking men

They are walking. They have been walking so long by now that they could not stop doing it, just like one cannot stop breathing. Among them there is him, the new one, the one that does not understand exactly why he is doing it and has to trust blindly in the word of the older, wiser in the art, of the group.

He carries a big, heavy backpack, by this time it is a part of him just like his heart, brain or other organ, and not an extra weight. It really is a part of him, it is the thing that maintains him alive in that harsh environment. He could survive the journey without an arm, but not without a backpack. Before they started the walking one of the wiser men of the group told him: “watch out very carefully your backpack, up there anyone can do anything to take it from you”.

Now they are walking through a straight, very clear trail that goes beyond sight. He is kind of surprise, they have not going through a road like this, surely they have not lost the track until now but the trails had always been sort of wavy and not totally clear. He thought they had lost the track a couple of times because of the conditions of the road. So this new situation gives him something to think about.

They continue walking and suddenly the straight, very clear path vanishes away and just a series of tight, unorganized bushes is left. A feeling of fear and insecurity empowers him. “Great, what nature gives nature takes, why does this surprise me?”, he thinks. He is expecting for someone to speak up and tell that everything is going to be okay, but no one speaks or even moves they are all freeze. Short after, one of the wise men of the group takes methodically out a compass from a compartment of his backpack and uses it. Then he says calmly and with a soft voice: “is to the north”, and points in that direction. No one denies the instruction, and all of them start walking at the instant.

He is amazed, no one protests even though that is the steeper, least clear direction of all. “I surely would have said something if I was an older member of the group and knew more”, he thinks. But he does not have time to think deeper on what has happened because the group has started to walk again and he was started to being left back.

They keep going but it is hard. They have to push the bushes´ branches to be able to continue going in the right direction. Sometimes when he is pushing the braches they scratch the cloth of his clothes. He knows that under the clothes his skin might be bleeding; he can feel the pain. But he cannot stop, he must continue going with the group, loosing distance with the group in this place is dangerous, he can end up lost very easily.

Night starts falling over them and little by little each member of the group starts to turn on their head lamps. First the less experience of the group that are afraid to stumble with the loosey rocks and sticks of wood of the ground. Of course he was among them and his head lamp is turn on when there is still some daylight left. At the end when darkness occupies everywhere still can be seen some head lamps turning on of the more experience of the club.

The night passes and at the dawn he wonders when if ever they are going to get wherever they are going if even there is a destination. Not much time after this they reach a kind of old cabin in what seems to be the top of the mountain they were climbing. Outside the cabin the older of the group stop what makes all the group to stop. Then one of them says: “Here it is, we have arrived.” He cannot believe it. He feels a mixture of joy and surprise. By first time a smile is drawn in his face. He is so excited that he asks very loudly: “Now, what is next?” to one of the wise men of the group without thinking. “Now, …, now we go back”, he answer.



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The Walking Cane

My 86 years old Great Grandmother always carries her walking cane anywhere. She is with it every day. Though she keeps forgetting it, she always keeps another stored. There were three canes in total, one for outside strolling, one for house roaming, and the last one for emergency uses. She kept one within each house of her piece of land, the other was hidden out of the kids’ sight.

She walked with the cane in a light hearted way. With great patience she always continued on her way. She walked all around her house and without anyone help did some of the house work. She cooked, and took care of the dog (which is now dead). In a meticulous way she accomplished all her tasks.

It was her fellow companion through sunny days, through rainy nights, in her sadness and her joys. It was always there literally holding up her weight and supporting her. And it did a great job at its duty.

My Great Grandmother welcomes us with here cane on her right side. She invites us in every time. There came the old lady attending us with all her heart. She left her cane while she sat, leaving it within hand’s reach. I often played with it when no one’s sight was on me. If anyone saw me playing with it, I was scold and told to leave the cane alone, even though my grandma was never mad at it. Instead she gave me a smile when she saw me playing with her cane, and she told my mom or aunt not to scold me for that.


It often served as my sword, my lance and even sometimes just a walking cane with which I played. Several fun years were spent with that cane. Until due to her old age, the cane was not enough for her. Now the cane was changed for a walker, as the cane will no longer suffice. Due to her age she was contrived to leave her cane behind. Now it walks no more. She now carries the walker all around, the cane no longer heeding her desire. Only one cane remains. Both the one for the house and the one for going outside were ruined for overuse, only the stored one remained. The cane now stacks up dust in the living room’s corner, not being even look at by anyone. It was indeed forgotten by all the house inhabitants.

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A Guide Home

Kiss of Honey

In the dark somewhere, looking over my shoulder at the road I have traveled.

If it could be called that, it is a forsaken and troubled path.

There is a light flickering, drawing my attention forward and taking a step toward you.

Caressing the hilts of the Blades, knowing I am leaving the well known for the new unknown.

Guiding me home with our hands held together.  Edging me into the new world.

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Peaceful Walk





Early in the Morning,


a white van, 


parked across the street,


the house being built,


new neighbors soon,


a nice family,


I met them briefly,


the man waved,


I said,  "hello",


and he said, "nice dog",


I said,


"he's been great"


and walked in the house,


my Morpheus and me.






07/12/13 6:50 pm ©


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Walking Down the Street

I'm walking down the street

I've got no place to go

Gravity's got my feet

And it won't let them go


There's no one around

When the sun goes down

Just me and lonley

I can't let it go


The man in the moon

He smiles at me

And I wonder

Why he's so happy


He says I got to let it go

He says I got to let it go


I'm walking down the street

I've got no place to go

Gravity's got my feet

and it finally let them go

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The Shift

Mingling with the crowd,
Steps in time to the sounds of laughter,
Children, parents, pets and elderly,
And lights that seem to speak in tongues
Amidst the exhuberance in the air,
A midsummer night's dream,
It all escapes into my memory,
As each moment passes by,
I hear the church bell toll
As each hour passes on through,
And the smell of cotton candy,
Candied apples and soft pretzels,
The taste of clams,
While sipping a german brew,
The moon, motionless,
Above it all,
Mind wanders off to a far away place,
A strange bewildered,
Flight of enchantment draws me in,
And away from this hoopla
Into another place,
And the carousel is frozen,
The calliope coated in ice,
And the music stops,
The crowd is quiet,
The lights are dimming,
The babies are sleeping,
I ask for a lemon wedge.
And am served a carrot,
Intrigued, but not disappointed,
I walk to the bathroom,
It's dark and I fall,
I get lost in the lights,
And the ambulance siren,
And awaken to tubes down my throat,
As I choke on thoughts,
About popcorn I missed,
And a ferris wheel ride,
Swallowing goldfish,
And fireworks in the sky,
Tomorrow seems like today,
And the blood bag above
Makes me remember how well
Vincent Price portrayed Dracula,
Then falling into a deep slumber,
I hope the ice melts off the carousel...



© 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about something that could happen to any of us at any time.

A Ways To Go

Ive got a ways to go
Left or right?
Ill just go straight
Ive been walking,for a while
Saw some people
Here, and there
I passed them by
Dont know where im going
Just walking
Now at a crossroads
Which way?
If I turn I might get lost
But I might find something too
Nah, Ill just go straight
Its safer that way
Ive got a ways to go

Sharmaine Marie
Nov 21 3:00 AM

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dont remember the inspiration. Could apply to someone with a secret. Any other interpretations?

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The long walk

The long walk

Is the walk worth the wait ?
fall is coming it's getting cold
Leaves have all fallen
the ground dances around me
as I walk by
Come to a stop .
stuck at the crossroads of trying
Is the sun in the distance a allusion ?
How far does one have to walk alone,
to been seen or heard ?
Does anyone care at the end of this long walk ?
Walk or drop?, I ask myself everyday .
Legs are numb ,
Mind is dead
So thrusty for affection
So hungry for acceptance
I tell myself just ten more feet
just walk a little longer
The fields are getting bare
I see the crosses of the fallen
where they layed down and died
I tell myself "I'll make it"
The paved road has ended
muddy hateful ground I walk now
will I make it ?
Will I fall ?
Who knows ?
Who cares ?

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Footfalls on meadows,
windswept in shade;
soured by sun-beaten rays.

Weight beneath heat,
skin beneath cotton;
clouding when skin falls rotten.

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